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So This is what Lesbian Makeup Sex is like ?

So this is makeup sex ?

I love just starting here ..sitting together ..enjoying our first kiss. My hands on your thighs and your hands already giving my breasts attention before your lift them up to caress my neck and pull me closer into this kiss. Your tongue enters me deeply ..deeper than usual with only a few exceptions, the deepest you have ever entered me with your tongue. Its usually me that goes that way with you. But soemthing is different with you tonight, and i can feel it when you lay me down and lift my legs up in the air. You take your tongue fuck it in and out of my mouth... between my lips, ...probing me...and I can't resist sucking on it ...this pleases you and your hunger and your pace is so much more intense than anything. You had told me you had been thinking about screwing me all day, and if anyone knows what its like to let massive horniness explode onto a partner, its me, but I never felt this from you much passion, so soon, just taking me and I am floored with the way you just OWN me tonight. I forgave you yesterday and everytime you said you were sorry for hurting my feelings and kissed your cheek and told you that we were ok. I don't want to lose you either ...and you are showing me just how much you want us to move forward with your eyes, your sultry look,(by far the most you have ever dressed up and dramatized your makeup for me) and ...I don't know how to describe this newfound aggressiveness ..assertiveness on me.

You are undulating over me and squeezing my breast through my sundress. We started with half our clothes on, and this will damn sure have to change. You have never before so guided my head towards yours in each kiss...your fingers into my hair, ..and this tongue sucking continues ..first you to me and then me to you. You scoot up then and offer me your right breast, which I have to pull down your bra to expose before virtually attacking your nipple We never did it like this, and we both are sooo into it. So much for the way we usually build our passion...this is a hot fire between us and a hot wet mess between my legs. When you slide down to lift my bra up and start to suck on my nipple, it greets you fully stiff ...but then you repeat those wonderful things you do around my breasts. My nipples are begging to be sucked..but all those other things you concentrate on and tease me. Licking in between my boobs.... licking just under them and on the underside. We both have been more the kind of lovers to take so much time with each others breast, but you are kissing, licking, sucking and undulating over me, cant stay in one place...wondering if a red bull caused this energetic fucking or if we've moved into a new realm as lovers. You pull me up off the bed and un snap and over your head goes the blouse and down slides yoru bra. Now I am sitting up and you are lifting your panties up towards slipping into them with my hand and massaging your ar rocking against me and needing more down come yournpanties...and when you resume coming up on me sitting there, I first reach under you, feeling your bush and then. what a blast of emotions I feel all over when your pussy feels wetter than anything I ever felt before. You are offering yourself to me ...moving yourself in a way that invites me to touch you this way, or, when i reach back around to grasp your ass cheeks again, you move so that it feels so natural to enter you reaching around from behind now. the kisses are SOOO OPEN mouth when this is going on, and I can feel soooo much heat.

SO ...this is what happens when we fight and make up. I will have to remmber this. I am thinking you DONT have to prove your love for me. But it seems your mission.

Now alll of your clothes are off and I push you back bra still slipped down but my dress concealing my boobs still ...but I can't wait another second and your spreading your legs knows we both know its time for my hunger to be quenched. After I suck you for a moment, spreading your lips which easily open to accept all of my mouth, lips and tongue upon your throbbing pussy, I cant stand my clothes anymore, and I sit up and you help me off with everything. But, as SOON as its all off, I am up and kissing you again, reaching down to finger you, More of this tongue fucking you are doing to me...I'm sucking it and your have it stuck out and are fucking my mouth with your tongue and its making me so so so hot the nerves from my lips around your tongue go straight to my pussy. I love the little moans you are making as we make out ...I love the way your hips dont stop grinding against me.

And this is going to be, by far, the quickest orgasm I have ever brought a woman to. I can feel it building and I am not interested in prolonging your pleasure or holding it back at all. Let it be the first of a dozen asked for this. My tongue swishes up and down furiously ...a tornado when it twists and rolls upon your clit while my fingers find your most sensitive spot inside.

Quaking and crying and pulling at my hair in your fiery emotion. You never made me feel so wanted, needed, loved and sexually desired. I am so completely yours as quake after quake and grunt after grunt define this one we wont forget ...I never want it to end. I can't believe we never found this in us before ...we won't have to fight to find it again.
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