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Vintage lesbian erotica to touch yourself to anyone ?

This just does it for me ..I dont know why and probably can't explain it. It has to do likely with repression, and lesbian love in a more repressive time.  And of vulnerability ...after all, what kind of woman of the 20's would have been right for a girls gone wild.   Every now and then I peruse the internet for something like this instead of the hot and heavy vids or erotic stories.  This works just fine !  Swollen - check !  Tingling-Check!  My oversexed need to touch it - check !

Deeper Than She Ever Was, Lesbian Tribbing to Mutual Orgasm.

Heyyy ladies :)   I am reposting this from 2 1/2 years ago.  It is a bit of a shared sacrifice that when I usually write here, I mix my true and real experiences with fantasy ...something I think "real authors" call "artistic license."  So when I read this post from so long ago, I realized that it was pretty much note for note as it actually happened with her love who was 10 years younger than I ...and this was probably our most special of nights we were together in that we had more time than we usually would have, and each one of us was determined to make it special.  I think, in looking back to that night, that we were really in love.  I have rewritten a few portions of it to clean up my original mistakes and add some detail ...but the story is the same.   She was determined to go deep.  She had emailed a few "lesbian fisting" shots and so it was not a surprise that this was on her mind ...and my chubby hand wasn't going inside her tight I knew she was thinking of doing it to me.  She had said she wanted to take our relationship to a deeper level, and in this night, in many ways, not just when she plunged all the way in, she did.  Remember, I am the one who says she doesn't like penetration ...yet, this is one of the most fulfilling, satisfying, and brutally intimate  moments of my life.   This night of lovemaking which included both fisting and tribbing is perhaps, besides my first ever lesbian experience, is the one I might want to go back in time to if ever I had  a time machine.  Yes...the best.   In re-living this by re-writing it and reposting it, I realize just how much I lost when I lost her. One other note ...this is one of the few of my stories where I get right to the "good part.'  ENJOY :)  

So is my rewrite of one of my 1st person lesbian erotica stories from late 2008.   Let me know what you think at

New Lesbian Sensations of my Symbiotic Soulmate
by akiss2desire 2011
all rights reserved. 

We are in an awkward position on the bed ...facing each other.  This  on our knees, fully unclothed position that we had never been in as we had wasted very little time getting from our passionate kissing and making out while our clothes were still on to the bed and what we had come for that night.   We have sure seen this face to face on our knees on the bed thing in vids…and here we were, but it just felt like an awkward way to start.   Too distant…not close enough to her.  We have kissed and pecked and groped and stroked just a little.   At that moment she wants in on my boobs with her mouth, and because she is so tall, she has to twist her body downward to get her full mouthful. I am loving the sensation,  but of course I want her to be more comfortable.  As we lay down together her mouth never leaves my right boob.  Like we are in a symbiotic dance.  I dont know how we managed laying down together still connected like that ..but it was an oh wow moment, and an indication of how perfect sexually everything this night would be.

She had sent me a few pictures in emails of shots she had found on the internet of lesbian women fisting.  I understood her curiousity.  And this being the 6th time we were together sexually, we were coming a little more out of our comfort zone each time we made love.  Trying new things, exploring, trusting each other more.   I also understood very well that she didn’t mean she wanted to  me to do it to her.   She really wanted inside me . . . all the way.

In this evening with her, the younger woman . . . a cashier at a discount store in town, and the woman  I had seduced.    I had spotted , crushed on, and flirted with her and noticed some sort of spark, enough of which to cause me to do something I had never done as a small town bi married mom …take a chance, make a pass, and frankly, I picked her up in bar speak.   and for me, that sense of victory that came from her being virtually the first woman I just "picked up " from basically being a woman who was giving me the "vibe."  Her gorgeous perfectly rounded grapefruit sized breasts that at her age of 21 were so pert and couldn't help but remind me of the truths of my age and the childirth I had gone through, to borrow the cliche about a young woman's tits, the definitely looked like they had helium in them they were so light and perpetually lifted.  And ...I know it thrilled me...that they were MINE.  Oh, and her perfect thick hair, how I loved that it was all over me as much of a character as her mouth when she "did" me.   (did me like nobody had ever done me before)  She always showered me with compliments about my boobs, which she simply could not get enough of, and my eyes.  Always with a “Gawd I wish I had your tits” comment most often when she loved upon them, I appreciated every time how lucky I was to be 10 years older and have her love.   She also told me with utmost sincerity, that she loved me. This night she told me through heavily made up eyes dark was her mascara that it was almost her goth look, with her customary black fingernails, the seemingly long since removed red lace bra, and all of the extra things she had done just for me that night.

