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First Lesbian Love --Weekend by the Sea (Part 1 ?)

Our Lesbian Weekend By The Sea
Chapter one
The Light of Lesbian Truth Shines In Moonlight By The Sea

by akiss2desire
all rights reserved

I am captivated by her intelligence, her smile, her affectionate way and her newfound saphic desire that spills forth in the words she shares with me.  She inspires me to want to give so much to her.  For months I have been dreaming of making love to her and tonight is the meeting we have waited for.  The salty air of the shore and beauty of the ocean relaxes me.  I call her cell and announce my arrival in the parking lot and she says she will meet me in the lobby of the hotel. 
After all the online chats and phone calls and two previous canceled (by me) dates, I am finally about to see her in person for the first time, touch her skin, smell her smell, and know her reactions to the things I say or do.  I may feel like I have truly KNOWN her,tonight all the truth of our affection culminates here in this one moment that leads to this one weekend of long overdue promised passion between us. 

It's my first excurscion alone since leaving my husband of nearly a decade away from my small hometown, the community that has no idea about how the do gooding , church going, making the brownies for the kids soccer team mom has gradually  blossomed.  I have gone from the struggling with her bisexuality enough to still marry a man, to what has now become a full blown least in my heart, and certainly in the bedroom.  I'm done with men.  That fact having nothing to do with the fact that the one I was married to was a selfish and controlling asshole, but more because of the revelations in my heart, soul, and yes, through a few incredible sexual experiences, that the label "bisexual" wasn't really for me, and probably never should have been since realizing desire for women in my teens. It wasn't until I was 27 that I looked into the mirror and like the famous Ellen DeGeneres People magazine cover uttered the words through my tears, "Yep ...I'm Gay." 

All this excitement to meet her, all wrapped up in my own feelings, and in hindsight now understanding, it was the same for her...the meeting of me, and perhaps even more "intense" because as she says she loves me and is ready for the next step in our relationship, she has never actually done, in the flesh anyway (the mind, fantasy, online and even phone sex not being counted) the things that two women do.   HER anticipation and nervousness certainly trumps mine tonight.

She looks radiant and the silver and turquoise  necklace dangles down to give me an excuse to drink in the sight of her cleavage.  "That is the most amazing dress I have ever seen," I say, and she replies "I don't know about that, but I bought this exclusively for you."   I know that she means that it makes her boobs look good.   No getting around my comments around this subject before our meeting, and she honors me with the enormous effort I can tell she has put in to beautify herself.  Though I knew of how athletic she is from the knowledge of her activities of jogging, working out, and even some extreme sports thrown in, she is surprisingly to me, not just "not butch," but actually very very feminine. 

I made the effort in the mirror and with my wardrbe choice as well, but that was 4 hours ago before I left on the long drive from the mountains to the beach. I know it's impossible to "pretty up" the exhaustion I feel from the trip, only being overcome by the half a Red Bull I had drank 2 hours ago in Richmond when I stopped to text her how close I was getting, and the adrennaline coursing through me in the reality of our first face to face meeting.   The text she replied "great, will you be hungry when you get here?" which I knew she had to enjoy the double entendre of whether it had to do with nutrition, or the fact that not only do I crave giving head to a woman every single minute of my life, but also due to the fact that it's been more than a year since I was last making love to a member of the fairer sex, my need to devour her down there was a well known given fact between the two of us.  

The texts had counted down the arrival and anticipation.   The "I'm about an hour away," ..then "I am almost there," and the "I am letting myself believe this is going to happen ...I'll call you from the parking lot" excitement of the drive had been one which gave me plenty of time to reminisce about the warm, erotic conversations we had and so that by the time I was in the same room, it was hard not to deny the dull, aching throb between my legs in anticipation of our upcoming night. 

So, yes, as we meet and press bodies together for the first time in the lobby of that hotel, there is the payoff of our coming together as two friends, but we know each others secrets enough to know  how many times she has thought of me laying in bed while touching herself, and how many times I have craved her pleasure in fantasy..and tonight, and this weekend,  we  will make those fantasies a reality.   I want to do everything with her, and TO her.  Everything that only a lifetime of togetherness would permit, but in this first evening I know I will be tempted to try to do it all. It hasn't been discussed in the times leading up to our first meeting, but as I drive towards the shore I am clearly picturing a weekend where we might just not get out of bed for any more than to pee or to shower.

