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The Deep Lesbian Love that comes from Cindy's mouth, lips, tongue and passion.

I lay there drained ...contented ...and overwhelmed by what words she had just let slip out of her still wet with my juices lips. I simply had never been licked like that before fact ..I think I had always said it wasn't that important to me for MY orgasms to have quality and quantity ...although they were often of both ...but that the most important thing to me was to give her t he pleasure ...not just of whatever techniques in multitude that could and would be used ...but mostly the combination of the passion and desire for her pleasure that I brought to my lesbian sexual experiences. I have always strived to be one who says without words, "trust me and go here with me and I will turn your body to a quivering and pulsating and tingling shrine to our closeness, your mind to a contemplative but contented mush, and soul into a different state of enlightened ened satisfaction. I knew if I gave my all to her, I'd see all that and more when I looked into her eyes, clutched her close to my body and felt our soft warm skin melt together. It always had been me as the giver of this level of pleasure ...never before had my pussy been so utterly, perfectly brought to wave after wave of surprising heights of orgasmic release.

I am not one to guide or give instruction when a woman makes love to me....I prefer to give cues as I prefer to get them ..with body language, and showing her with my eyes, increased breathing or a sigh, moan, grunt or gasp combined with a clutch of my nails against whichever part I am gripping at the moment (breasts as often as can be) ...and to show her with a squirm with my legs or a momentary freezing of motion ...all indicators of my pleasure and none ever contrived or faked but just a natural emination from what I am feeling head to toe. And while lesbian sex is so incredibily wonderful and preferred just rarely for me has been about me and my pleasure as the focal point. And as Cindy had predictably moved her way down my body with her gentle suckling of the nape of my neck, incredible attention paid to my boobs and stiffened nipples with a delightful combination of licking, sucking and nibbling while lifting and squeezing my heavy soft pillows, I am sorry that I am cynical and sarcastic as these things happen like a script with lovers that I almost visualize a stopwatch "ok ..2 minutes on that boob...nice ..1 or 2 on this one ..getting me wet bite and test my desire for a little rough ...keep going and then take about 60 seconds to move down my body to nestle between my legs and now ..commence the licking." Now, I guess that makes me sound boring or bored as a lover being made love to ...and a bit unfair to she who gives to me the best she knows how ...but where it was different with Cindy was when she got between my legs and looked up at me. I knew it was only her second time at this ...I knew from my own experience that one person to the next could be a combination of familar and night and day differences. She had already told me about her previous experience being "smooth and shaved," and while she said it was ok that I was trimmed, but still bushy, I knew that it would be a "night and day" different experience for her down there. And I ..for the first time ...was CONTEMPLATING giving some instruction ....I have no idea why ...but when she breathed excitely while her eyes flared in her stare at me down there "it is sooo beautiful," I was able to relax and see where it went.

The very firs thing she did before she entered her tongue was to replicate something I had done for her ...spread the lips to explose my clit and pull up with the skin ...yes I'd had this done before ..but her fingers just had the touch ...and her fingers just felt better ...and her tongue when it touched me in my already dripping opening below my clit before slowly licking upward shot electricity and tingles eminating from my pleasure point and radiating throughout my entire body. When this happens to me, my hands have always instinctively thursted towards my boobs to begin squeezing and kneading ..almost involunatary at first ...and then when she released the skin being pulled up above my clit to allow it to relax, her mouth engulfed it and sucked in strongly ..and I was in heaven ...I was in excstacy ..I was affected deeeply by not only the learned technique that I felt was not a begginers luck, but a sistership with me in that we both make love with our hearts and the feelings between us, and not from a book or predetermined one size fits all way of licking pussy. She GOT IT ...and she GOT ME ...QUICKLY ..and I laid back to feel all she could take me to ...already approaching first orgasm in 2 or so bewildering minutes from the tender touches and licks and sucking upon me there.

Into me she slid 2 fingers and whispered "so wet," in such a sexy combination of sigh and wonderment .My soft moans and whimpers quickly became deeper and more gutteral "ohhhhh's" and as I spread my legs to the widest and pulled my knees up, my hand upon my right breast left to mingle for a moment in her hair and then I pulled her mouth harder against me. Her free hand reached up to add a replacement grasp and stimulation upon my vacant right breast ....and I took my hand from my left breast to go on top of hers on my right boob before it instinctively wandered to join my other hand in her hair and as I pumped into her more aggressively, her tongue picked up the pace. With the perfect pressure and rapidness of tongue flicker, she coaxed from me a bit of a startled scream that sounded more like someone scared me from behind than the uncontrollable sexual utterance, which could have caused her to stop or slow down in case she thought I might have been hurt ..but not at all ...she kept going and faster and knew where I was and right before I orgasmed, pinched my nipple quite hard while simultaneously deepening her twisting fingers and I felt as though I were going to black out as grunt after grunt exemlified pulse after throbbing pulse after throbbing pulse of my quaking release in riding her and moaning with yher and coming so hard I had never felt anything so wonderful.

