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Being Seduced by Patricia Cornwell

I guess anytime I read Patricia Cornwell, in the back of my mind is what it would be like to be seduced by her ...and now, thanks to this article, I have an idea how that might have happened as it happened to Margo inspirational character to the best selling novelist indeed.

from the ariticle :
At another meeting, Cornwell began stroking Margo's palm and fingers, "making love to my hand. It was like my whole system was in overdrive," Bennett tells the authors. Cornwell further turned on the heat by presenting Bennett with an autographed poster promoting her best-seller "Postmortem." "I can feel your heat. I can't believe how hot you are," Bennett says Cornwell gushed to her during another rendezvous that ended in a steamy make-out session. The meetings continued, the book says, until finally "they undressed each other and got into Patsy's bed, a soft inviting sea of powder blue, where they made love more than an hour," and then toasted their intimacy with "a spicy red wine

A Lesbian Kiss To Be Desired

Only a wet and juicy passionate kiss
a feeling of warmth and response
skin and hair and eyes
and its never been like this before
and how is it that you know me like this
and I know you

....and I wanted to tell her everything

i knew i was bisexual from a very early age...was starting to see stuff on tv, read stuff in books and all that...lesbian / bisexual just kept coming up and then when I was 12 I read a matter of fact / clinical type of book my mom "left around" about sexuality ..i guess to teach me what she didnt want to tlak about..and it described what women do together ..and at that point I was sure that I was at least bisexual ...and have come to realize ive been more gay in my heart than I let myself believe. to be honest...i dont think im ever going to be an out lesbian ...too close to family, this community, church, and my son so even when im divorced....i might not date men...but in bed / in my heart my desires...i have come to grips with it

i want it to be intimate ..i want it to come with affection .... i want there to be a connection .... put those things in place..and what i am really looking for is someone to go down on alot ...hours at a time ...every day if it were possible... someone to give pleasure to in all the other ways as well ...who appreciates me, cares for me, desires what I have to give

if a "taste" of that it possiblethats what i truly desire

its where i feel most comfortable at any point in my life.... disneyworld / kings dominion / happy childhood moments..happy mom moments..are ALL in there ya know as the best times of my life...but... the times I have been giving pleasure to a woman ... those are absolutely the best times of my life

im so horny im dizzy right now.. but know there is desire.

i am not crazy about and have never been that crazy about (except a few exceptions) penetration...getting f##ed..wanting to be f##ed... with men its clearly always been more about power and control with me and I do admit I love to give head ... always have since a wayy to early age (makes a girl popular on high school LOL)

you are a dream come true and as I awoke today I had NO idea what a life changing day this might becomeyou are beautiful, erotic, smart, fun, CLOSEBY kindred spirit

you make my pu$$y ache, my mouth water, my tongue long to lick you, my lips crave your nipples, your skin, your neck and the folds of your delicious, wet lips and the strainging stiffening of your cl#t against my warm mouth... I long to kiss you with passion so deep ...i long to hear your whispers, your moans, to feel your body against mine so close ...
numb kinda all over ...dizzy ....throbbing.... bewildered
im just breathing ....smiling... my pu$$y*t more senstive than any time i remember ...just thinking about you..about us.... just breathing...looking at your image...dreaming... admiring ...wanting... ... imagining
breathing ...LOTs of deeeep breathing LOL
when i think of myself with someone not even able to think about what she does to me with her fingers, mouth, lips and tongue only able to think about how she reacts to the pleasure I create for her .....and if I have given that ...all of myself ..i can "let" myself feel pleasure ....its a mind thing and I KNOW i have a problem OK ....but anyway......with you my mind is letting me dream ALOT of your "gifts" thats a very different feeling for me.

im wondering how tender you rough you are or like you enjoy desire...and also im dreaming that with me and you for each of us . that there will be no need for comparisons to the past.