We are so different that I wonder how the attraction between us kept growing and growing.  With each sentence we gained more trust and our neccessary sexual restraint kept smoldering embers going through times apart until the heat between us drew us closer to this moment of intensity and passion before us.

We are both nervous and girl giddy in the warm first embrace that we both easily go overboard with. " It feels  SO good to have you in my arms", and know she feels that way about me too.  The nervousness we expected a bit from both of us ..but just as prevelant is the total sincerity of affection and the color of her face as it lights up when we realize for how long we have been waiting and wanting for this night.   There are others in this fairly busy resort hotel lobby who may have an inkling that we are more than "just friends," but my fear of "affair discovery" is in the background, and for her, the lesbian Public Display Of Affection hasn't gone over the line just yet....although I can feel the temptation to already take this further.

But not yet. 

"Finally," she says.  "Finally."

We are lucky enough to get the elevator up to ourselves and clasp each others hands.  I look down to the floor and back up and blush together ...back down and upwards at the floors ticking off til we get to yours.  She enters us into the room with her card key and into the room I find a place for my purse, look around and give the obligatory "nice room" compliments.   She asks me if I want a drink, and I can see she has remembered how many times I told her I love margaritas...and all the ingredients are laid out, complete with top shelf Cuervo.  "That aint cheap," I say and a little of the best impression effort she is expending on me sinks in.  

The kissing in the room is how we begin.  It is the MOST amazing kiss with me wrapping my arms around her neck and into her eyes I let her know my passion in the way I look at her.  She shyly blushes and there is a centimeter of hesitational head turning ...a "not yet" moment, but as she begins to speak ...whatever she was about to say is swallowed when my lips close softly around hers.  A few soft tingle touches of our tongues evolve into tigher embracing and me giving her some deep tongue which she responded to by almost losing her (and both of ours) balance, and the passion is quickly building  ...but we both temporarily subdue the "fuck me now" urges and enjoy each of those first lingering wet gentle to passionate, tongue touching to tongue sucking to engulfing and back to flicking tickling contact we share in each of our kisses, from matronly to vixenlike and back again, the minutes of holding her  and her holding me while her lesbian kiss virginity is relinquished to my soft lips upon her very soft and accepting mouth.  I love these times when the lovemaking can go either way ---tender or tempestious. 
The expression on her face is confusion at first, but we stay a planned course to take things slow at first.  We both know what those kisses did further inspire the throbbing between each of our legs that for me grew stronger with each mile closer to meeting you on the drive, and I know you felt awaiting me as well.  Now the dull, pleasant ache accompanies us both to the balcony.   We overlook the ocean beauty holding hands
We have a king size bed in this luxurious suite, and  we both know is the elephant in the room that will be ours later to romp in should we choose to use all of it.  For now we sit on the balcony and talk about the trip and the journey and the days before and ahead while the beauty of the shore at night calms us more each minute. 

Without us diving right into the bed after those initial passionate kisses, there is a lingering lack of sureity.  Not that either of us would come so far as this to reject the other ...but testing the waters of our chemistry and the wondering of how it will start, where it will lead, what delights await us. 

But when she returns to the balcony with the refills, I tell her my feelings directly, the things I had been leading up to saying and while she had left me alone for a few minutes to enjoy the crashing of the waves and beautiful view, I readied to tell her in some way that the romance was nice, but that it was time to get to what we came here for.  Did that need to be said?  Between us in our very verbal relationship, it felt right.  So, as she returned, It was time for me to take control and inform her that her lesbian virginity was about to come to an end.  I kissed her and held her closely and whispered to her that  "I cant wait for the time with you on the bed ...on your skin and in your soul."    A invitation to talk about it more may have me telling her I don't know where to start, like giving her a menu of lovemaking from which to choose, for as much as we both had dreamed of making love, there certainly was no blueprint.  The thought made me giggle a bit ...taking me back to my waitress days, and on the menu how do you choose?   The kissing had been our appetizers, and my fingers had already stolen a few grasps of breast, but now before us, the  making out and finger fucking, or wet humping you til I explode, or, as I meet the gaze of her beautiful eyes, to drink the nectar of her  wet opening and lick her tongue craving clit and for my pleasure to feel every squirm and undulation my love for her creates. 

