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New Lesbian Sensations of my Symbiotic Soulmate

New Lesbian Sensations of my Symbiotic Soulmate

We are in an awkward position on the bed ...facing each other..she wants in on my boobs and because she is so tall, she has to twist her body downward to get her full mouthful. I am loving the sensation ..but of course I want her to be more comfortable we lay down together her mouth never leaves my right boob...dont know how we managed that ..but it was an oh wow moment.

and she straddles my leg...but arched up we aren't making contact..and that won't do ..simply won't do so I pull her by her cheeks down into me so I can feel her wetness upon her thigh.

im feeling more vulnerable with her than with any other woman ...when her two fingers turns to three...shes getting deeper and its feeling very good ..she is working me with two hands...the non penetrating hand massaging my button expertly.

I shriek in such a way that she freezes...not sure if she's hurt me....after I can catch my breath I add my hand to her in the slippery wetness and pull her deeper...its ok...i want more ...maybe not cause it feels better but because it draws us closer this way. more intimacy. I am figuring out that she is testing my depth and I begin to wonder if she wants to fully fist me. That is not only soooo much farther than I have gone...but I am sure I'd never go this moment I am deciding I am willing to go there with her if she wants. How did she get me this way?

I turn around so her hand and fingers can get me in from behind and I can better finger her....she is quickly back to the three fingers and then ..i am soooo wet ...fourth enters me and i am sooooo feeling her knuckles and feeling full ...tiny bit of pain but LOTS of pleasure ....i finger her and push back against her hand and we rock together....four fingers is enough...I am sure she is stopping there and its tremendous...about the time I quit thinking about the full fist thing...she pushes deeeeep into me...i can feel her knuckle at a threshold...i keep thinking ...shes not going to ..shes' not going to...let her in ...let her in...go ahead and do ready ...and like a pop..she is stretching me to no end and while it is not the best purely sexual sensation for certain, it feel sooo good cause we could not be closer in soul at this moment.

even though i dont come ...when she releases me and im empty as exhausted as anything from all the tension and desire...and the release is comparable to an orgasm. its over and i have never wanted to make complete love to a pussy with my lips, fingers, mouth and tongue as i think I am about to. But she is not done running the show so to speak ..and I am in such a transe and mesmerized by her adoration of me, her beautiful eyes which so compel me to feel love and loved when she is so turned on and they have that half closed, totally into this appeal. She loves to make love to me ...the giver in me has found a kindred giving spirit and so we share all this. I am so lucky ..and even if I wanted to stop her to proceed with my plan of an hour or so of me giving her oral gratification ....she is on another path and I feel kind of helpless to slow her momentum.

She knows I like the scissors tribbing was good the first time we did it and it gets better every time. She positions herself against my thigh and our eyes meet as she writhes ...i jiggle my leg to add to her pleasure and I can tell when I look in here eyes that she appreciates it. Her hands upon my breasts, then my chin, and yes, I begin sucking her fingers and tasting myself and thinking about how deep she has been. But then she slides up my thigh until our pubes meet ...every moment of it feels wonderful but we squirm a little to keep finding just the right spot for both of us. It's a bit like a friendly competition pitting us against each other ..and it's simulataneously a competition where we are a team trying to achieve the goal together. I feel her wet like never before and a contrast of the soft juiciness of her lips ...and I can kinda feel her bone when she grinds against me hard. It feels so outrageously good to me and I can tell to her too ...mind blowing lose control good. Each time we do this we find new, never before felt sensations ....I dont think i could ever get tired of the ways we explore ourselves ...I mean feels obscene and dirty ...its the thing we do that is a little less about passion and affection and more about just giving each other the ride. When our lips are wetly meshed together and then pull apart slowly, the sensation causes my eyes to roll back into my head and my voice to shriek. Then she comes down harder on me ...picks up speed ...bouncing her soft pussy on mine...even kinda jolting me...but my swelling could not be more intense and slapping and thudding sounds combined with our pleasure cries and incredulous looks into each others eyes continue to drive us to a new height with each impact of our sex.

