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A Different Lesbian Experience

A fantasy for the weekend :)


I have been the kisser and the kissee in the ultimate tongue tangling dance of sharing the give and take of passiveness, aggressiveness, and oneness in making out and holding, cuddling, and exchanging the coos, moans and expectant thrusts of shared desire...and I had even been kissed by one lover agressively to the point of her kisses becoming less than a great memory because they were so ungentle....but Kara, when she and I began to kiss the first time, asserted herself against my lips in such a way that I felt that all of the lesbian passion that built up inside her yet unfulfilled was spilling out ..dare I say gushing out of her mouth and into mine. The kind of kissing where her head bobs left and right and twists and rotates while her tongue swirled and her hands gripped me firmly against my shoulders ...then she held my head to hold it still and my mouth open while she darted her tongue first inside my lips, deep deep once again and then to nibble and lick my lips she pulled out. This was my first lesbian kiss in a very long time ...this was her first ever kiss, and my how she was making it count ...I was shocked but less surprised with each passing second. I first sensed that she was trying to impress me because perhaps she was 10 years younger or perhaps because she considered me an "experienced lesbian" although I considered myself barely experienced and never experienced enough. But the suspicion of her trying to impress me faded as I felt that it was pure passion and a very flattering I craved those things and feeling them from her as we began to make love like this delicious to drink in those emotions and the adrenaline of the moment. And though it was ME that was the experienced one, I entered the room that afternoon with the low energy of exhaustion combined with a low expectation of what making love with her would do to and for me, besides the ultimate thrill I acheive if (or when) I use my lips, mouth, tongue and skin to feel the experience of knowing she's in excstacy and the satsifaction I would feel when her release was dramatized by her words, actions, noises, and the energy we would share.
But now in this first kiss, my spirits were lifted, my sexual crush on her was developing "feelings" very rapidly, and my years of constant dreaming of slow lazy soft focus cuddly makeouts that I always fantasized were being replaced by the unexpected, but far from unpleasant agressive, yet tender kisses of the 20 year old in my arms, against my skin, and soon to be gyrating with all this enthusiasm, after the quick removal of our clothing and the urgency to get in bed together, first against my palm, ...then with my finger inside her is when the soft moans became the louder , deeper, gruntier, gonna come soon moans. These breathless moments shared in a blur of how fast things were fast things could happen bewildered me ... her "yes" and "oh my god" and "how do you do that so good" expressions were driving me to a sensual overload like I never experienced before. It was just one sensation after another ... the reactions she showed me from my lovemaking to her, her soooo sincere and passionate pleading of "oh god can i suck on your beautiful tits," which made me tingle all over while giving me a combination of throbbing and heat when she said that to me and engulfed my right nipple with her wide open mouth. ...and thats when the moans started for me. "ohhhhh yeeeaassss" it dragged out without control from my mouth. How I love to have my nipples pinched and sucked in just exactly the way she was she was reading me like a book. Powerful waves of pleasure were moving through my breasts and down straight to my aching vagina, as well as upwards to my mind, which was getting screwed hard at that very moment by the surprise of her affection. Then...oh my gawd then...did her small soft hand go between my legs and thrust gently, but deeply at my thighs first parting . It was the kind of rush that makes you feel likke you are about to pass out before coming to your senses again. What I guess I had thought was supposed to become a semi-choreographed first lesbian experience that SHE would never forget if she lived to be 100, was quickly turning into the experience I didn't even realize how badly I wanted. She was giving me never before felt urgent desire ...and when it gets like this for me, the only thing I can think about is going down to get the true pleasure of giving all of myself ...yet these urges were being contradicted by her fingers stirring inside me and finding their way to my walls, and slippery sliding in and out and around ..down and up...she laid her palm against my most excited clitoris and i lunged my mons firmly ...moaned..wondered in my mind if this in fact maybe wasnt her first time ...dismissed that quickly and gripped her for dear life and said "do you KNOW what you are DOING to me Kara ?" MMMMMMM she moaned into my breast and opened her mouth to take as much of me into her mouth as she could. She fingered me to the point of shuddering and I wanted so badly to take control ..take back control ...but the better her fingers felt inside me the more helpless I felt.

