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Time for a little lesbian masturbation

I have written about masturbating before on this blog , as the subject intrigues me enough to want to write about it...especially at a time when masturbation IS the majority of my sex life, or lack thereof.   I truly enjoy masturbating as a genuine, pleasurable and satisfying act of sex that isn't really in the same neighborhood with intimacy, but has, in the right circumstances, just as much pop on the fireworks scale.   I like doing it, reading about, and watching it.  I think about sex alot ..and  thinking about sex leads to masturbating, and here we come full circle again.  So today,once again, as horny on a day to day basis as I think I have ever ever ever been, I write about Jilling off, and if this new posts ads nothing new to the old posts where I wrote about the same thing, so be it.  Maybe things, though, are changing as I am inside and (unfortunately aging) out. 

When I get horny and am alone and know that I not only CAN masturbate, but that I really want to, no matter what has turned me on, I can feel that my blood pressure is heightening, my adrenaline surges, my heart races, and my breathing becomes shallow. I need to relax my mind to let go of the million things I have to think about, and go to another place...and fantasy or erotica or visual porn takes me there. Now, if we are talking skin to skin, there are no body styles I discriminate against, and in fact, am mostly attracted by genuine honesty, eye contact, other things besides the gift of what God gave you.  But, visually, in imaginative fantasy or porn  I like my women, apparently, a bit on the trashy side, a thought that was driven home when a co worker who was male was talking about the women he was into and another girl said "gawd you sure love em trashy," to which I had to admit, I liked the same look in women that he did.  Boobs, honestly of all sizes and shapes but big boobs are wonderful nipples the beg to be sucked.  What am I choosing for vids   ???  Tube8 is the one that I keep going back to ...its interesting that sometimes I stumble on a new site that seems to have what I want and the next thing I know I am eradicating a virus from the laptop.  So, forewarned, all of thes free porn sites have that as a careful. But if I can ever find a twosome that looks like they aren't faking for the cameras ..I am there.   Another theme the past year has been choosing the variety of lesbian porn that is usually labled "older younger" or "milf with a teen."   My porn preferance perhaps mirroring my own hopes I suppose, as I noted in the previous post, of wanting to know the "come face" of a high number of college girls in my community.

Weird places to masturbate????OK...a few.  I blogged about when Ive masturbated in the car, in the bathroom at work, under the desk at work, all to orgasm.  And to the almost stage, snuck in some touching under a quilt at an outdoor concert, and I admit, as a high school teen, under the table in the lunchroom where it SHOULD have been obvious to someone that I was straddling the support for the table in a fairly awkward way that day LOL. 

I get asked about this...and no ...I have never been walked in on.  Just to get that out of the way ...hasn't happened ..perhaps I should say yet.   Perhaps I should "plan" to get caught.

But on the occasion (lately rare)  when I get "alone time", with a trusty  laptop by my side...."the big porn machine,"  its not always so easy but I can come in the recliner in the living room while looking at a vid on tube 8 or reading or even chatting online.  But usually, if it is some kind of computer stimulation that starts me on the path to masturbation, I almost alwasy prefer to finish it in bed.  So, there are exceptions in that I will, can I say crassly, "rub one out" in the living room, but once my mind is made up and I have the time and privacy, I prefer to go to the bed.   I almost always need to "plan" because I am such a gusher when I am excited that a towel needs to be put down, or the sheets need to be washed afterwards.  ( can get away with it if its first thing in the morning...sheets will dry by the time anyone gets home.  But generally, the plan is to get the towel down first or even if I don't put out as much, I am THINKING about it too much to focus.

I almost always take my panties off but sometimes have left them on and rub through them...and same goes for my shirt.  On a day off and alone in the house, I am most often braless in a tshirt or jammy top, and those allow plenty of access to my tits unless I choose to (rarely) suck them for extra stimulation.   Honestly, that stimulation is more for my mouth wanting to feel an erect nipple in between my lips than for the way it makes my body feel, but nonetheless, it makes me sizzle when I choose to lift my boob up to my mouth and suck, nibble, or even bite.

So here I bed to get myself off.  Wanna come along ?   If you are still reading, I imagine so.