these feelings very very intense -shaking- trembling ...gushing ....nipples aching demanding...numb tingling all over head to toe- my pu$$y is so sensitve....ticklyYou make me want to tell you things I like ...beyond giving pleasure...of which you know.
If your pleasure is to pleasure me.
I tell you i like deeep open mouth wet tonguey
i love to have my nipples sucked softly ...much less biting than I percieve many women prefer....a little is ok...and endless.... don't let me leave out endless :) well...a way long time anyway
i like to have my pu$$y palmed and pushed up against and tickled
i like slight one finger penetration ...
i sometimes reach down and pull my lips apart or do other things
stroke your soft hand while it fingers me
and cant get close enough to your skin

you will nails against your skin.... my toes curling ... perhaps my thighs against your cheeks. or my pu$$y pushing up against your fingers or palm or thigh or breast...i think you will know a minute before i come ....and guide me into it .. my voice goes wayyyyy up high...shriek sometimes if its so intense ...convulse and then ...long to be so close....if i ever want a few fingers penetration its as much after ive come...gentle filling ....squeeze my walls and let you feel my throbbing.....that throbbing between the first and next orgasm...the deeeep inside shudder and pulsating... the juicy river of desire (how cliche is river of desire LOL)

accept me when i give my everything to you
falling for you is the way it feelsnurture me
if you feed me in bed as you have fed my soul
my heart will always have a special room for you ....and who knows what memories we will furnish that room with

I write a Lesbian Blog ..this is my personal letter to you.

Who am I and why do I do this ?????

I am a bisexual (by definition) 30 year old married in the closet mom in the BIBLE BELT (yes I am a Christian) where "this kind of thing ..we just don't look too favorably upon that kind of behavior." Almost nobody would understand, though I know some would ...and most everyone who really THINKS he or she knows me knows absolutely none of this side of me....though I realize that can't last forever.

And about sex ..ahem ... as of this writing, its been a loooooong time for me since I ....

I come to the internet, like many closeted women here.... at first it was curiousity getting fed and then the realization of the possibilities in many facets of everything I had been internalizing since I understood what women in love and lust with each other actually did, which caused me to instantly realize that "of course I am bisexual. (now I add..if not defined as lesbian if I HAVE to wear a label)As for reality, I have had a very few mutually satisfying experiences ...nothing I would characterize as "earthshaking," but nonetheless a set of growing experiences in various forms which I can draw upon in real life, as well as within my fantasy. So, of the here and there emails that I receive from the writing of this blog, one of the most common questions I am asked is "did that really happen." And my only answer to that is that I have usually drawn from my imagination and experience to get the feelings out in the open. Some has happened, some has been amplified ...some has been dreamed. In reality, I am sometimes in "play" for the possibliity of discreet passion ...and more often than not, that has fallen through, but at the exact moment I write this, I am reasonably close to fullfiling some true fantasies i think...and so the possibity exists that I will have the chance to show my pent up affection to someone who "gets me" and ...if the chemistry is right, I have all intentions of making her VERY happy that she met me. :) Just trying to get the timing and location correct who knows what juicy tidbits of reality I may have to write about very soon. I have re-concocted the writing of my "first time" story ...I wrote it a couple of years ago on my first blog and it just poured out of me ...when I deleted that blog it vanished forever ...and now I find myself re-writing this very personal story and agonizing over every word. I have to say that at the moment it is farrrrr from the most erotic thing I ever wrote ...but is evolving ...and I hope to publish it here very soon.

I am told I have a way with words, and for me the blog began as an outlet to share my dreams, fantasies, and desires with more than just one person at a time. It's not well thought out, and I mix in some topical lesbian news and a few juicy passionate kisses (cue mary chapin carpenter) ..and then sometimes when the inspiration hits ...when the libido peaks and my free time affords me the moemnts I need to rat tat tat out my creativity in this form, sometimes, I am told, I strike a chord with some...and nothing makes me feel better than to get an email from someone who says I connected with her. Sometimes what I write is introspective, sometimes heavily erotic. Sometimes truth, sometimes fantasy. Sometimes a novel of War & Peace length, and other times the blurb of heated emotion or horniness. And ..exceptions to every rule ...and twigs surounding every branch.
me=oversexed ...but not in the "weirdo" kind of way.