My legs are half up in the air and she's contorted in an unfamiliar position to make all this happen...feels so surreal ...but we are sooo lost in the moment together. She slows down the banging she initiated at the exact stroke I would have wanted her to and then slowly grinds herself in a rotating fashion hits the spot again and my nails are digging and my toes are pointing and its coming so damn hard I might just pass out. I feel her gush so warm and I reach upn to grasp her breast as I convulse...she does the same with my breast ..and we are tribbing and coming and gasping for each molecule of air as we clutch each others boobs....this frenzy of mutual self indulgence... symbiotic souls locked together.

My Favorite Lesbian Movie Quotes -Part 1

Favorite Quotes from Lesbian Movies I Like

If These Walls Could Talk 2
Amy: I know alot of things about you, for starters I know you're interested.
Linda: Curious.
Amy: Curiosity turns me on.
Amy: Hold on tighter. This isn't about sex, it's about not falling off.

Kissing Jessica Stein
Helen: It's just like kissing a guy.
Joan: No it's not.
Helen: No, it's not.

Corky: What are you doing?
Violet: Isn't it obvious? I'm trying to seduce you.
Corky: Why?
Violet: Because I want... to. I've wanted to ever since I saw you that day in the elevator. I know you don't believe me, but I can prove it to you. You can't believe what you see. But you can believe... what you feel. I've been thinking about you all day.

Chasing Amy
You know, I didn't just heed what I was taught, men and women should be together, it's the natural way, that kind of thing. I'm not with you because of what family, society, life tried to instill in me from day one. The way the world is, how seldom it is that you meet that one person who just *gets* you - it's so rare. My parents didn't really have it. There were no examples set for me in the world of male-female relationships. And to cut oneself off from finding that person, to immediately halve your options by eliminating the possibility of finding that one person within your own gender, that just seemed stupid to me

But I'm A Cheerleader
Megan: [after Graham kisses Megan for the first time] I'm not supposed to like you.
Graham: But?
Megan: I wanna do that again.
[Megan kisses Graham]

Gray Matters
You don't know what it's like. One day you're one thing and the next day you realize you're something else. I feel like I'm Dorothy in "The Wizard of Oz" and I'm in this new land and I want to go home but something is telling me maybe this is my home. Maybe I shouldn't click my heels three times; maybe I should just stay here and be nauseas with the Munchkins.

Best Of AKD -First Fantasy's Lesbian Kiss

I will be running a "best of" excerpt ..just a taste of a previously posted writing about once a week.

An excerpt from First Fantasy's Kiss

The car starts and we start to pull away...where are you taking far? how private will it be? As you drive I am so excited and just looking at your face and your curves and beggining to tingle. I check the mirror again...ask myself if I overdid the makeup ..the eyeshadow ...did i make a mistake going with that shade of blue for our "first date." ...wondering if this was a dress to impress date or in this middle of the day setting where unfortunately you have to return to work (but I dont,) if I left you at perceived disadvantage by wanting you to see my dress up side while you were forced to be conservative enough to go back to work. Still small talk til you get where you are going. I sincerely have no idea in reality where you will take us ..dying to know :) but have imagined a very secluded spot where we will nto be discovered. I touch your thigh as you hold my hand ...we continue the sighs, deep breaths of nervousness and say what I'm thinking and i say what you are thinking as we go down the road to the place. The vehicle turns off and we are alone ..very alone..I didn't know this secluded place exhisted...and so...and so....and SO ... this indeed IT. THE MOMENT for us. My seat belt comes unbuckled and I know we are aboytut to kiss ..but how? we both sooooooooo know its coming. and want it. i can feel you want all that this will allow us...It's like I can feel your skin pulsating under my lips, and yet I havent touched you like that yet. and again..with you going back to work cant allow us much....we must restrain some...and i wonder how greedy we will be with our wants. You want to get out or stay in the car ? We decide to stay in (in my fantasy) ..and I come closer to you and lay my head upon your shoulder. My right arm goes around you to your shoulder and then your forearm is against your breast and we are both aware that we have noticed that fact. can i just lay here lke this for a few say its ok and i caress caress me back...tell me its nice..its not rushed. My gawd what a rush it is to look into your beautiful eyes and feel your desire. You tell me we have to leave at a certain time...and we will keep an eye on the clock..but that time girl..that time will go so faster than the beats of my heart at the moment. Things have a certain order it seems...though I know in the future at a moment like this I would be very comfortable caressing your breasts right now...I know our lips must come together. You are so beautiful as I scoot high enough in the seat to get at your level..a bit above it...not yet...i caress your thigh....and come very close to your crotch without going there compliment my touch without a word...just the look in your eyes....ready for this ? spoken or unspoken ..thats where we are...i KNOW you are about to know the softness in a kiss like you have never felt and that fact turns me on even more... lips ............. tongue ............... soft moan ............. melt ............ deeper ..... open your eyes and look into mine ...we have arrived here together in this moment kiss me back and i will kiss you deeper still. and I can wait no longer to feel the weight of your breast in my right hand as it lowers from behind your neck. shifting to be closer and against each other our bodies make the best of what we can in the vehicle. but oh much the desire..we are both flowing into our panties (if you wore any LOL) ...and ...we cant finish what we are we are just making out...but ...we need and want more.....