In these moments, I know she loves me and I know we have this magic, but I confess  I dont really know what  she might like, what things take you farther than the other things, and what really makes you wet.
By the hand I take us back into the room, close the door .   I feel this confidence in her, contradicted by a still fearful look in those brown eyes ..the confidence I surmise is that she knows what she wants, but isn't sure how we get there...and we both know I may need to direct the show ...but I resist the taking over of her or the moment to harness the love turning to lust.   Each others fingertips tracing a line around the fullness of one anothers breast over the fabric and I enjoy the vision of the rumble in her body showing up on her face and her stiffened  nipple inviting my eyes to stare at her tits unabashedly.  And then, once again standing and kissing, the undressing begins slowly, but that lasts for only 30 seconds or so before we both realize if the clothes are coming off, we might as well get them the hell off, helping each other to whatever fall on the floor in a blur.  So fast I hardly stop to drink in the sight of her newly naked beautiful breasts, but how nice it is to see her stare at my body with lust. 

   "You make me so wet always have."

Oh the implication that ours is a long love...yet this is the consumation.

Now this is so real for me, but I am aware that it is a bigger moment for her, and I am thankful for the trust we both have in each other.  I know from the conversations we have had what she wants from me, and it's unique in that she wants to know my pleasure.  I never knew a woman who was so intent on being all that I usually am in bed.  I almost have to give myself a peptalk to allow her to take me as she wishes if we get there, but for now, I know from a slight  look of bewilderment and "what comes next" in her eyes that I am leading ...and so I lead her to by both hands to the both of us plopping softly upon the bed and I scrunch up to the pillow and with her hand always in mine guide her up next to me, then rolling her from her side to her back, lift up on my elbows to to  top her, pressing my skin against hers.   

There were many conversations ...questions and answers...not cybersex per se, but emails and chats about each others likes and dislikes, and more than any other woman I have known, she was like me in that she needed to know my pleasure. 

Together we sat up in the bed on our knees and she was behind me, not facing me, and reached around me to gently cup and lift my breasts, circling her thumb upon my erect nipples, diving her lips into my hair and against my neck under my hair, and with her lips trailng down to my shoulders pulled me closer as I pushed back into her and felt the softness and heavyness of her breasts lovingly pushed against the skin of my back.  This was the most sensational and satisfying way of making love to me and it was really turning me further on than I already was.  At some point , as if I was her puppet, she gently pushed me down so that I was now on all fours with her behind me.   I felt a kiss on my lower back, looked back at her and saw what I can only describe as a devil girl smile, and as I tucked my head down towards my swaying breasts beneath me, I felt her tongue gently against first my buttock, and then just in the crack of my ass.  I feared how unclean I was down there and was prepared to beg her not to lick my anus, but she knew without me telling her that unless we just emerged from the shower, that kind of play is off limits for me.   I made a mental note to talk to her after our session about it, but for now, her tongue down there was a tickling, amazing sensation and wildy wonderful to feel both her tongue and revel in her presumed devotion to my joy.  Next she entered me sooooo gently with just one finger, and i knew that i was amazingly wet.   Our conversations about my disdain for ungentle penetration had perhaps caused her to treat me with ultra finesse, as well as the inner commotion of this being her first time made my mind swirl with so many connections to her and this moment of her fingers feeling my soaking wet walls and my muscles clamping down upon her finger.  I shuddered and moaned fairly loudly as if she didnt already know what she was doing to me.  She reached under with another finger and brushed my clit and as aroused and enlivened as I was in that moment I felt faint and almost out of control.   She entered me in tenderness and with utter determination to take my pussy with elegance as opposed to agression.   My nails were gripping into the sheet and mattress and with each fuck inside me my sighs and moans increased in intensity and undeniable amazement at her expertise in knowing just how I want it.  She had my permission from earlier conversations, and thus, took it and I felt her ring finger wetten my anus and take a very gentle plunge.  At this point I was eyes rolled back in excstacy and on the most enjoyable roller coaster ride of trust and companionship within the realm of my ever immenent orgasm.