I admit i am ...something... I don't know if I have found the word for it yet. You can call it nymphmaniacal ... but thats not the description ..but ...i have a vey high sex drive that appears to have always been more than anyone else i ever knew. blunt ..but the truth. I have faith that somewhere out there is someone reading this and saying "I get you." Or maybe confidence problem always rears it ugly head.

I tend to write about what makes one wet ...and for me ..those little blurbs about this that or the other celebrity can get a tingle. I respect the differences in a woman's sexual preference ...and I don't just mean the preference of just men or women ..but the differing degrees of mixing pleasure and pain, of ones differing needs for intimacy or lack therof. In sex, perhaps just as much as with fingerprints, everyone is different. So ..I tend to write about what turns ME on ..and if it brings you along, I am happy about that ...but as of yet, I don't really believe I have the talent to write about things that I either don't know about or things that don't "do it" for me....and I am sure that is what makes this blog very much "not for everyone."
Into my own head .. ..the fantasies play out ..and wet ..throbbing desire occurs. If there is connection ...this can become orgasmic ...even without direct inference of sexuality ...just the honesty between two women is an erotic thing when the underlying subject matter is of F2F sexuality. And ...from the barely experienced lesbian writing here, talking with the more experienced, lifetime experienced, all the way down to the barely curious, isn't one of the most erotic undertakings the matter of intiative. initiative is an erotic thing ...and is as personal and diverse as ones fingerprints ...of acting and being acted upon (girls I have this right ?)
It'ss innocent or its raunchy and trashy or somewhere in between. It's moaning and oh baby I want to suck your ...or it's falling into each other in passionate embrace to fullfillment when it comes. What is a tease and who wants to be teased and to what degree? Always good for thinking, talking, dreaming, and in true practice the art of powersharing and mutual sharing of emotional and physical release. In my experiences with women ....the constant is that it seems we both got what we needed in the moment. That, however, is not to say that the heavens opened and the angels sung ...and it is also not meant to imply that orgasmic is something businesslike and cold. Intimacy and affection ...levels of these in variable states which change each second in the cosmic bubble between two lovers define what an experience is in a moment, or in two or five or eight hours of moments. Is it erotic, sensual, desirious ?That is where I go ...thats where I want you to go with me in this blog. Be patient with me because I am only one erotic being :) (and hey...I have my standards of excellence LOL) And who knows and with what words or experiences can happen. I just ask for your patience, and from a few, your continued friendship. It's just a blog ...but we can get wrapped into this thing together ...interactively ...and the quirky fun experience all the way to the vast overwhelming experience.

Elegant The Hush of Lesbian Completion

We two together. Already wet with desire, and wondering where this will go with us. What is our pace ...what do I see in your eyes and what do you see in mine. You in that cozy looking comfy bed with the top of your ample breasts poking out from under the covers. You know, we are already making love mentally ...we have been all night. And now, to put arms around you, the weight of my body upon you, and our soft lips and tongues together.
In silence cept for the rustling ..the skin brushing ..the falling into each other. As we kiss I wonder if your mind swims and fogs as mine does in this moment of passion.

I am here to eat you ..and feed you as well. The buffet begins. Delicate balance ...not a race ...getting there together.

And oh, if you don't know it I am falling for you.
In this moment I am wanting you and letting you guide me in the bubble together...the powersharing belongs to you at the moment.
What you want ..I feel without needing words or direction. heart is flip flopping and down there I am drenched ...and my nipples are straining but ...I feel like we havent even started.