I sometimes lay on my stomach and rub myself from underneath for a few reasons...the front contact against a pillow or the bed ...or, if on my knees more, I really have always liked the way my tits feel when they hang.  I will have to admit though that the mindset of my masturbation when I am willing to put forth the effort to do it on my knees, is that I am reallllllly deep into fantasy and NEEDING something that feels a little more real than just the palm, fingers and hands. 

So the other more common way to do it on my stomach is to lay on a pillow and reach under, but also I have a neat little toy that works for this position, and of all places, I bought it at Walmart (home of your favorite sex toy ?)  It is a Bug Vibrator that just REALLY has always felt good, and it brings me off slowly, but surely powerfully when I use it.  So I insert my bug vibrator under me in a way and hump it while holding a pillow.   Its nice and can be powerful if my mood is just right to do it this way ...but again, all this to tell you the "other" ways I do other than the most common way.

 My most often way to get myself off is that I usually I lay on my back and begin, ready to dive in but you should know that  at this point I have usually been diddling and rubbing while I was downstairs with that laptop in the recliner with teeny touches that zing and sizzle that got me to the state of "I'm ready now." 

I start  between my legs with my palm on my labia.  I like to foreplay with myself...knowing a little teasing takes me from wet to very wet. I like the sensation of a finger inside my vagina when I am sloppy wet and it takes me in fantasy to times of my fingers driving someone else to that sensation. I usually start with just my palm against my clit while the excitement in my mind builds the fantasy and the pussy ache suggests which motions are best.  Circular and alternating harder pressure with more gentle pushing.  I alternate pulling my legs inward and then spreading them...and also do this when I am being licked by a girl.  Pushing my legs out straight and tightening my thigh muscles along with rapidly flicking my clit can bring about the quickest orgasm...but the big , luxurious, explosive ones ones go like this.

Mostly with my right hand I curl my middle finger to the underside and rub base to tip in medium rythm. Sometimes I add a second finger and use a massaging, soft pinching motion.  Sometimes when stimulation is building I  "gently pat" my pussy.   I have some very tingly places that are nice to touch in the folds and crevassas.  Sometimes I gently pull on my lips.    My left hand is the may tickle my thighs, massage a breast or pinch or pull upon a nipple.  But at some point, the twirling of my finger and thumb on my clit and the occassional dips down for more moisture, combined with the rocking of my hips and the opening and closing of my legs at strategic times take me physically, and more importantly mentally to a place where I am no longer in self foreplay, but now am fully INTO it, and at that point my wandering hand  will  sometimes join in with the ever diligent  firhgt hand  pull the flesh above my clit back with the skin taught, spreading my lips there, which forces more swelling of my clit and exposes it. ...a technique that I have used to add to cunnilingus to every woman I've tongue fucked. 

While all of this is going on physically, it is nothing without the mental stimulation of both imagining what something would be like with the someone I am dreaming of, combined with the experiences I have had that make me so vividly remember a womans response to the pleasure I create for her. 

As I mentioned, when its so slippery and, I hate to sound so mechanical about this, but the finger and thumb are engaged in a combination of light slow touch, or medium rythym, or rapid stimulation, if I am on my back at a certain point when the first orgasm is ready to pop I can guarantee its release by tightening my legs, buttocks, pointing my toes down and rubbing intensely til it goes.  But, a deeper orgasm is usually possible, don't know how to tell you when  or which times it knows to "go for it," but in those times I spread my legs as absolutely wide as they will spread with my legs pulled slightly up.  About half the time I don't make it all the way to orgasm this way ...I get a "false one" as I tend to call it in my mind, and I have to come down a little and try again another way....but the times when I get over this way, I rumble head to toe, I can feel my vagina pulsing these enormous, powerful, full body gut wrenching BOOMS, one hard, two harder, sometimes the third pulse the most incredible before subsiding four five sometimes six decreasing in intensity booms.  My clit is so swollen after one of these that I'd love to look at it in that state. 

