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Rebirth of our Lesbian Passion

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She has returned to a bed of lesbian passion with me, after months of longing and hoping she would miss me as much as I have missed her. When she broke it off with me in the winter, I realized that her youth and confusion contributed to the ways she was feeling and ending our relationship. Since then I have hoped beyond hope ...and even, finally, given up hope that she would once again want to be with me when it was clear she was now seeking men again, as well as women her own age, and who she made it plainly clear, were not married to someone else. All that is easy to understand, but when I replayed the amazing sex we had each time we were together, I knew that there was no way possible that it would ever be that good for her with anyone else, and that someday, someway, she would realize that if I were not able to be her roomate/soulmate as she wanted, I felt there could be no denying that I was and would always be her sexual soulmate ...a fact that we proved again and again, with orgasm after orgasm, with ever build up to passion which gave way to the most wonderful lazy, spent times when our bodies lay slack against each other in holding, caressing, whispering, enjoying the quiet and the tingle of a fingernails touch or the stroking of one anothers hair.

She was hostile in the weeks that followed the breakup, and I was tearful and pleading ..I admit, in desperation. Why is it so hard to understand that the only way to have a chance to regain any part of what was once so wonderful, when it's broken off, is to let her fly and hope she fly's back. Now, although it's clear she is in a different place and is not so overwhelmed in love with me, that she comes to me now in sexual desire is enough for me, and enough to give us both the chance to further explore the sexual adventure which was still ascending and new and exciting and different each time.

As I said, I had given up on her, but a chance meeting on a sunny Sunday afternoon in the Walmart parking lot changed us. It was awkward at first, when I was putting my cart up, startled as she came up behind me to say "hey ...hows it going," in a bit of a subdued manner. She knew she had broken my heart and it was probably a big deal for her to decide to come up and speak to me, as opposed to just walking away.

We had a quick conversation where we told each other we looked great, where she actually DID look fantastic, had gotten a new tattoo on her forearm of a dragonfly that was just amazingly done, and I looked about as frumpy and felt about as old as I ever had in my life ...but dammit ...there was just something in her eyes as we spoke those few moments that seemed inviting ...enough time had passed for the woulds to heal, and we could handle this. I asked if she was seeing anyone, and she said it was a long story ...I persisted , "well I meant, any girlfriends...thats what I knew that," and with her answer came a smile and blush and a bit of a compliment I was soooo willing to drink in. "Well ... there HAS been something but ...but ... ummmm was really not at all like what you and I had ...I mean ... you know that nothing could compare to what we had ...and it was nice .. but ...."
I looked down at the sunshine beating on the parking lot blacktop searching for a response that wouldn't sound so much like gushing, and came up with, " "I'm over the hurt," Well, that wasn't really true, because at that moment, I had a wave of emotion that teared my eyes and needed to be held back.
"I never meant to hurt you know that...I just couldn't go on like that anymore .."
"We don't need to relive ..."
"I know"
Deafening silence ..awkwardness.
"How about you, " she asked me, "did you find anyone ?"
"Maybe a couple of someones but was just sex ....," and I began to laugh, " but ya know, there's alot to be said for casual lesbian sex ...I think its something I could get used to."
"I've been thinking that same exact thing," she giggled and somehow we made it back to a comfort zone before starting to go our separate ways with the it was good to see yas and the obligatory non sexual hug goodbye. As I started back for my care, was starting to thing it had gone ok and that wasn't so bad, and was wondering if we had broke the ice, but I would not have to wonder that for long ...because she called me from about 15 feet away. "HEY .... wait a minute," and she walked back towards me as if there was something important she forgot to tell me ...but when she got up to me, she embraced me in a much warmer, tighter hug than before and I was just numb all over from the shock when she gave me a public quick kiss on the lips and said ," Email me if you'd like to have a drink with a horny blonde," My jaw dropped ...and I knew what it meant.

I sent her one of my patented, over emotional, wayyy too long emails about how good it was to see her and telling her I had a time that weekend where I could get away and wondered if we could get together at our old meeting place ...the crass, cliche, park at the door motel just outside of town where we were so passionate about each other that the obvious cheapness of our numerous afternoon lesbian rendezvous really didn't concern us at all. When we were broken apart, one of the ways I tried to lure her back was by writing her erotica, but in this email I restrained, except for the final line when I told her, "so you asked if I want to have a drink with a horny blonde ...and actually, I've thought about it, and I think you know that I want to have a drink OF a horny blonde. "

When she wrote me back, I could read between the lines that she was trying to accept that we'd be together again, but that it was sexual this time ...see, I know she loves me and once in each others arms, no matter what the "arrangement", our passion would blossom again like riding a bike.