Lesbian in the closet : I know. I was just waiting for you to tell me

Today I am sharing a letter to you from someone who has seen things from quite a bit of my point of view. I like this letter for a few reasons ...for one, while I try to be a worthwhile writer, this writer is clearly intellectual and passionate about this subject...and even though we never have met except through the blogosphere, it seems she genuinely cares for me ...the world can use more like her. Secondly, she lets me be a fly on the wall of her experience ...those are the lesbian true stories I cannot find enough of. She also cautions me about what is to come in my life ..POINT TAKEN. I am sharing her correspondence anonymously, but with her permission. She is just a wonderful, enlightened individual ..and getting a letter like this is THE payback for writing this blog.

How lovely for you to email a personal response! Personalized recognition is a rarity, so I cherish the moment. Beyond this, I am very flattered that you want to use my response in your blog. You are most certainly welcome to post my words. Paired with your thoughts, perhaps other women can be helped and know that they are not alone in their plight.

See...I TOLD you this blog could be about more than just something to frig to :) (THANKS !) Keep writing and don't be discouraged by the lack of financial reward. The life of a writer is little rewarded. Even if you begin to submit to established publications, the payment is meager at most. Most people are surprised and assume that if an article appears in a recognized publication the writer was well compensated - not so. At most you can expect to receive only a few hundred dollars (and that is good). All said, write for YOU. Keep writing, write some more, and don't stop.

My writing ..especially my erotic writing ..aspires to be something that is enjoyed ..but has to be forgiven .. I think the best way to characterize it is that I am hoping to elevate the reader to heaven, while the english major may end up in the hospital. :) Allow me for a moment to share with you a little bit more of my experience as it may offer some point of reference and assessment to you. When I journeyed through my travails of cheating and the risk of discovery, and when the inevitable finally happened, it was excruciating. I, like you, had absolutely no one to talk with about my feelings, particularly while being stationed overseas and in the military. That was not the half of my story, because when I returned to the states, I really engaged in risky behavior. For example, my husband knew that I had gay male friends, so I would use the excuse that I was with my gay buddies to go out to see women. I can remember one night I went out and hooked up with the woman with whom I was having an affair. It was one of those times where I knew that I needed to get home, but I just couldn't leave her bed. I ended up staying out all night. I felt so low, and emotionally burdened. I just could not bear the weight of my secret life any longer, so I took a risk.

I can relate that I am taking quite a few risks at this time in my life on a roller coaster in the dark where I don't know how it is going to end, but I have to keep riding. And friend relates her experience.

