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communications, conversations, kisses, convulsing

communications, conversations, kisses, convulsing
lesbian office romance

This is a "best of akd"

She just kept giving me signs that I had a green light
green means GO

over the course of about three weeks, in our communications and conversations
she stepped it up ..and I noticed....slowly believing she just might be into me.
"I left a surprise for you in your office."
I first thought, "well that's no big deal, she's always doing nice things for everyone."
A purple envelope ...two handcrafted flower pens attached. A card that didn't stop at "thinking about you." She flattered me with words about me ...sweet, caring, and nice....but added some words that made me THINK about how much she also had to THINK before writing them. "You're the only one I know who is tender, delicate, beautiful, and you still have the power to get people to do anything you want them to do."

crush level = kiss


Our friendship tightened ...again she adds just a little zest to the nice thing she says ..
"so when you need someone to talk to ..or when you just want someone to hold you and tell you its allright here ..i would do anything .and i mean anything for you. do you understand ?"
I laugh and of course reply, "anything," but ..I am imagining what it's like when the anything includes her coming all over my chin ...and I am either guessing she is thinking that too ..or wishing.

crush level=mentally undressing

day to day various times...just making eye contact and giving me the most meaningful looks at times when there was nothing to be done or discussed. after a morning of what seemed to be quite alot of that causing me to seriously think about moving US along ... then naturally that afternoon, I am in her office and we are going over things on her computer. I am behind her and offering my hand in a friendly neck and shoulder rub with my free hand, the other hand holding a report. We're working...but I am thinking about IT she ?

"Sooo good," she says

I am about to kiss you
you are
"yes i are" I tease," and im hoping you will kiss me back"
and she surprises me by replying, "ive been waiting forever for two things
one..for you to kiss me
and two to kiss you back
and theres a three......but that comes later"

I lean to her ..she leans to me
softly-"you smell so good."
softly "so do you"
we kissed
"...ive been waiting forever for you to do that" she reiterated
"why didnt you tell me?"
"what took you so long?"
I peck at her lips,, "i dont know....but i dont want to stop"

and we kiss and kiss and kiss so deep, warm and wonderful.
"if you have a suggestion ..its time you make it"
(what she always said in a business setting to me to let me decide what we were both thinking)

"I hope we aren't making a mistake," I say thinking lesbian romance is probably not the best thing for one's career
"its too late" as she opens her mouth so wide to fully invite my tongue as sensuously deep at it shall go.

Very deep kiss

reaching for her soft breast
a soft sigh of release...I never ever tire of a lovers reaction to my touch

ever done this?

uh uh (no) you ?

mmmm hmmm (yes)

I thought so

Our kissing leads to the slowly undressing of each other...her breasts taste like pure sugar to me, appear as fluffy, white globes so smooth ...her nipples so tenderly acknowledging my lips with each tickle and nibble and smush of my fingers and mouth.

and finally I am there to lick ...where I sooo wanted to be for so long. Her legs spreading ever wider to lure my dancing tongue and expose her whole sexual soul to my mouth. In the next hour I cant stop ..wont stop ...her come is the wettest ...her writhing is the most satisfying ...her convulsions as I pull her into me by the her cheeks I grasp underneath are the most savory gratification ...fully aware we are within these moments that will live forever in our minds.

When its her mouth on me, I sense a devotion in her zeal to give so much to me earnest intensity we are both completely lost within the waves of pleasure we trade one another.

And each time her eyes meet mine, a sassy quip ..a rejoiceful smile of wonderment, and in our minds flash all the flirtation, chance taking, and genuine affection for one another that brought us to the sexual fruition we relish this moment and long for the next time.

Meryl Streep and Sandra Bullock lesbian Make Out

Friday night Meryl, who has done some lesbian stuff in movies, and Sandra Bullock, whom I am not sure of at this writing, almost made out.   Sandra playfully came at Ms Streep with a wide open mouth makeout kind of kiss, and she pulled back...yeah, all in good fun at this awards ceremony...but gawd it makes one imagine a TRUE lesbian love movie with major actreses that would tug at the heart AND have great love scenes too.  That movie has not yet been made. 

First Fantasy's First Lesbian Kiss- It's your mouth I crave

By akiss2desire
all rights reserved

I am daydreaming about this time when we meet.