I was hers to make come if she had gone to finger my clitoris ..I was close enough without that direct stimulation as it was ...and as these wonderful quakes and shivers were accompanied by even more enjoyable holding and cuddling...I began to feel the want in her for me ...just a moment when i knew it was time to shift and together in unison as though we knew each others minds, we rolled so that she laid on the bed and i slid down to push my body directly on top of hers and feel our soft breasts against each other while our deep deep french kiss expressed our passions for each other. How I ravished her with my mouth ...using every tempo, texture, rythm and surprise to love her as totally as I possibly could while she wriggled, moaned, writhed, arched, and pulsated against me. My mouth against her the first sweet the moment ...freeze framed in my mind forever...every sense. The words she sighed or whimpered ..."lick me," or "take me" or best I loved her many times she would just say "sweet baby oh gawd." ....When she came the earthquakes with her thighs tightening and her hips pushing against me accompanied by her "its so ..its so ...its so" more rapidly each time til she cried "its sooooooooo good...oooooooh" ....not stopping then ..that was just the first...there would be more ..and more and more. I had not come although, with my body turned around, she kept a finger lazily inside me. I knew the unable to concentrate on giving to someone when you are getting it good and I knew I was giving her the best of my love. She didnt do it wiht her tongue..that would have to wait for another time for us ...I rolled off of her and soon she gained enough strength to come up over me and kiss me and laugh and let me know how good it was for her...and she climbed on top of me...and pumped me ..against my mons..and how I have alllllways wanted a woman to do this with me...and her almost all the way shaven warm and very very very wet place was doing it just so...our lips down there would kiss...and it went from a fun game we smiled about for about thirty something so passionate I cannot the explosion I never dreamed of when she grinded into me just perfectly for both of us to know it and feel it. She didnt come this way..but that was fine because after I made it so so BIG ...I needed her in my mouth again ..and again for the hours til she had to go.

Marcia Marcia Marcia and the Brady Lesbian Sex ?

Marcia and Jan did it ? maybe ...I didn't watch the Brady Bunch on reruns ok...but everyone knows that song of course, and at the end of this post I am going to either make you laugh with me or at me at my original contribution to the many song parodies being written and performed all over the internet. I wrote my own cause I wanted to say something different than what the other often very funny ones were saying. However...I do have to share some of the funny things I saw elsewhere...just a couple

"Mom always said don't go down in the house!"

She ate more carpet than a defective vacuum?..

So...heres MY official alesbiankiss2desire blog song to to the tune of the Brady Bunch Theme

Here's a story.
About a girl named Marcia
Who was a beauty but stuck on her conceit
And her sister /the plane jane jan to Marcia looked good enough to eat
Well this one day when the shooting was all finished
The director for the last time yelled "cut print!"
The two met up / in a hotel room-Marcia flashed her eyes and Jan she got the hint

So the two began to tumble on the bed sheets
and they knew that it was much more than a hunch
that these two would somehow bump their donuts
and the 69 would both do the carpet munch
The carpet munch
The carpet munch(Marcia Marcia Marcia)
that’s the way they began the carpet munch
(no applause neccessary)

Vanessa Hudgins is bi ?

Vanessa Hudgins from High School Musical Fame has pictures of her with girls ..not explicit mind you, but enough to know that in her young mind are the same thoughts that were going through my young mind ..although, apparently she has friends to help her express herself. This is just extremely juicy doncha think ?

Just another lesbian fantasy of most beautiful her...