I usually like to come at least twice, and after the first one take some time for the electricity to settle down to where I can touch my clit again.  I guess its true that the first orgasm is usually the one where the fantasy gets me there ...its more mental...and the second one is just where im really into my self and its more of a task that gets done down there...but I know if I stop at the just one, usually, my pussy and clit are just crying for more attention for the next half hour.  Sometimes my second one is with the shower head.   Sometimes the second one is the biggest one and may take a long time to get to, but when  its like that, I realize its worth it. Soooo woth it are the big ones ! 

I have a few days where I have nothing to do and devote to sex.  That, for me, is writing for the blog, and for the both of us, the therapy of mine that it is to write it, and the joy that you, in fact, do read and write me what you think, keeps it going and going and going.  Gotta get me a bunny vibe don't I ?  Keep hearing great things.

Co-ed Lesbian lust leads to masturbation ?

I live in the country, but very close to a bustling college community where a trip to walmart will usually involve literally dozens of encounters with college girls. I'm not just a closet lesbian in the bible belt, as I say, but one with an extremely high libido and one who just doesn't get laid enough fact, I damn near don't get laid at all. 

Well, dear readers, something happens i9n April in a college town.  In the winter, perhaps a trip to Walmart will involve me noticing a woman more usually closer to my own age or even older, but all those college girls, for one thing, are not out in force, but for another thing, aren't dressed like that! . But a few warm days, and a chance trip to town for bargains, and one after the other after the other intrigue me.  I'm like, "she's hot, wow so is she...there goes another, " and by the end of the half hour I've mentally  fucked a dozen women, all under 23 or so, and not a damn one made eye contact with me, flirted with me, or knew I existed.

i wish we lived in a world where we could be as honest in a Walmart as we sometimes are online with women from who knows where from sometimes.   Imagine coming up and just laying it out there. "Pardon me, but do you realize your cleavage shows around 45% of your breast, which by the way is of perfect roundness and desirability, and between the sight of your boobs and the beauty in your eyes, I just want to tell you that if you want to have your pussy eaten like it's never been eaten before, here's my number, my email, and an offer to show you the hardest orgasm you've ever known."   Now, as someone who generally appreciates subtle seduction and the delicious ache that comes with the anticipation of the what if's of  the lesbian flirtation process as it applies to a closet fem like me,  I have to admit, I wish there were a time and place where that kind of blunt force forwardness was welcome.

Now throw this into the mix.  In addition to the annual showing of the cleavage festival the advent of spring brings about around here, now I run into the girl with the "I Kiss Girls" T-shirt, the two co-eds who were obviously a couple and in a very public display of affection that went beyond (sorority?) sisterly, and the girl who was not dressed to impress a woman per se, showing enough skin and tattoos to make it impossible not to associate the term "slutty" if even for a fleeting moment, and trust me when I tell you that I don't mean that term in any derogatory way at all, especially with the rush of blood in my veins her look inspires, making me feel like a trucker dyke with a chain wallet and a thick redneck accent saying under my breath "I'd like to fuck that."

While I confess this lust of the impossible connections to you, what simultaneously bothers me is that while I am ogling tits and mentally undressing these women as much as 15 years younger than me, trying to imagine their "I'm coming" eyes while multitasking the pricing of macaroni and cheese and pretending to listen to my 9 year olds enthusiasm for the latest video game he craves, is that my sex drive geared up like this, in this way, goes firmly against everything I would LIKE to pride myself that the lesbian me is about.  That I CLAIM to be attracted to ... the sense of humor and intellect and "I'm interested in you" reactions to a good give and take conversation, seems non-existent when large, medium, and small breasted women of the community I live in insist upon choosing every stitch of clothing to torment me into aching, bursting, needing to masturbate horniness :)

So masturbate I will my next post.   :)

The Lesbian Saturday Night Live with Helen Mirren

Saturday Night Live with Helen Mirren was an eye popper for lesbian pop culture.  In one skit two female cast member Nasim Pedrad and Kristen Wiig got to come into her dressing room to fondle, squeeze, admire, and even motorboat Helens boobs, and in another skit, Helen played Eleanor Roosevelt in an impossibly un fact checked spoof of The Kennedy's mini-series where Eleanor makes out with Marilyn Monroe in a deep lesbian tongue kiss., played by Abby Elliott.   The most lesbianest SNL ever !
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