I went and got the room and awaited her call. In that room I was so horny waiting for her to arrive ..I'd been horny for days knowing this day was coming, and now that it was minutes away, I was touching myself and squeezing my legs together waiting for our moments of saphic reunion. And I was playing her game too ..because, if this was so much about sex, I would greet her as such, and determined I would meet her in nothing but a white 4x sleeping shirt that shows my dark nipples through. told her what room and she pulled up to the door, stunning as ever, her georgeous tits spilling out of her hippie sundress. I was seriously ready to come from the moment I saw her.

In the room it took only a matter of minutes for us to melt into a deep wonderful kiss ...just a "lets get to it," moment between us and I had the sundress off of her and without panties, we fell onto the bed with her only in her bra. But oh, that first heavenly kiss from the angel stil enlivened by her youth, but now, no doubt somewhat emboldened by the fact that I am no longer the only lesbian lover she has been with. Her kiss was deep and probing as she knows thats how I love it so much ...I suck her tongue in a familiar way, and there is a different confidence in the way she falls into me and with me.
I just cant believe how much I love it when I am on top of her and kissing her and she wraps her legs around my waist and scrunches under me a bit more to change the angle of how i come up on top of her in these heated and emotional deep kisses we share. My tongue goes a bit deeper and I feel those legs wrapped around me grip a bit tighter, her ankles turning into my skin, her toes stroking my bareness. I am so focused on the intensity of our kiss that in the shift of her coming underneath me, my hair has come between our lips and is mingling in our kiss ...but the kiss is too good to break ...we just let the hair dangle between us for a few moments before the absurdity of this acceptance of something quite unacceptable gets us both smiling and giggling at each other in the moment our lips depart one another.

She reaches underneath to pay attention to my left breast with her right hand ...cupping over my bra and digging her nails in gently, lovingly, but with determination to make my skin feel her consideration of my ever elevating arousal. Her digging into my breast with her nails with her firm, but not too much squeeze and lift causes me first to sigh deeply and then decide that her bra must go, NOW. As I reach around to unclasp her, she leans forward to give me the space to do so, and as I pull the fabric slowly away from her skin, her piked nipples revealed to reward my eyes and my heart in knowing she is just so there in drenched anticipation for the delights we are just embarking upon.

On impulse, my next kiss down on her mouth is as wide open as I can comfortably achieve, but as the surprise elicits a reaction from her that simultaneously includes he lunging of her pussy against me, the tightening of her legs around me and a frozen moment of ecstasy she unveils with her eyes, as if to say I have license to do to her anything that I would desire, for she trusts me to always flavor of our lesbian orgasmic destiny.

She likes her nipples sucked slowly and I usually oblige. She likes to make more eye contact while I do that than anyone else I have made love to. She gazes upon me and I understand the look and that she wants me to look into her eyes as much as possible while I circumnavigate her erect nipple over and over, resisting the urge to bite, but a nibble here and a HARD suck there excites and causes her to squirm, her eyes to roll back, her grip to excite me further.

"I can't wait anymore for your mouth," she pants, and I know she needs my tongue upon her down there, inside her, and that its time we began the long ride of wave after wave of the oral gratification that is wonderful for us both. It took some convincing at first for her to believe just how much I enjoy giving her pleasure completely, but now that she is bought into it, she relaxes and we both go to a place of mutual intensity of warm sexual wonderment where I feel almost weightless and dreamlike using my lips, mouth, tongue and fingers to evoke her soft moans and eruptions of devotion as I hungrily devour her flooding, quivering, delicious pussy.

The words I could not wait to hear, but knew I would at some point, as I pulled her lips apart, fingered her with the two fingers she loved, flicking my tongue again and again over and around , underneath and against her clit, her rumbling building to crescendo, squealing softly, and almost out of control before her orgasm "Baby I love your mouth so much ...nobody better ..nobody better...gawd it so good one but you makes it likes this." I wanted to do a celebration dance, but I continued to drive her into the bust of her obvlivious and dramatic climax.

Nothing new new tricks ...just giving each other oral sex all afternoon. She comes, comes again, regains her strength and when she licks me I go over , like right then and don't stop for a half an hour. Nobody ever knew the gentle pressure and licking and very limited penetration that she so perfectly understood unlike anyone else. The bed is soaked from both of us and I've never moaned louder. We sucked each others pussy and breasts and massaged each others skin and drank each others souls all afternoon without saying a meaningful word ..and without ever saying "I love you," though I knew there was love between us in each kiss, in each minute, hour and second, and with the long long powerful embrace and kiss goodbye at the door when I wondered if this was the first time of our rebirth or the last time we'd ever do this, a "one more time for the old times" fuck from the woman I loved as a lesbian as deeply as anything I will ever know in life.