My eyes are open are yours. I love making out like this. Our bodies, our breasts meshing warmly. I am comfortable keeping my nightie on ...but you are sliding straps down and I know at a shift of position I will shyly reveal all of my bbw body to you and hope it is to your pleasing. My hips are rocking slowly against you while I am holding you around your shoulders and the weight of us as one sinks us into the mattress comfortably.
kissing your neck...your cheek...your earlobe and then slipping my tongue against your lips ..our mouths meet again and our tongues slip into each others
deep kissing i like
pulling me closer as i pull you more against me ...and begin a rythm of the rest of our bodies..hips thighs feet
i feel it may be too quick but i cant hardly keep my hands away from your breasts ....and i love your eyes....and i want to know your desire

...yours are the softest most beutiful breasts are fantasy come to life ....i love the feel of your soft warm skin ... i love the stiffining of your nipples beckoning my mouth ...I love that you know my hunger and give me yourself this way. i need to kiss your neck and shouldrs and enjoy the softness of your skin more ...i need your deep mouth for my tongue to preview what soon will come to you down there and i know it makes us both tingle.
...with a shiver i push my mound more forcefully against your thigh and respond to the heat im feeling from you, cause all i want is to know your passion at this moment...pull me into you.

so tender

they call this dry humping but its anything but dry. its your response that drives me forcefully into again and again.
my warm mouth down to your left right hand continues to knead the left hand stroking your side ...moans more audible and consistent from your sweet lips and your hands wandering my back my arms, my hair. Lifting your boob, gently squeezing and loving your hands in my hair and now more than ever with anyone ever before you feel my arousal and ours growing together.
You KNOW that I am hungry for you down there and dont know how much longer i can wait for i continue to suck on your with your full heavy right hand wanders downward and knows the wetness it is about to encounter.

my finger bursts in between your lips..we both groan softly. I spread your lips, now so coated with your wetness..inside you are saturated like nobody I ever felt or imagined. I circle your clitoris. Our eyes meet. You are beautiful. Your eyes then roll back in response ...your toes curl and your fingers dig into me.

My mouth upon your lips now my tongue first brushes your stiffness ..a jolt we both feel. Your hips push against me...and I take that as a suggestion to move along as I sense your readiness. My tongue circling, flicking and whipping ...pressure then softness ...slowly licking until I know you need me more swiftly. "it feels so good" are the first words I have heard from you..and those words are mixed with passion, and a cute giggle that belongs with your personality, even in the throes of this desire. I know that I am about to trigger your orgasm ...I want to give you the most and combine my full mouth against you there while my swirling tongue and softly lunging fingers detonate your convulsions and your walls squeeze against my knuckles ...the vibrations and gushing warmth against my cheeks and chin....the powerful bucking giving way to softer submissions and then our mutal retreat from these sensations so mutually satisfying.

An elegant hush in the room.

Cashmere Mafia Lesbian Kiss

ABC has a new show called Cashmere Mafia, which a little like Sex in the City toned down for network. Here is the still from the kiss in the first episode. The lesbian storyline is really going to be highlighted on this show ...can't say that's been done alot recently on tv.

Paris Hilton New Years Lesbian Kissing :)

Paris Hilton was photographed celebrating Vegas club, freely and openly making out with a woman while drinking heavily. Oh, the simple life. Famous for being famous indeed. Not my type but nothing wrong with dreaming.

Lesbian Anonymous Poetry that thrills

Not everyone dips into the comments, so I wanted to bring the annonymous poem to the front with the understanding that I am thrilled :)

My hand slowly touched her knee
she looked so irresistable to me
I could not help myself you see
for I knew she wanted me
I continued my journey
to her thighs and then
she started with her sighs...
I was at her mound and ready
to explore...
as I kneaded her honeycone
she moaned and moaned and...

Lesbian Quotes and Holly Hunter & Rosanne Arquette Makeout

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. ~Anais Nin

Some women can't say the word lesbian... even when their mouth is full of one.” Kate Clinton

Happy New Year and ...lets watch what we eat ?

A New Years Resolution to lose weight made me think about just how delicious this looked ..and so lo-cal as well ...not to mention the excercise benefits :) Happy New Year !
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