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My Summer of Lesbian Encounters to Recant - Beatiful Paige

Loving Paige -
Its not just about fingering :)
by akiss2desire
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In all of this time of being very busy in the summer, I actually found some time for lesbian love and lust and seduction ...these now getting to be my favorite pastimes (who says summer is for baseball).

I wanted to share with you some thoughts and memories of the special angel whom I will call Paige here. Yeah, so we found each other on the internet ...what to make of it right ? We had that need of things being very discreet in common, as she is just as much in the closet about her sexuality as I am. She is unique and on the socially acceptable side of a gothic look. Her stylish glasses hid the mystery in her gorgeous green eyes that I loved to gaze deeply into right from the start. Her shoulder length dark hair at the top complimented by the black painted toenails she kept hidden from those she worked with and revealed only to me. Her breasts were proportionate to her 5'2" stature ...not really big boobed, but it seems all I had known as lesbian lovers was a certain type of large breasted woman, so going into everything I was excited for something different, and found a mouthful of her soft skin and her protruding nipple stiffening inside against my tongue was perhaps one of the most erotic feelings I will ever know. I was just glad I didn't scare her away when we met. I'm a tall 5'7" with these hefty, guys notice them everywhere all the time boobs and a kind of BBW frame to go along with my few freckles and the dramatic eye makeup (usually mixing pastel aqua and teal) I like to accent with when I want to send the message that we probably aren't going to stop after just a kiss. Oh, and she likes my stockings ...ALOT>! But I am a bigger girl, and thats not for everyone, and I would have presumed, a skinny minnie like Pagie. In fact when we met up in the mall parking lot and I realized how beautiful she was, I began to prepare for letdown if she rejected me ...but that was not to be the case at all. After we had exchanged emails and pictures and chatted it was just a matter of finding the right time to get away, and that one afternoon became our first time, which led to the second time and a third time and as I write this, hope with all my heart that she knows how much I can't wait for another time if not another million times with her.

I am not so much into whatever goes on with the dom / sub lifestyle, but if anything, I am probably sub or dom ...having said that, Paige is much more submissive than even I am and it showed quite a bit in the way we made love. I wasn't her first lesbian lover, but she made me feel like she was being made love to for the very first time each moment we were enjoying each others bodies and pleasure.

I think it goes without saying that every lover is different, and every love making experience with those lovers carries something unique about it. I have wanted to write all summer about Paige and some of her traits and quirks and things that she enjoyed in bed while we were together. There were things about her and the way she made love to me that She is a few years younger and with that submissiveness, along with the fact that I am more experienced as a lesbian lover, and the tone that some of our emails took between us, the powersharing was very much a situation that put me in control where she would wait for me to take the lead and in doing that, I contend that SHE was the leader and I was just along for the game we were both playing in that power struggle, but it worked for us and thats all that matters. Its not to say that she didnt find ways to tell me what she wanted ...lifting my hand to her cheek to enjoy her ultra soft skin and admire her fair complexion ...and looking into her eyes and taking in her wholeness as one of those girls who can realllly make a red lipstick just POP! Gawd makes me wet just thinking about the looks she gives me.

Alone in the afternoon with faint light streaming through the curtains of our room on a rather conveneintly cloudy day, I first found that she really ..I mean really likes when i suck on her tongue. . Paige doesnt offer it if we are standing and kissing but if I am on top of fact, from the very moment I get on top of her, she basically sticks her tongue out and as it was the first time and every time since, we both know what feels right for me and her is that I suck on it and swirl on it like a thick wet clit. I suck on her tongue, enjoy her neck and earlobe, and then return to kiss her deeply, where after accepting my tongue deep into her mouth, she offers me the tongue through her lips to pull on and suck on and tenderly hold with my own hungry mouth.

Oh, and how when I'm on top of her. how I love the way she lifts her legs and wraps them around me ...wrapping them harder if our passioante kisses become even more passionate. And as I write this, It's difficult to relate just how much she loves for me to be on top of her and making out.

except when ...

well ...she also likes to turn on her stomach and have me love the back of her neck and lick and suck her back, reach around to fondle her breasts from behind her. My own breasts tickling her back and my nipples being tickled by the softness of her.