Oh but the sweet temptation of putting it all off she raised up behind me to snuggle me, once again the delicious sensation of her breasts on my back in my all fours position, I turned my head and saw her sweet smile and as mine returned the favor, we moved in for another of her incredible kisses, and in the tangling of our tongues I began to turn and she withdrew and as she laid down on the pillow I came up on her, spread my legs and inserted my thigh between hers and positioned my wet cunt on her thigh and began to rub myself.   "I'm so ready to come now, ok?" I asked, and she granted permission by lunging into me and kissing me as deeply as ever and with pure abandonment.  My moans were joined by hers when I was able to bump her warm wetness with each pelvic thrust, and as I neared my pinnacle she whispered and sighed "fuck me brenda please fuck me...come for me baby come now."

I couldnt not get her breasts into my mouth quickly enough after acheiving such a powerful orgasm, and yet, as I was ready for more, I needed her pussy in my mouth, but was reluctant to dive straight downward, enjoying the soft skin and few freckles on her chest, and sucking engulfingly her wonderfully responsive nipple, then the other, and reaching downward to grab her lips and spread them, not forcefully, but 100 times less gentle than she was with me, heard her squeal of joy and thus realizing the power exchange had notched upwards and towards me, I turned myself around to access her sweet, swollen lips and opened my eyes widely to admire the beauty of this wonderful womans vagina. 

I looked backwards at her, knowing this moment of truth.  I know that look of bewilderment and anticipation, and was sure she could recognize the absolute hunger I had for what awaited me. 
Lowering my head into her muff, the hood surrounding her clitoris was the most fleshy i had encountered and was surrounded by thick hair as well.  She had to be coaxed to stiffness and then it took some pleasurable digging to initiate direct tongue contact....I was pulling the skin back and her clit revealed itself ...and as my tongue hit her spot, two fingers plunged into the wettest and warmest place of comfort.  Her right hand had reached up to my back as I was turned around on all fours in my favorite position to give her head, and I felt her nails dig into me  while the incoherent random sex words softly poured out in sighs of joy.  "yes...oh baby oh gawd yes so good"   The words we all use but, because they come from the heart, are in a completely different language with every woman within each lesbian sexual experience.   She was so ready to come that it was pointless to tease her much more, as I zeroed in to her clit with my twirling tongue, rapidly flicking up and down as her legs stiffened and she began to quake and call my name "Im coming brenda ..brenda im coming coming soooo hard," and as the grunts and lunges into my mouth with delicious gushing delight, I squeezaed and massaged her thighs, rubbed her mons in circles, allowed my hair to dangle upon her wet lips, and eased her down as I knew that the night had just begun for me to drink in as many of her joyful responses I could , and for her, with my love, the door to the world of lesbian sex was flung wide open for her forevermore.   

The Enlighted and formerly only bi curious writer is now a lesbian, not me ..yet.

Girl Love - Lesbian Kiss by ~CPainterArts on deviantART
I ran across a wonderful blog post on Huffington today from Candace Walsh.  The link is below, and I encourage you to read it thoroughly and thoughtfully.  She left her husband and "switched teams" and explains the things about being a lesbian that totally rock and also addresses the things about giving in to the wants and needs for, as she terms it, "sweet saphic action," that aren't exactly as you might have thought. So that we get five things about why its better to be with a woman, if you have lived all your life hetero, like cuddling, and the five things to, well, not count aside from the fact that the toilet seat will probably always be down.  She starts the post with "If I were only lesbian," the age old question many of us asked or still do. 

My favorite passage is (of course) about the lesbian sex. 

Sex: Imagine sex without that inescapable timeline. You know, the one that has to do with the man's erection, how long he can sustain it, if you can climax before him, and then...lights out.
I know, this is a very reductive scenario. Lots of men are like Sting. They don't orgasm for's's all about your pleasure. But for the rest of you who do resonate with this description, it's really wonderful to have long, open-ended, languorous sex. Instead of the orgasm being like a period at the end of a sentence, the sentence itself is a run-on, and the orgasms are commas. Not that we can't have quickies. We can do that, too.

Enjoy the entire post here.
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