I will never forget that it was very early at the crack of dawn on a Saturday morning. I had decided that I could no longer keep myself hidden. I just needed to talk to someone, so I went to the one person who had always been there for me as a friend. I had never told her about my other life, even though we had been friends for years, even though she was like a big sister to me. My friend answers the door in her PJ's and tells me to come in, no questions asked, in spite of me being dressed in party regalia from the night before. We calmly go back upstairs to her bedroom because this was the hangout spot for her daughters and gal pals anytime we just dropped by house. We were always like teenagers at a sleepover. We go upstairs and casually lie theon her bed. She says nothing and continues to watch TV. She doesn't question or condemn, and continues as if everything is normal even though it's onthe crack of dawn and I'm supposed to be at home with my husband. I try to continue my ruse, but I couldn't hold it in any longer. I begin to cry uncontrollably as I confess to her my secret life, all the while fearing the loss of her friendship. At the end of my confessional, she simply says - "I know. I was just waiting for you to tell me." Then she hugs me." You would not believe the relief I felt in that moment. I was fortunate that I had a true friend who stood beside me and loved me without condemnation. We are still like sisters to this very day.
Of course you don't know me other than what I've written to you, but I would hope that we could nurture a friendship, because you WILL need someone to talk with openly. As you say, no one knows about the other part of you, and the burden to keep it all hidden becomes like weight of the world. I'm relating to you my own experiences simply to let you know that I understand. Right now, you have no one to talk with and that is the hardest part of this; so I am offering myself as a sounding board if you feel the need to talk. I was fortunate that I had a true friend who stood beside me and loved (loves) me. I welcome you into the new light of understanding as a new friend during the progress of your journey

communications, conversations, kisses, convulsing

communications, conversations, kisses, convulsing

She just kept giving me signs that I had a green light
green means GO

over the course of about three weeks, in our communications and conversations
she stepped it up ..and I noticed....slowly believing she just might be into me.

"I left a surprise for you in your office."
I first thought, "well that's no big deal, she's always doing nice things for everyone."
A purple envelope ...two handcrafted flower pens attached. A card that didn't stop at "thinking about you." She flattered me with words about me ...sweet, caring, and nice....but added some words that made me THINK about how much she also had to THINK before writing them. "You're the only one I know who is tender, delicate, beautiful, and you still have the power to get people to do anything you want them to do."

crush level = kiss


Our friendship tightened ...again she adds just a little zest to the nice thing she says ..
"so when you need someone to talk to ..or when you just want someone to hold you and tell you its allright here ..i would do anything .and i mean anything for you. do you understand ?"

I laugh and of course reply, "anything," but ..I am imagining what it's like when the anything includes her coming all over my chin ...and I am either guessing she is thinking that too ..or wishing.

crush level=mentally undressing

day to day various times...just making eye contact and giving me the most meaningful looks at times when there was nothing to be done or discussed. after a morning of what seemed to be quite alot of that causing me to seriously think about moving US along ... then naturally that afternoon, I am in her office and we are going over things on her computer. I am behind her and offering my hand in a friendly neck and shoulder rub with my free hand, the other hand holding a report. We're working...but I am thinking about IT she ?

"Sooo good," she says

I am about to kiss you

you are

"yes i are" I tease," and im hoping you will kiss me back"

and she surprises me by replying, "ive been waiting forever for two things

one..for you to kiss me

and two to kiss you back

and theres a three......but that comes later"

I lean to her ..she leans to me
softly-"you smell so good."
softly "so do you"

we kissed

"...ive been waiting forever for you to do that" she reiterated

"why didnt you tell me?"

"what took you so long?"

I peck at her lips,, "i dont know....but i dont want to stop"

and we kiss and kiss and kiss so deep, warm and wonderful.

"if you have a suggestion ..its time you make it"
(what she always said in a business setting to me to let me decide what we were both thinking)

"I hope we aren't making a mistake," I say thinking lesbian romance is probably not the best thing for one's career

"its too late" as she opens her mouth so wide to fully invite my tongue as sensuously deep at it shall go.

Very deep kiss

reaching for her soft breast
a soft sigh of release...I never ever tire of a lovers reaction to my touch

ever done this?

uh uh (no) you ?

mmmm hmmm (yes)

I thought so

Our kissing leads to the slowly undressing of each other...her breasts taste like pure sugar to me, appear as fluffy, white globes so smooth ...her nipples so tenderly acknowledging my lips with each tickle and nibble and smush of my fingers and mouth.

and finally I am there to lick ...where I sooo wanted to be for so long. Her legs spreading ever wider to lure my dancing tongue and expose her whole sexual soul to my mouth. In the next hour I cant stop ..wont stop ...her come is the wettest ...her writhing is the most satisfying ...her convulsions as I pull her into me by the her cheeks I grasp underneath are the most savory gratification ...fully aware we are within these moments that will live forever in our minds.