I have no idea where it is..but its a sunny day...I know that we are probably going to meet the first time in a restauraunt ...but for some reason in the daydream I am always thinking its like a parking lot or something.

The sky couldn't be more blue and its the middle of the day.

You are even more beautiful in person than in your pictures..and now I can see the beauty in your eyees that a picture can never pick up ..and the curve of the fabric around your breasts lets me know their weight, their sway and a hint of what your nipples look like, a subject i must confess that I have obsessed on a bit from time to time since the crush between us became so strong. You probably have no idea how badly I want you lately ..but my desire is as strong as ever as I crave your affection.

So there we are in this parking lot are their first and as I drive up I recognize the description of your car ...i notice that you have noticed me driving up and when I pull up next to you, you look through the windows and smile at me..wave ...I do the same...put the car into park..check my purse and a quick check of my hair and makeup for the 100th time in the last hour...probably give myself a quick pep talk "this is it" and nervous, excited start to get out of my car and realize you too are getting out of your car. We are exchanging our first smiles and a hug ...a hug in my fantasy that is so tight because I am sooooo glad this moment has finally arrived. I am tempted to kiss you right there but realize we are in public and .....who may be seeing me for the first time and realizing you aren't really attracted to me...too fat or something.

Even though we both know WHY we are here together at this moment..I cant' help but be so so so nervous and it shows in our small look say i do..I love that you wore something for me that shows so much cleavage and I have already noticed that you noticed mine when I walked toward you the first time....we knew this is how some of this would be...but now its the reality and we talk about each other instead of ourselves...the mutual admiration society commences its meeting and you have turned me into a giddy schoolgirl who is trying to impress her first crush.

In this fantasy I realize that I will probably be so nervous and wanting to know if you really like me..probably looking for signs that we could have something deeper and stronger than the orgasmic sex that seems a given that will happen between us if not today, then sometime...and that at some point with whatever is said, I feel comfortable enough to take a deep breath and relax ..then I know I can look at you...just LOOK at you in a sexual way and start to think of what it really will be like.

But in my fantasy can't be that day ...because we are pressed for time...only an hour maybe an hour and a half. You have told me that you can find a place for us to go ...but I have no idea where.... so I say..."are you ready to get out of ths parking lot," and we have to decide which car to seems logical to take whichever has the most room ( i have a small size SUV) ...but whichever car we take...I am wanting YOU to drive (in the fantasy...reality can be different if we want it to be)

So you in the drivers seat in the passengers seat...before you start the car a moment when I say "hey...we are alone...finally." and I reach out my hand to squeeze your thigh..."is it ok ?" "yes" .. "no hard feelings if you back out ok?" "Im not backing out.....are you?" "ive never wanted you more" "ive wanted to be alone with you for so long."

The car starts and we start to pull away...where are you taking far? how private will it be? As you drive I am so excited and just looking at your face and your curves and beggining to tingle. I check the mirror again...ask myself if I overdid the makeup ..the eyeshadow ...did i make a mistake going with that shade of blue for our "first date." ...wondering if this was a dress to impress date or in this middle of the day setting where unfortunately you have to return to work (but I dont,) if I left you at perceived disadvantage by wanting you to see my dress up side while you were forced to be conservative enough to go back to work. Still small talk til you get where you are going. I sincerely have no idea in reality where you will take us ..dying to know :) but have imagined a very secluded spot where we will nto be discovered. I touch your thigh as you hold my hand ...we continue the sighs, deep breaths of nervousness and say what I'm thinking and i say what you are thinking as we go down the road to the place.

The vehicle turns off and we are alone ..very alone..I didn't know this secluded place exhisted...and so...and so....and SO ... this indeed IT. THE MOMENT for us. My seat belt comes unbuckled and I know we are aboytut to kiss ..but how? we both sooooooooo know its coming. and want it. i can feel you want all that this will allow us...It's like I can feel your skin pulsating under my lips, and yet I havent touched you like that yet. and again..with you going back to work cant allow us much....we must restrain some...and i wonder how greedy we will be with our wants.

You want to get out or stay in the car ? We decide to stay in (in my fantasy) ..and I come closer to you and lay my head upon your shoulder. My right arm goes around you to your shoulder and then your forearm is against your breast and we are both aware that we have noticed that fact. can i just lay here lke this for a few say its ok and i caress caress me back...tell me its nice..its not rushed. My gawd what a rush it is to look into your beautiful eyes and feel your desire.