  And as she straddled my leg, I arched up we weren’t  making pussy contact, ..and that won't do.   So I pull her by her cheeks down into me so I can feel her wetness upon her thigh.  And then the kisses became so very intense.  She opens so wide and slithers her tongue all the way into me, and pulls away, knowing that I will use my lips to clasp onto her tongue to suck it.  We like this too much, and she falls into me and while I caress her sides and back, sucking her tongue, our breasts  mold together and our bodies find a way to get even closer to one another. 

I’m feeling more vulnerable with her than with any other woman ever, and she moves her hand dwon to find me so obviously aroused by her, wet and throbbing from the moment I woke up knowing  we had this evening coming.   When her two fingers quickly turn to three,  shes getting deeper and its feeling very good .  Next after a squeezing and lifting of my breast, she slides down slightly and slightly off of me on the bed,  moves so that now she is working my pussy with two hands...the non penetrating hand massaging my button expertly.

Missing from our usual love making is, I suppose, the love of oral that we both share so that someone can’t wait to get to the other with her tongue, but her hands are feeling so very very good and even though I am the one who generally discourages anything more than gentle penetration, she is testing me and causes me to shriek in such a way that she freezes, and I freeze, and she is not sure if she's hurt me.   She did.  It was obvious…just a bit, but after I can catch my breath I give her permission to continue as  I add my hand to her in the slippery wetness and pull her deeper...its ok...i want more.  My mind is starting to read her and where this is going.   I like what she is doing to me totally ...maybe not cause it feels better but because it draws us closer this way, with yet to be felt intimacy. . I am figuring out that she is testing my depth and I begin to wonder if she wants to fully fist me.   We really hadn’t talked about it but I knew from some comments she had made that it was on her mind.  That is not only soooo much farther than I have gone...but I am sure at this point in my life I'd never go there…I am not someone who does sex so extreme…or am i ?   In this moment I am deciding I am willing to go there with her if she wants. How did she get me this way?

I need to feel her and I can’t quite reach her so I adjust our close cuddle and separate us for the moment, disengaging her grip, and I turn around so her hand and fingers can get me in from behind and as she comes up on me to the side and from behind I can better reach back to  finger her.  After kissing my back and shoulder, with the exquisite feeling of her so soft boobs warmly against my back , she has permission and sitting back upward  is quickly back to the three fingers and then ..I am soooo wet ...a fourth enters me and i am sooooo feeling her knuckles and feeling FULL.   She is gentle, slow, and just entering now, not finger fucking but just moving in.   I am realllly enjoying the sensations all over my body and the feel of her clit as I circle it with my finger.  I like the feeling of my tits dangling and begging unfulfilled for some attention.   The knuckle and fingers softly push a bit harder…I feel a tiny bit of pressure and a bit of pain but LOTS of pleasure in two ways, in that the way it feels and that she WANTS to know this for us.  I continue to  finger her and push back against her hand and we rock slowly together…swaying together, and at that moment its clear we can go no further.  Four fingers is enough...I am sure she is stopping there and its tremendous.   I feel that pressure and the noises I am making are coming from a very deep place inside me, while her heavy breathing sounds like a runner finishing a spring with an occasional whimper thrown in.  We can just do this for awhile I am thinking.   About the time I quit thinking about the full fist thing, she pushes deeeeep into me...i can feel her knuckle at a threshold…and the pressure amps up, and the pain ever so slightly feels like it just might overwhelm the pleasure.  My mind starts racing and I want to talk about it, but just let it keep going because of my trust in her. My thoughts are “ shes not going to ..shes' not going to, what if she does, how much is it going to hurt, try to relax, try to let her in, no wait, tell her to stop, no, don’t stop don’t stop....let her in...go ahead and do ready  I’m ready …oh gawd I am ready.”   Those are thoughts, but what I said outloud was just groans and grunts mixed in with her noises as I fingered her more furiously.  At the point where I was fingering her wildly and I knew from her sounds she was closing in on orgasm, she forced it… ...and it was like a POP She was inside me totally. Something happened that was a bit like every single nerve shot a signal like a full body explosion.    And though it might have hurt mostly at my opening at first, there was such an inner satisfaction in the moment.  We were both mostly frozen…I was taken over and overwhelmed and can even describe the feeling as being a bit like ready to pass out.  I was unable quickly to continue fingering her like that…my body going a bit limp.   I began to relax and bit and she is stretching me to no end …knuckles and fingers against my walls, (I am sure she knew not to go to the wrist)  and while it is not the best purely sexual sensation for certain, it felt  sooo good cause we could not be closer in soul at this moment.