When its her mouth on me, I sense a devotion in her zeal to give so much to me earnest intensity we are both completely lost within the waves of pleasure we trade one another.

And each time her eyes meet mine, a sassy quip ..a rejoiceful smile of wonderment, and in our minds flash all the flirtation, chance taking, and genuine affection for one another that brought us to the sexual fruition we relish this moment and long for the next time.

Another Lesbian Moment of Zen

Another Moment of Lesbian Zen

I was tracing the nipple over the fabric of the bra I felt her nipples puckerin. It was in slow motion, but it was happening ..a very real in the moment moment. I knew I had her and she wouldn't slip away, but my sexual confidence didn't come out in my voice, which was thin, a bit nasal ...and sounded unsure ..."is this what you want?" "ive always wanted this ..longer than you know."

Her small hands were cupping both of my large breasts and lifting the weight of of my bosom with her palms ...her fingers kneading and gently digging in. My fingers were enjoying the texture of her soft hair, gently scratching the back of her neck ...and then instinctively, and rather forcefully even, I pushed her head by her neck into my bosom to invite her to suck me...for I needed her lips engulfing my nipples at that very moment and not a second later than that. I shuddered all over at the feel of her tongue, her eager submission to my demand to suck my tits and respond to the high pitched moan her tongue elicited.

weekend celebrity lesbian fantasy -Natalie and Scarlett

Sometimes I just dont have the words...and a picture will do fantasy starts with this picture...and it goes with just wanting to watch. My how beautiful they are together :)
Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansen

Hayden Panettiere is the Lesbian Crush Of The Week

Lesbian Crush Of The Week


“That’s fine with me. If I’m going to be linked with someone, I could do an affair with ANGELINA JOLIE, JESSICA ALBA or CHARLIZE THERON.

“And KATE BECKINSALE is gorgeous. There are so many beautiful girls.”

This is a FUN picture of Hayden - I found alot more beautiful pictures of her on this page

Lesbian Desire for Sara Palin from Margaret Cho

Cho's Lesbian Lust for Palin / Opposites Attract

Margaret Cho is making headlines professing her lesbian desire for Sara Palin. Here are two excerpts from Cho's blog, which I believe got her in trouble, as she mentions in the second blurb, which I transcribed from the Chelsea Lately program.

And now with Sarah Palin at his side, they have actually become the worst ticket imaginable. The only way it could be worse would be if Satan were running with Chuck Norris as his VP. Actually, Lucifer-Norris sounds better than McCain-Palin.

But even though I would never, ever vote for Palin, I am kind of obsessed with fucking her. She is sexy and hot in a MILF/Cougar way. Like you could have that real mature, straight to the point, adult, over forty, gonna cum multiple times with a big, oversize t-shirt on and nothing else and “I don’t care what I look like cuz I am gonna bust nuts in your curl” kind of fucking with her. I want to steam up those glasses and show her what a pitbull with lipstick really needs – doggy style!

Seriously – I wanna eat her Alaskan pussy from behind. Like an Eskimo. What?! I’m just trying to keep warm!

Although you know that thing is frozen and my tongue would probably stick.

Margaret Cho on Chelsea

Margeret: I hate her politics and don't want to vote for her ..but I kinda want to have sex with her. I got fired from the Obama campaign because I said I would eat her mooseburger from behind...ESKIMO STYLE. They said, "you know what Margaret, you're not helping."

Chelsea: She is very Cute

Margaret: I just wanna bang some sense in her, I wanna make her hair fall down.One night with me and she'd be out of the closet ..marching gay pride.

Other guy : Whatever stops her from talking ..her voice is so annoying.

Margaret: She wouldn't talk with her mouth full.

The full-length lesbian kiss scene from Friends

In the scheme of things a pretty big wow

Lesbian Movie Drink Recipes

A list of bar drink recipes with lesbian movie themes:

Saving Face

7 oz champagne
1 oz MonaVie® juice with Acai
1 oz parental disapproval
Serve in champagne flute.

Personal Best
4 oz. Mount Gay Premium White® rum
10 oz blue Gatorade®
2 oz betrayal
Shake well, and serve in a sports bottle.