You tell me we have to leave at a certain time...and we will keep an eye on the clock..but that time girl..that time will go so faster than the beats of my heart at the moment.

Things have a certain order it seems...though I know in the future at a moment like this I would be very comfortable caressing your breasts right now...I know our lips must come together. You are so beautiful as I scoot high enough in the seat to get at your level..a bit above it...not yet...i caress your thigh....and come very close to your crotch without going there compliment my touch without a word...just the look in your eyes....ready for this ? spoken or unspoken ..thats where we are...i KNOW you are about to know the softness in a kiss like you have never felt and that fact turns me on even more...

lips ............. tongue ............... soft moan ............. melt ............ deeper ..... open your eyes and look into mine ...we have arrived here together in this moment

kiss me back and i will kiss you deeper still.
and I can wait no longer to feel the weight of your breast in my right hand as it lowers from behind your neck.
shifting to be closer and against each other our bodies make the best of what we can in the vehicle.


oh much the desire..we are both flowing into our panties (if you wore any LOL) ...and ...we cant finish what we are we are just making out...but ...we need and want more.....

did you wear something that i can touch you down there in ? I will know your wetness. I want your hands upon my breasts and take your hand and put it there. I can feel the electricity shoot through you as well as me. oh melt into this with me darling...let this not be our last time but the first of so many.

I am afraid of pulling our shirts off or our panties down in a place that could be discovered....but i want to touch you ....i push a finger into your wetness...."do we need to stop" "please dont stop"
so good
i know
so let me like this
i lean up against the car door on my side of the vehicle...ask you to turn around and lean with your back up against my are unsure...but like this i can smell your hair, kiss your sweet soft lips, enter your blouse with my left hand and feel your nipples harden and respond to my desire, and finger your wetness with my right hand ...and easily all at the same is not too tempting not to take you over the edge and feel your come....i whisper in your ear...i really wanted the first time to be with my mouth babe....promise me i can bury my face in your thighs soon..."yes" you reply... want me to take you all the way...."please" I will squirm, moan for me, call my name softly, and i bring you the explosion ..."i need to taste you" you tell me..and I assure you that you will ..but not today...unexpectedly you softly grab my wrist and bring my fingers covered in the wetness of your vagina and suck on my fingers...beautiful first with your eyes closed and open them to see me in admiration and pure lust.

our time is up..and we have to get you back to looking somewhat unsexed :) before you return.

more kisssing..more making out...more promises and promises to keep our promises

My Lesbian blurbs got me booted from Facebook

While you enjoy this image of one of my favorite positions (ahem) I have to pour my heart out in an admittedly personal but unerotic post. (sorry)

Well ...I had a fun time there...was on facebook with about 500 friends and alot of people who had joined a fan group for this blog.   Facebook deleted me this week because I was promoting the blog too much on there, and I might have said a naughty word or two.  I was posting some of my best previous work from on here to a new audience.  If it sounds conceited to say "best " previous work I am sorry ...but I just think that some stories that are the best received things and most revealing posts of my writing are kind of buried here...and sometimes I am too busy to repost best of's.   So, everyday I was looking forward to posting on facebook and finding dozens of NEW friends who were also friends of my writing, which just gets me off.   Then, on my BIRTHDAY, when I was signing on hopefully to see a bunch of birthday wishes on Facebook, "your account is deleted."   Yes, I did what they say I did ...and I appealed the other day, but it hasn't been reviewed yet.   I hope to be back on, but I am not crossing my fingers.  Sorry facebook.> I had met some nice women there, honest, erotic, a couple who made me think there might be something ...I don't know if I want to spend the time and effort to try again on there least not for awhile ...but, for anyone who knew me there, you can write me at   

I'd welcome any ideas anyone has for getting the word out about my blog.  Shameless promotion, YES.  Sorry ...I do want women to read what I have created and to enjoy it and even sometimes (painfully) to criticize it.  Sometimes I meet women I develop a brief personal relationship with and exchange honest emails with because of the writing here.  These are the reasons I keep this up when it seems I don't have the time.  But having said that, there is a mood I get in where I HAVE to write what I feel and imagine or experience.  I appreciate you for reading and communicating with me (even if it is just a quick blurb to tell me what you think) and I will keep writing as much and as often as I can.  Whether you came to me through a google search, a recommendation, or facebook or another way, THANK you for visiting and revisiting.   Lets stay in touch!