And about her breasts ...whether smallish or not, they seem to be the most sensitive I have encountered ever ...more than I dreamed of ever. Her reactions to everything I would do to give her boobs pleasure enticed me to want to pleasure them ever more. She told me with her reactions, she told me in words, and she has told me in numerous emails, that she is crazy about the ways we incoporate her breasts into as much of our lovemaking as we can. She knows I get off on her reactions and the pleasure she enjoys is the pleasure that is mine. So at the times before I am going down on her, Paige, even as a bit of a submissive, either takes my hands to put them upon her boobs and will find wasy to show me how she loves them touched, pulled, bitten, clamped and slapped. I know I am rambling, but the point is that she loves to have her boobs just gone over alot. :)

When I first touch her pussy. at least right at first, she is more likely to just tighten her lips and clinch them together, and almost grunt as if she is holding something back ...but spreading her lips and entering her as she likes with two fingers for her warm walls to clamp down upon in squishy acceptance of our passion causes her to soon begin to breathe through her mouth, when the moans get deeper at first. Then, if I am taking her with my hand, as her orgasm builds her need to suck in more air and breathe creates a different atmosphere of noises and undulations, and her voice gets higher and higher, while (I know this sounds like a contradiction) getting softer and softer as she approaches. The pitch is a squeal, but she goes within herself and unlike any other lover I have known, her body begins to quiver ..her thighs tighten and shake, and the look upon her face as it happens ...that moment of release, when I feel it in my palm and fingers rubbing her, combined with that look of orgasmic high and pure love for what I am giving her, is the most priceless and satisfying warmth of all.

Sooo in it together... the lesbian experience of a lifetime

by akiss2desire
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How we began to make love in that hotel room is a bit of a blur to me...I was admittidly jumpy, over excited, over dramatic, over nervous in a situation that should have been more comfortable to me. If I could have, that is, if I had believed you wouldn't think I was going a bit too fast, I would have wanted to peel you out of your dress and begin to devour your pussy, which I already knew was soaking wet, from the moment we walked into the room.

I know we started with a wonderful kiss, and tight embrace while standing there. I felt my body blanketing yours and felt your every response to every different flick of my tongue upon your lips, inside your mouth, and with every change in the pressure of our hungry, wide open mouths.

I remember before that first kiss just looking at you from across the table when we had lunch, trying to concentrate on the small talk when that was impossible while I looked at the redness and fullness, the moistness of your lips ...soooooo damn inviting to me, so damn soft...and through your makeup I could see all of your natural beauty.

I was captivated by the way your mouth swallowed my tongue darting in and out and around. I knew that soon, your pussy would swallow my tongue just as hungrily. Those eyes looking back into mine when we would part for a moment. How I knew my patience would be rewarded . The more our making out intensified, the more color in your cheeks ..the harder you began to breathe, the more your hips lunged into me....the more I felt you losing control ..and nothing makes me more excited than to feel that ...its a feeling of power over you and it is conversely your power over me.

Each kiss leads to another and each embrace feels more right ..and each caress or grasp of skin or of one anothers breasts, or the way your nails dug gently into my back the moment my thumb traced over the lips of your wetness down there ...each soft sigh and each trusting look of your eyes into mine just dismantled my defenses, the walls I weakly try to put up to bravely claim I don't have to fall in love with you to have sex with you. But as our bodies comfortably conform to each other and especially each time your tongue jabs deeply into my mouth, you squeeze yet another sigh from me, another moment of beloved bewilderment in bliss.

These kisses ...deep deep french kisses between us ...and the patience we both find in restraining our common need for our inevitable orgasms ...these kisses are so astonishingly wondrous that I know you can feel that I don't want to stop ..and I feel you wanting the same. It's like each time we rest a moment, and glance into each others eyes, or grasp upon one anothers embrace or buttocks or breasts or shoulders ...that we KNOW we need to proceed ...but its like we say to each other, "just ONE more kiss," and that kiss becomes another and becomes another. Each time your lips seperate to invite me into your mouth again, I feel the flush all over me as it was the very first time we kissed. Our lips and our bodies are getting warmer and warmer ...I spread your lips with my thumb and finger again and cant believe the wetness, and I know that when I can finally break away from the kisses your offer me, I will engulf your taut nipples one after the other , such a contrast from the pliant and smoothness of your bounteous breasts.