All weekend it was vivid dreams of her ...feeling her first time nerves in the hug and feeling it in the air on the way to where we have agreed to share a bed.She knows as we arrive at this motel together that what we have talked about for so long as about to cross from dreams and fantasies to reality. I assure her, remind her how beauitful i think she is, and as I caress her knuckle and wrist as she drives, I make a note to remember in bed to hold her trembling hands alot during the act we have upcoming. I can read that her nerves are not a fear of what's to come, but rather anticipation. Still...I know as the experienced one of the two of us, it falls to me to lead her and I will. "Ive been waiting all day to do this," before the first deep french kiss moments after the door is locked. My hand is instinctively against her breast and she responds by opening her mouth wide to allow for my tongue inside her deep.
She isn't passive ...pulling me close to her by the small of my back and then by my buttocks. She grinds against me in the kiss and through our closed mouths in the most passionate making out from a woman I have ever felt, her soft sweet moan is muffled ....and I return a sweet soft grunt that escapes before I have time to think about it.
As she kisses me back and softens to my caresses, I am reminded by all of her emails and chatroom declarations of this every so long desire that is finally getting to surface ..and I am the one to take her. I truly feel I can't anticpate fully anything that will come next...and I realize that with all the emotions coming out in her passion, I may not actually be in control for long....which is good...I prefer a sharing of sexual power anyway. I am never a dom or am I passive..I am just sexual. We make our way to sit on the bed, and clearly the clothes have soon got to go, but I decide not to wait til for that before reaching my hand from her erect nipple in circling, stroking and pinching through her blouse, and moving my hand down to her warm place where its easy to get to with her loose fitting pants and I am able to slip under the waist band and into her panties ...slowly approaching with my fingertips where I know she is going to be wet..and I know her mind is going to be swirling as I get near... ...Oh but when I feel the slipperyness, It is sooo wet ...sooo unbelievably no woman I ever felt nor dreamed of feeling....and her nails gently dig as my finger slides up her lips from the bottom of her folds towards her nub of extreme pleasure. I pull her lips apart by thumb and finger ...and the trembling is still noticable but the suredness of her desire for me to continue is evident in her breathing and the wider and wider her legs spread to allow me more access. I twirl a finger and push against her and ...Oh how good these feels to me because all I want from this beautiful a woman is for her to want me to do exactly what I will do to pleasure her ...and it is clear I have that in that I feel if I wanted to she is ready for release. She is like a firecracker with a short fuse ...and it is lit and burning ... Our clothes aren't even off ...and for me...I want to admire her body and so I awkardly look into her ..laugh and say "my gawd girl".....and wondering what she will say back to me...she falls against me and softly just whimpers. This is our first encounter....and I wonder..are we falling in love? There are overwhelming feelings from both of us in the room as I pull her her blouse back, unclasp her front hooks of the beautiful and expensive bra she wore for this occasion. Dark red ...the underwire falls away to reveal the most beautiful full, round, and proportionately large for this slightly on the bbw side darling of mine, and now relaxed, fallen and erotically hanging as succulent fruit ripe for my hungry lips.

more to come :)

The Lifelong Love Of Giving Oral

The Love Of Giving Oral:
Having a p&&nis inside your mouth...ahem..lets talk about my mouth ...having it inside me is something i love ...but alot of that sucking is for me ....and the same thing for a woman....alot of that making out with it is ME being in my little bulbble and pleasuring myself by licking sucking fingering and touching a woman i care about alot ..feeling her reactions..hearing it...tasting it literally and emotionally...all of that with a woman is for me a selfish thing....but there comes a time with a man that its ..well a countdown to explosion...creating that is less about teasing and alot more about technique ...i pushing the button but ...there comes a time in oral sex with a man that the button has been pushed and its time to hand him the power to let it go. ....different with a she travels over these mountains and valleys of pleasure...there is never a moment of immenent neccessary departure from the bubble the two of you are in ...its give and take and learn and relearn and its honestly like time stands freaking still

Another of my lesbian fantasies of her

I had an intense fantasy that started for me at the point when we are done...done .finished..exhausted and onto our real lives.In my fantasy we have finally had our first experience. Your smell is still with me so I sniff my fingers recalling what it was like to slip them inside you many times. That scent makes my mind swirl and my stomach have wetness begins to seep and I will be right back where we were in my mind. That ache, ..the ache of wanting you before we started,....and now the ache of wanting you in my arms again now that you are gone. Now I just don't want it to be a one time thing ...I hope you want me back as much as i want you again this way. On the hotel bed you opened yourself up and trusted me. I melted every time our eyes met ..and every time I saw your excitement and pleasure grow ....everytime i felt your desire increase...your eyes fluttering or drooping half closed, your lips apart and a slight moan escaping the times the things I was doing to you felt good. How good it feels to finally kiss you and hold you.
I admired your body in the soft light of the hotel room. ..your rounded breasts moving with each breath...your full beautiful lips staring at me trying to anticipate each "next thing" im to do to bring you to your ultimate pleasure.

To press against your legs and push them gently apart at the knees and situate my body between them so I can see, touch, and kiss between them as I wish... playing with your soft delicate folds and feeling the wetness while you stroke my shoulders and let me have the pleasure of giving myself to you. Our moment has waited ..the moment when my lips meet yours down there. The arch of your back and the submission to my tongue. Your responses give me wet quivers and I invite you to let me know when the exact moment your orgasm starts cause I want to know your body so well. I want the pleasure you feel to be shown to me as obvious. I want to hold you and prolong your pleasure to the ultimate. I want to kiss your sweetness til you beg me to stop. I WANT our first moments to begin I am so ready to give you my all in those intimate moments of desire
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