For She Who Live Too Far Away (Part II)

Part II   In Bed We Share Our Lesbian Lust and Love
by akiss2desire
all rights reserved
 Part I (our first lesbian kiss) is found here
In bed she rolled into my arms and I held her like a child. against my shoulder ..she felt so right against my bare chest. We both enjoyed so much these moments of just stroking and cuddling and not rushing things...she fell into my body naturally. I peppered soft kisses in her hair, felt the goosebumps rise as I stroked her arm, and forgave her for not wanting eye contact for the moment in the building of the bond between us and our nude, chilled to the air, warmed to each others skin in desire.

Slowly, slowly, slowly, I grasped the suppleness of her breast, and she immediately reciprocated to mine, as if we were both waiting for the time to be right, or as if she wanted permission to proceed for what she was now ready for. She looked up and I saw the want in here eyes...she whispers "it feels so good." I cant resist her lips and we begin to make out...first with me towering over her and then we shift downward in the bed until we are side by side and arms draped over sides and stroking and including one anothers breasts and ever strainging stiff nipples ..eyes engrossed in each others patient and forgiving gaze.

Slowly lowering my head to her full, melon size breast, I gulped in her nipple and thrilled to its response against my tongue and lips. She had told me that she didn't understand the attention boys gave her breasts....I knew that I was changing all that when she began her soft moan and clutched my head against her there. From her breast upward to her neck to suck softly, back down to between them both to make a choice between theleft or right ...engaging them with my hands and mouth ...looking upward and making fleeing glimpses of eye contact in excstacy ..hers for the way I was making love to her, and mine for the pleasure I felt in feeling hers.

I reached down and knew how wet it would be. I was very very slow in rolling through the soft hair before finding her lips and entering her with my index finger....sooooo gently and softly...knowing she'd never been touched by a woman and furthermore...never been touched by ANYONe who wanted her pleasure to unfold as much as I did.

There are these times when its apparent that how she comes is a choice we are about to make...and though it wouldnt have taken much for the fingers to rouse the rumbles, I wanted her in my mouth...and quickly. My passionate kiss ...deepest tongue possible was a signal that it was time for both of us to know this.

I slid my tongue over her thighs, around her vulva, and admiring the sight so close to my eyes and the first taste so close to my lips ..and my tongue. The massage upon her thighs prompted her to relax ...and I gently parted her legs a bit more with each squeeze of her muscles. My tongue grazed her clit and my thumb parted her to expose it fully ...beautiful to my sight in the candlight. My tongue fully licked from the bottom of her opening, upwards drinking in the moisture and arriving at her clit to twirl and tickle and begin to lick. I felt her clit engorge against my tongue...gawd that is such an amazing testemant of love for the moment. I reached up to remind her nipples that my thumb and forefinger had certainly not forgotten the rest of her body,and I lovingly gently pinched and enjoyed the fullfillment of creating her erection there, but i was compelled to fully engage into what i was embarking upon, and that mean reaching a hand underneath her buttocks to pull her closer, while the other hand would be engaged in either fingering inside, or spreading her lips and pulling her clit upwards for me more fully. She was enjoying and I was in heaven with her reaction and the wonder of the wait being over. Her pussy was pulsing...and so was mine despite the only stimulous being me grinding into the mattress. Moaning "Meagan" into her muff in response to the cries of my own name so lovingly being involuntarily offered in what is quiet for me, but I know her and any noise like this is loud for her I appreciate her for letting go.

When her body signaled it could wait no longer, the rapid back and forth tonguing my head back and forth ...gasping for air between the stiff strokes of my tongue on her stiff clit when the rapture comes. If she is accepting when I use this technique, I am rather rigerous in the final stage before explosion...and its the one that causes her to lose control...and I soooo want her first with me to be so by far the best ever that i am pulling out all stops...finger against her lips, entered just a bit and tickling, and my mouth, lips and tongue sucking her and furiously and feverishly causing her complete quaking, hips jabbing into me, cries of joy filling the room, ..she knows me well enough to know that this explosion is her gift to me.
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