I shudder at a tipping point when I can wait to taste more of you no longer ...Downward I dive to suck in your nipple on one side and quickly switch to the next while lifting your breast up and into my mouth. A gasp, then a moan from you begin the wave of expressions before I get a surrendering whimper you cry "ummm bite."
"You want me to bite you," I say with my lips still clamped around your nipple.
"ummm you can," you say, but your words don't match what the timber of your voice says are begging me to take it to the next level. I oblige your request and reach down to enter you with two fingers plunging deeper than you might have been ready for.

I can no longer wait for the banquet that awaits me between your legs. When I turn myself around, you reach upward to begin to finger me gently ..finding my wetness having saturated your thighs already, now ready for the way you will tantalize my clit while I lick and suck yours in my upside down position. So easily we fall into this way we both love to make love. When I arrive it's almost unnerving how wide you spread your legs for me ...opening to where I am going, so I blow softly to cool you before my warm mouth replaces the cool air and I submerge my tongue between your parted lips and begin to bring you home to the first of our many crescendo's together.

Your palms and fingers are wildly exciting while I fuck your pussy and lick your clit with my tongue. You massage my breast and tweak my nipples or scratch my back or tickle my arms tenderly when I slow down. As I add pressure and tempo, your thighs tighten, your clinch upon my breast is firmer, or if you are fingering me that moment your knuckles curl against the wet walls of my

You moan my name when you explode ..when you say "your fucking me so good baby," it sounds so good that I have to say it back to you, word for word, "YOU are fucking ME so good my love."

A rest and you begged me to stop. You KNOW I am not ready to stop ...just giving your clit some recovery time while I snuggle your thighs and enjoy my first wet explosion on your palm. I feel like the shuddering within me might never stop, but I love to feel your pleasure too much to let go. I am loving every breath you take, every tension of your groin, every uncontrolable quake I create with my tongue, fingers and my totally immersed passion for your pussy.

I have my tongue extended fully to give you a different sensation and you are mumbling something but even though I cant make out the words, I doubt its in english. After all that teasing, its your side to side rocking that entices me to start to go for it again. You are ready for antoher and I adore your every rapturous orgasm. So much time and so many orgams from you, two from me that were extraordinarly powerful and gushing, and we have hardly changed positions.

When we can finally stop...I hold you as if it was my last moment on earth. Do you FEEL this ? Are we TOGETHER in this ? I feel what you feel as only two women who love like this can feel.

Collapsed together we cuddle and stroke ...I can't keep my mouth off of your nipples...we are spent ..we can't go again ...I know you are done and you know I am ...but I keep sucking on that nipple and you keep responding and here we go again. The energy subdued, but I need to eat you know my need and push me by my hair into you again. This orgasm is causes an explosion of seismic proportion, and i am in wonder for where the end of this passion this day will lie. This time when we quit, I hold you trembling. You tremble for 10 minutes while I hold you ..and I feel you cry ...I don't need to ask ...I know you aren't sad. I feel that way too for you.

I remember every undulation, every scream and moan and whimper of that day ....I know we both felt something we need again. There were upheavals between our bodies ..and an upheaval of our hearts as well. I have replayed ever taste and sensation of that day a million times and I can only come to the conclusion that it was the singl most erotic day, not only of my life, but dare i say of my dreams. I wish you could know how gratifying the gush of wetness I roused from, which caused me to come instantaneously, I wish you could know how I have rewound and relived that pinnacle of my entire sexual life.