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Another First Lesbian Kiss Stories

AKD is now compiling first time lesbian kiss stories and the latest to be shared is this one from Ann. Please send the circumstances and especially, the feelings, from your first lesbian kiss to

After meeting her in May, we hit it off great. Neither one of us had ever been with a girl before so we were scared. After our third date, we decided to go out of state to a hotel. I brought some liquor just in case. We both ended up having maybe two drinks, just enough to relax. She was very nervous, but I told her it would come naturally, and it did. I just kissed her, her lips were so soft, I put my hands thru her hair and pulled her near me. I could smell her perfume, and feel the passion that came from her, and I know she could feel my passion for her.. Each kiss now is better than the first, I suppose because my love for her is stronger each time...

My First Lesbian Kiss

Hey everyone ..awhile back I wrote asking or inspiration and in this post you will see I got exactly what I asked for ...and YOu will be inspired too. She has given me permission to print this ...Liz recounts her first Lesbian Kiss !
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I'm responding to your post on August 14th.

I was so nervous.

I mean really nervous.

Here I was, a small town teacher, about to head off to *the* gay bar in town for the very first time.

Sure, I'd thought about it before. I'd been reexamining my sexuality for about a year now, and there it was, every day as I drove to work... the gay bar.

But you see, part of living in a small town is realizing that your business is everyone's business, and the "Lamar Middle School students are the BEST" sticker on the back of my old Chevy was a sure way of identifying my location to about 500 middle schoolers and their parents in the small Texas town where I lived.
So, how to get to the bar, without driving there.

I'd take a cab, but the owner of the cab company was the parent of one of my students.

I'd walk, but who wants to walk a mile at 1 am?

So I'd waited, and dreamed, and held off, talking to people online with no real determination to meet them anywhere.

Then my friend Sam (Samantha) called me up one day. She was going to be in town for the weekend, and would I like to hang out.

Would I!

Sam was the first person I came out to, who had the annoying reaction of saying "Yeah, I knew that already." She was coming to town from Austin, and not only that, but she'd be in a rental car.

A car with no known ties to a supposedly straight middle school English teacher.

A way at last.

So, Sam and I head out to the bar that fateful night, and I walk into that place that I had so often thought of entering.

Well, first off, it was a lot smaller than I thought it would be, and secondly, the crowd was a bit different than I thought it would be. For one, most people seem to have come there as couples, which was quite annoying when I was gearing up with liquid courage to have a little lesbian make-out, and also there seemed to be at least a large minority of straight people who had apparently come to "see the gays"... which was also annoying. I mean, I know this is a small town, but you think they could go watch football or tip cows or something, instead of coming here to ogle the gays.
I sat at the bar, had a few drinks, talked with Sam. We danced for a while, but as the night wore on there didn't seem to be anyone else looking for action.
It was more than a little disappointing, but as Sam saw my glum expression she leaned close to my ear, so I could hear her above the music.
"I know we're just friends, and we'll be just friends after tonight, but if you want to make out with me I'm game.."
I grinned at her, and at the start of the next song we swung out onto the floor. In just a few moments I'd guided her into a dark corner by the restrooms, and now the time had come for that kiss.
I had one hand on her hip, the other resting on the wall behind her head, and gazed into her hazel eyes. Slowly, so that if she decided otherwise she could move, I bent my head towards hers and brought my lips to hers. It started simply, like that, but soon my curiosity overwhelmed my caution and my tongue slipped between her lips and started caressing hers. I could taste the mint that she'd had after dinner as our tongues swirled around each other, and my fingers started exploring the short spikes of her hair. Her hands were on my shoulders and breasts as I held her close to me. Without me quite being aware of it my hand had crept up her shirt to her bra by the time the song ended. We were coming up for air when suddenly a man bangs out of the bathroom, startling us apart. He grins at us, says "Don't mind me, girls, and slips back to the table where his boyfriend's holding a beer for him, and in a daze the two of us slip back to our table.
The rest of the night the two of us sat and held hands, laughing and drinking. We never did start dating - both of us treasure our friendship too much to risk it.

Last year she married (well not really, but hey) a wonderful woman in Houston, and I've visited them a couple of times since then.

She still says I'm the best kiss she ever had.
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