3 parts vodka
3 parts Mestro Dobel Diamond® Tequila
3 parts Australian White Rum
3 parts Gin
5 parts lemon juice
6 parts Sweet 'n Sour
4 parts girl power
Dash of criminal activity
Mix ingredients in glass over ice, stir, garnish with a short skirt, and serve.

The One I added is : The Loving Annabelle 1 part ripe cherry juice (for freshness)
2 parts sprite (for the sparkle of a new thing)
1 part ginger ale (for tenderness)
4 parts everclear (cause this one hits hard)

read the whole article here

Lesbian Kiss Crush Of The Week ..Drew Barrymore

“Do I like women sexually? Yes, I do. Totally.” Women are Beautiful: Drew says, “I think a woman and a woman together are beautiful, just as a man and a woman together are beautiful.” Drew Barrymmore

My Letter to the BiCurious Girl who emailed from myspace

I got a note from a girl on myspace who said : " Hi, I'm 36 female....... very curious..liked your page, never been with a woman.... maybe try.. " Ok..well...I wrote back a very quick note..she wrote back a very quick one as well ..and I had determined that I wasn't being F'd with what follows is the letter I wrote her ...for lack of a better term, this is me "going for it." I thought I would tell some about myself and push the erotic envelope just a tad. I probably shouldnt tell you this at the start ....she has backed away ...I believe I may have come on wayyy too strong too early, or she doesn't like the way I look. Live and learn I guess. I would like to know your thoughts at

Dear xxxx

Well...I got your reply on my email last night before I went to bed ...but I didn't have the privacy to respond what ended up happening is that I just took the thoughts of you and the possiblities with us to bed with me under the warm covers and let my imagination run wild with what may happen with us if we have good chemistry.

You did tell me that your myspace was messed up ...I just went there hoping to see more pictures of you then the one you sent. I like your look, and i would like to see more. The scary thing I think, when we live so close, would be, like, if we already knew each other. I don't think I know you when I look at your picture...but there is something just a tad bit familiar, so I wonder if our paths have crossed in this small town. I don't know if you saw my picture on myspace...I kind of hid it among my profile ....I will send along with this email 2 or 3 PG rated pictures....and of course, I would love to see some pictures of you.

You said in your email that you wanted an experience with woman ...something you'd not had before, and I know that when you have those feelings you just have to start somewhere. You said that what you think about at night is that you wanted a woman to touch you ....WE ARE IN LUCK girl, because the thing about me is that I get off on giving pleasure. I don't know what it is inside me that has trouble accepting pleasure until my mind is sure that I have totally given it. It was that way with boys and men all my life, and it is especially true with women. I am extremely oral ...with men it is of course nice to give head...but that is over with in 5-10 minutes. With a woman, I enjoy that it lasts and lasts as long as we want it to ...coming over and over and over. Now, I am not bragging, but the very few women I have slept with have all told me how much I made them come and how hard with the things I do using my fingers, mouth, tongue, lips, hands,

So ..a little about me ...I am 31, married 8 years with a elementary school age child. I am unhappily married, but staying that way for now because it is what is right for my son. I guess I am technically bisexual, but the truth is that I don't fantasize about men and don't persue them at all. I I was bisexual ...or it just came to me naturally about the age of 12. Thats when I realized that I was starting to be sexually aware and that when my sex life started, I knew it would definitely include girls. I was fantasizing about both boys and girls through high school, but of course, only dating guys. When I was 18 years old, it finally happened and I slept with a girl that things had been building up with slowly over about 6 months til we finally ended up telling each other how we felt and finally began to kiss ..and everything else. Those moments of the first time are just burned into my memory. She and I had a month long fling til we got into a fight. I didn't think I was a lesbian ...just bisexual ... (if I had know then what i know now) and went about dating guys, and eventually got married. Some aspects of the marriage soured pretty quickly, and I started persuing women online. I had two "one night stands" with women I met this way. I thought it was the only way to meet women, because, in this small town world we live in, I couldnt take it if people I know, go to work or church with, knew that I was bisexual. The internet is a strange strange strange place to look for love, or sex.