You gave me just exactly what I needed in that bed ...the comfort of your acceptance of me and the acceptance of the way I needed to make your body feel..You knew me and you know me and our next kisses will be as deep, as committed, as tender and wild as we will make them match the moment we are in ...sooo in it together. So I am always here for you, to satisfy your every need, whenever you are ready.

by akiss2desire
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An Open Letter to My Lesbian, Bisexual, and Curious Readers of A Lesbian Kiss To Desire

Dear You,


About two hours ago I went upstairs to TRY to go to sleep, and as often happens, I began to think of the sensous and erotic times I have had in lesbian lust and sometimes love with a few very very special women. I thought about the ladies I have met writing this blog the last two years, (and the ladies I met when I wrote my first blog) and how the curious, barely experienced and fearful to make a pass lesbian inside me has matured to something VERY different than what I was when my lesbian evolution began to be chronocled on these pages. I have had a busy summer, and without privacy to write, I haven't written much, nor have I organized the stories the way I wanted to to try to get new visitors towards some of the juicier, dare I humbly state, better writings. It hasn't been a completely wasted summer though I have had some interesting experiences I will soon expand upon here, as I love to write with a mixture of the things I have lived and the things I have dreamed of living in expressing my lesbian sexuality.

I have returned as many emails as I had time for, and answered some serious and some wild questions ...although I don't really answer the ones from men who say "show me your nipples," (although if a woman wrote that I might LOL). .. and I have appreciated the letters from women who find such wonderful ways to say thanks and that they enjoy my writing or to keep it up. I think most of the responders to me are more mature (I am a 31 year old mother) but every now and then I receive a diatribe from an inquisitive and curious woman coming of age who hasn't figured it all out yet (you never will) and who wants or needs me to tell her that its going to be allright.

I always say that I haven't had the pleasure of finding another blog like mine I presume I am just wired differently. Ever since my very first writings on the old Apple IIE with its yellowish cursor and monochrome screen, my process has been that I imagine things, (or experience things) and get horny and feel the need to write them ...and putting them into words , these fantasies and experiences, gets me hornier and more engaged in what I am doing, and then ways of expressing what I am going through come out in different ways, which is sometimes surprising, and when I finally post, I just wait for the feedback. Thats where I get my ultimate satisfaction ...when a woman writes to say what it did for her or how she reacted ....or how many times she revisited the site. In case you didn't realize as you visit, I don't see any financial gain for this site (yet) but thats a longer story for another time as to the whys about that. Its the email I get from women who get wet while reading what I created that affects me. AFFECTS ME ! So, you might understand, that while being able to write so little this summer on this blog, I am in a bit of withdrawl.

So know that I miss writing here ...but I am ready and wanting and willing to give you what you want :) You have to know how much I love to give pleasure to the lovers with whom I have shared a bed, but I also want to express that I want to give to you, the reader, as well. If my words make you wet, if my images inspire you to orgasm, we are as connected as if we had made love skin to skin as far as I am concerned. If I can't make a million women come with my mouth, perhaps I can do it with my fingers ...NO not that way, (I wish) but with my finges on this keyboard, and my mind between your legs. I love to love you this way, and what I long for is for you to connect with me.

SO ...this is an open invitation to write me at I am getting ready to actually have TIME tow rite, so I want your help. Tell me about your first kiss, or another kiss, or the time when it was soooo scandalous to go to second base with that girl down the street. Let me know what you always wanted or desired. Email me with a story idea and perhaps I will use it. My photog story, "She Take Pictures Of My Lesbian Soul," was definitely inspired by a certain someone, and I'd love for YOU to be the next one to share a mind fuck with me. I crave this giving to you and know that when I am writing I take nothing lightly. When I write, I am connecting straight to you, you and me, one on one, imagining your lips parting to accept the touch of mine, as it all starts between us with this warm soft kiss of desire while a million scenes of our possible lesbian passion to come flash through my mind. How I hope to write about all of them.


Amy Adams Lesbian kissing Scene - Celebrity Lesbian Crush Of The Week.

akd presents my latest celebrity lesbian crush. Celebrity doesn't have to be gay or bisexual but does have to have done what amy is doing on tv or in film.

beautiful amy adams lesbian scene ... something I am posting here while I am not posting as much.
ummmm I believe that there are two very visible signs of erotic excitement. I think she likes it ! I mean who wouldnt.

I'd be soooo wet
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