My moans , deep breaths and shaking of my legs subsiding ...her face drenched but still licking and kissing me gently upon my labia and tenderly upon my clit tingles and tickles but then in moments that subsides...I find myself hugging a pillow and looking up at the ceiling in disbelief of her amazing gift ...and wait for her to disengage and come up to cuddle with me....but she softly moans into my muff ..enters her finger feels good and im wanting again, she senses this and responds with the up and down slow licking from the bottom of my lips wet now its almost gooey ...and upwards towards the electric contact she makes with my once again hardening clit. Here she goes I go again body shuddered as the sensations began to travel through ....all eminating from my swollen throbbing pussy...all eminating from her talented tongue, fingers, lips and desire.

Like magnets her fingers found the most sensitive places against my walls to add to the pleasure ...and I felt her finger crook underneath and realized she was aiming at my G spot ...My first thought was "good luck ...been down this road before," and enjoyed her touching me anyway and appreciated that she was trying something she knew of or read about ....but then, it happened and I stiffened all over ...clamped my hands down upon her head and and somehow said..."there...right there baby ..." My orgasm came within seconds and she responded by licking me faster to welcome the gush of my womanly wetness more and more against her lips and cheeks.....I thought I saw a rainbow of colors in that release ...and in the matter of 15 or so minutes, this Cindy had given me , not only the two most incredible orgasms of my life, but also shown me the passion I had craved and never fully felt from a woman before. My desire to give a partner her pleasure was never more inflamed. When we embraced in passionate afterglow , my heart pounding and feeling something much deeper for her than just the sexuality, overcome with joy and relief and anticipation of what we had begun that afternoon, my eyes locked a gaze into her deep blue eyes and I think my whole life changed when she whispered "I think I love you."
I lay there drained ...contented ...and overwhelmed by what words she had just let slip out of her still wet with my juices lips. I simply had never been licked like that before ....

sucking out my breath in overwhelming lesbian surrender

Oh.. how many times I looked at her ...knowing we had the spark..knowing my flirtations were being returned, and belieiving that what we were starting was going to finished...and by the way she she looked me in the eye so many times that night...i knew it would likely be then and there..and I knew it would start with her kiss. But how she knew what i wanted, needed, and longed for in that first kiss...her wide open mouth taking over and sucking out my breath in overwhelming surrender as deep as her revealed desire for me....her soft tongue sending tingles that leapt through every nerve of my skin

I am back to answer questions

Answering your questions....well some of them.

Anytime I step back from this blog I get questions and comments and I will answer them and share them. But know that its weird ...because I have read about the NEW NARCISSISM and while I am a blogger who writes about herself ..I honestly am not into the "all about me" mentality. Having said that, here I go

I have gotten a trickle of emails ...and answered every one of them ...about why I haven't posted in awhile. I'll answer a few questions for those who didn't personally write, but might actually care ...but it might be the female companion to Jim Carey's movie Yes Man, I will be Yes Woman with all the answers being yes ...or at least, "sort of."

Am I still writing ? yes ...but I am not doing as good a job of finishing what I am writing ...I am getting too picky probably ...I am glad more people are reading my blog, but a few have correctly pointed out where my writing flaws lie. There is a particular erotic author I'd like to impress ..and whenever and if ever she tells me I did a good job, I might not come down off the ceiling for a week.

Am I broken hearted ? Well ...honestly ...yes. But if I am being honest, its not that I have lost love ...although, I DID truly love the woman whom I have now lost ....but I am more feeling sorry for myself in losing such a tremendously giving, gifted lover. Yes's a sex thing. I loved her but we had love built largely on what we loved in each other in our passionate moments ...Those are wonderful and constantly relived memories. As I move on to whatever is next ...there is a part of me that believes I FOUND what I was looking for and let it go ..and it will never be that good again. Time will tell. I'm tired of crying about it.

Have I found someone else ? Well...the answer to that is Yes ..and there is a reason for that. I am finding a confidence in approaching women I am interested in that I didn't have before ..and so, even though nothing has happened yet ...there are at least couple of possibilities that have my fantasies working overtime. Finding time and patience to show these two very different women how much passion I have to give is something I am working on. (NOOO not getting them together ...silly !)

My friend in Ohio wrote to tell me "I miss the Celebrity Lesbian Crush you used to do all the time ." SO ...yes ...thats coming back soon.

Am I really being published ? That is a tentative yes ...but it's not an erotic story. One of my poems is probably going to get put out by a fairly reputable anthology ...but I have some decisions to make about what I do as a writer from here forward and I get compensated.
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