The experiences were absolutely fantastic ...but at least one of them broke my heart in that I was hoping for alot more than one time with her ..I reallllllly liked her...very much. She found someone else closer to where she lives in Mxxxx. The other one was in xxxxx ....and it was wonderful too, but I was a bit more content with that being once. There has been one other I should tell you about ...she is a bit more recent ...and a bit younger (legal of course.) I guess the constant I could tell you about in all of these lesbian experiences is that....well ...let me be honest and blunt about it. Once we started making out and getting into each other, well, once I start I cant hardly stop ....once I start feeling her reactions to what I am doing, I am so totally engrossed and its like I dont want to stop. So gets really passionate and the sheets get absolutely soaked and we quit counting the orgasms cause its so many and so good. Now, don't get me wrong ...I love to receive pleasure of course....but there is just something inside me that cant get enough of feeling a woman tremble and quake ...moan and shriek and breathe hard ...all the things that happen in those orgasmic convulsions.

You said in your email you have a dildo ...I bought my first vibrator in high school at spencers at xxxxx mall. I was soooooooo embarrassed ...but I just had to do it. I think I felt a shiver over my entire body when the sales girl, who I thought might not sell to me cause I was under 18, said with a HUGE smile, "so you need some batteries with this ?" I almost died right there. Having said that, I have never used a vib or a dildo in bed with a woman. It is something I would like to try, but ...if we get together ...I would like to leave the toys at home the first time.

If we got together ...what do you think we would do ? I would be glad to pay for a hotel room. Are you looking for something once, or a friend to do more and more with ? I would like to know how YOU think it would happen ..but, maybe like this. I would think that perhaps, after talking on the phone sometime, we might meet somewhere locally for a discreet bite to eat or something (Panera ?) and probably, if we went to a hotel, probably go at least as far as xxxxx or xxxxxx. Or, do you have a place?

The most important thing I need to see is that IF WE GOT TOGETHER>>>WE WILL GO SLOW your pace....I dont want to rush anything....slowly, tenderly, passionately. I won't forget it's your first time, and will help your first time be something you'll never forget.

You asked me to say what I want. I hope you know more of that after I sent this letter. I have been honest about everything...maybe too honest. Now, I DO have to tell you that I am not skinny will see that from the pictures.

I am just so glad I put up the myspace ...I had hoped to meet someone like you...and now maybe it will happen. I am really excited at the possibility of getting to know you. Let me know if there are any questions I can answer.

Thanks again for writing ...



She gets me ..and she gets me

the perfect way she strokes my thighs and makes me sigh

her bosom obsession of me

tenderly squeezing my buttocks together

perfectly places gentle smack...just the right amount of smack to give pleasure not pain

She gathers me on all fours to massage my back and my thighs as well..kneading and tenderly kissing in between...she pulls my ass cheeks apart and it thrills me then pulls my lips downward...ive never felt sensation like clit felt soooo swollen

she pulls away from underneath me ...but grips my arm firmly and says "stay there" keep me on all fours, and then goes behind me as if to screw me doggy style...comes up against me and lays her topless warm breasted body against my back while reaching around me to knead my hanging tits, encircling my nipples, rousing me with her writhing against me. My pussy isn't being touched in this position, and while I feel her bush against me, I don't feel the sexual wet of her lips, so she is lacking contact this way as well, and yet, it is a soothing, satisfying way of lovemaking that we proceed with for five minutes with her lips showering my back with kisses, her hands upon my breasts and my shoulders and fingers dug gently into my skin while i push back against her in our faux doggy style. "this has potential" I imagine, mentally preparing for our next time together and what i hope will be the times after that.

propping up on the pillows when she goes down on me, the dual sensation of her tongue against me...and what it does to me when I am watching her do me, and she looks into my eyes with hunger and desire and affection.

fingering me in the way that i guess i taught her by doing it to doing it to me...gentle strokes of her finger inside while her palm bumps or rotates and grinds my clit on each builds and builds the pleasure for me as I felt her pleasure build when I did it to her.

she keeps doing these things to me that no man or woman has...and its inconsistent with what I would believe she would know based on age and experience...but ..its just perception...I guess in sex, some people just get it...and she gets me.

The Hannah Montana -Miley Cyrus Lesbian Picture

The Hannah Montana -Miley Cyrus Lesbian Picture ---oh this blog IS in Search of a Lesbian Kiss To Be Desired....I could Not Resist
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