She later reported to me that she orgasmed as she made the final thrust, but my satisfaction was not about anything orgasmic.   We stay rocking together slowly with her inside me for a matter of minutes,  with my guttural moans and her calling me baby.   She tries to add to the intensity by fingering my clit with her other hand, but I was electrified and it was too much so I reached down to stop her. Nothing was going to let me come at that moment, although it might have been a good time to try a vib against it. 

After a few minutes I say, “We have to stop this now,” and she gently ever so gently starts to slide out of my sopping wet pussy.  When she releases me and Im empty there...I am as exhausted as anything from all the tension and desire...and the release of her hand sliding out is comparable to an orgasm. Its over and as I slump down on the bed, gasping,  i have never wanted to make complete love to a pussy with my lips, fingers, mouth and tongue as i think I am about to. What I had planned was to flip her and immediately go completely wild on her with my mouth.  But she is not done running the show so to speak, and I am in such a trans  and mesmerized by her adoration of me, willingness to please me in anyway,  her beautiful eyes which so compel me to feel love and loved when she is so turned on and they have that half closed, totally into this appeal. She loves to make love to me ...the giver in me has found a kindred giving spirit and so we share all this. I am so lucky ..and even if I wanted to stop her to proceed with my plan of an hour or so of me giving her oral gratification ....she is on another path and I feel kind of helpless to slow her momentum.

She knows I like the scissors tribbing thing perhaps too much.    It was good the first time we did it and it is something we think will get better every time.  Somehow she flips me on my back and we are on again.
So much energy for me on this night, she positions herself against my thigh and our eyes meet as she writhes. I jiggle my leg to add to her pleasure and I can tell when I look in her eyes that she appreciates it. Her hands upon my breasts, then my chin, and yes, I begin sucking her fingers and tasting myself and thinking about how deep she has been. But then she slides up my thigh until our pubic bones  meet ...every moment of it feels wonderful but we squirm a little to keep finding just the right spot for both of us. It's a bit like a friendly competition pitting us against each other ..and it's simultaneously a competition where we are a team trying to achieve the goal together. I feel her wet like never before and a contrast of the soft juiciness of her lips on mine.  And I can kinda feel her bone when she grinds against me hard. It feels so outrageously good to me and I can tell it does for  her too. Mind blowing lose control good.   Each time we do this we find new, never before felt sensations, and its kinda hard to do this just right.  When tribbing you kind of have to get your own.   I mean, its so good in so many ways, physically and mentally.   Pussy grinding  feels obscene and dirty ...its the thing we do that is a little less about passion and affection and more about just giving each other the ride.  It’s the porn girl thing we do with each other.    When our lips are wetly meshed together and then pull apart slowly almost like wet glue being released, , the sensation causes my eyes to roll back into my head and my voice to shriek. She is doing the work, with my leg up and my job underneath is almost like a navigator..making sure the thrusts hit each others sweet spot with greater frequency.  It takes concentration, humility , trust in one another to accept if it fails, and a bit of a sense of humor.  But we are getting it right and with each bump she is saying “I love you,” with growing sincerity and intensity.  I am blabbering “fuck mebaby fuck me.”  Then she comes down harder on me ...picks up speed ...bouncing her soft pussy on mine...even kinda jolting me...but my swelling could not be more intense and slapping and thudding sounds combined with our pleasure cries and incredulous looks into each others eyes continue to drive us to a new height with each impact of our sex.

My legs are half up in the air and she's contorted in an unfamiliar position to make all this happen.  It feels so surreal ...but we are sooo lost in the moment together. We are both approaching orgasm, and she slows down the banging she initiated at the exact stroke I would have wanted her to and then slowly grinds herself in a rotating fashion.  Each others clits being wetly glided  against. hits the spot again and again and again and I give her every sign im going over the edge.  My nails are digging and my toes are pointing and my pussy coming so damn hard I might just pass out. I feel her gush so warm, she always really drenches when she comes,  and I reach up to grasp her breast as I convulse below begging her not to stop.  She does the same with my breast ..and we are tribbing ,,crying foul but loving things to each other, and and coming and gasping for each molecule of air as we clutch each others boobs....this frenzy of mutual self indulgence united with pure unselfishness to achieve mutual orgasm in the way its impossible to describe, our  symbiotic souls locked together. 
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