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Our Tribbing Last Time Together

As much as I love giving head to a girl, I remember that the last relationship that went on for months and had become, at least for me, and I know for her too, a true love, our sex had evolved to where we talked about, emailed about, and talked on the phone about when we could get together to hump in the way we had become accustomed to ...a favorite position, if you will, that we both had come to love beyond all else we had done together.

So this post is about when we were tribbing....memories of the last time ...or one of the last times, its been so long, where we just had barely kissed or made out, a bit short of time in the hotel room, and to get right to it, and right to this magical way that we had mutually agreed was the most mind blowing way for us to get off and see each other.  With no real signs that we would soon be breaking up, I was so in love and had no reason to believe that the rest of our lives would be like this when we were together. 

With her laying on the bed, I sit up and cross our legs, and we are making some small talk about whatever I don't remember, but as I insert my lips against hers, the conversation ends instantly and she sighs and moans upon first contact. I pull her thigh up to the comfortable position and scrunch my pussy further against her, realizing that the awkwardness of the first few times we had done this is gone and we have now the ability to simply pick up where we left off the last time, easily taking the quarter turn that squashes ourselves together perfectly, realizing I can use the bed as leverage to pump upwardly so that my pussy slides from her lips to her clit and back down, then back up with each thrust, as we have figured out what each other likes.     I thrust my hips a few times and ask "Is that it?" and she says "Oh you've got it," in the most haunting, erotic voice.  We are both so wet for each other from the excitement despite so little in the preliminaries,  as the days when I would be with her were days where I was pretty much wet the whole day. 

Her eyes and body motion and moans and loss of control shows me how she stays in disbelief that I can make her pussy and her body feel this good this way, and my joy is doing it for her, though I keep control of the situation when I am fucking her, (well one of us has to right ?)  the stimulation I receive against my clit will easily make me come, but the orgasm that builds for me comes mostly from getting her off and seeing her in such passion as nobody I have seen..that counts experience, and that also counts videos and acting and everything.   .

I doesn't take long to when she is so totally out of  control, reaching up to grasp my left breast, and hooking her hands around to my ass to pull me deeper into her.  As I remember this specific time, I recall when she went on her back and I, in my pushing against her had slid her on the bed, to where she leaned so far back she almost fell off the bed, her head and shoulders off the mattress, but neither of us willing to relinquish the leverage and rhythm in that at the moment she just might tumble off the bed, her moans became screams.  I gathered her back up on the bed by lifting her arms and we slightly changed position so as to not go tumbling onto the floor, and with her eyes rolling into the back of her head, my big boobs bouncing and her smaller ones almost rotating in the rhythm of our fucking, she spews nonsense "oh fuck shit cumming oh come fuck shit fuck me anything oh" (not a perfect recollection, but very close when I fucked her to the point of losing her mind) and with about 10 "oh oh oh's" in the orgasm her quivers communicated to me, I had to fall over and against her in temporary exhaustion.  She stroked my back, both of us breathing so hard after the furiousness of the previous five minutes, as athletic as anything I do, still moaning, coming down, she lovingly moves the hair from in front of my face and gives me the most satisfied look.  I pull back up on my knees and tell her "I'm so out of breath...feel my heart," and she lovingly puts her head upon my breast to listen as I requested.  "Holy shit" she exclaims."

She holds me tight and we laugh about almost falling off the bed   "I'm tingling," I giggle to her, and move to lay by her side, where we almost start making out as if the first few minutes of mad fucking was just to get that out of the way before our real love making.  Deeply kissing, tongue sucking and lip nibbling each other, holding each other tight as my breasts spill over her chest, I spend a few minutes fingering her casually, gently stroking, at first just loving touch, but soon evolving into the need for both of us, and I tell her "I need to get underneath you...I want it that way again," and she knew what I meant that I wanted to lay down and have her sit upon my face.  I scrunched down in the bed and she and I assumed yet another famliar position for us, she knowing from experience and also by as much as I had told her how MUCH I loved what we were doing when she got on top of me like this.  I roller her over to all fours and got off the bed and then rolled up under her, giving her butt a playful smack as I got under her.  How wonderful, that moment when she lowers down on me, and I get my first taste of her for that day. 

I love looking up and seeing the sight of her tits hanging, and as my tongue begins its magic, she begins the "ahhhh fuck" to me again and reaches back to massage my breast as I lick up at her stiff clit and let her juices bathe my chin.  Swallowing warmth, swallowing her desire, and flicking my tongue wildly all over her, she adjusts as we go to position herself for her perfect pleasure, where an inch to one side or another makes all the difference.  She eventually builds up to where my tongue is just a tool for her to use as she literally fucks my face.  Right before she comes I add two fingers to my licking and her wild heavy breathing and moaning and cussing and quaking above me thrills me to no end. Right after her orgasm she almost jumps off me as she can take no more and I catch a glimpse of the smile she has which has so much joy in it. 

We gathered ourselves and kissed and repositioned once again on the bed side by side, where once again, I CANNOT keep my hands off her pussy if its within reach.  We talk about what just happened again for a moment, I tell her "I love when you fuck my face,' and ask if she noticed that at one point I just stuck my tongue out and let her do the work on it, and she claimed she didnt realize but whatever I did it was good.  It always was.    Her soft caress on my shoulder and breasts as we laid together with my hand against her pussy gently stroking as if it could never be pulled away, magnatized there, for I was, as I look back, honestly, not as in love with her as I was her pussy, her response, and her willingness to pleasure me in any way, which we both understand usually meant me giving her pleasure with my lips and tongue and with the tribbing we so enjoyed together.

With my leg thrown over her and our kisses tender, gentle, and sensous, our wild and hard fucking had become something of sweet love.  Our big elephant in the room was the fact that I had yet to come, but she understood for me that as long as it eventually happened, I was never in a rush for it. I remember how good it felt when she caressed my leg while I was looking into her eyes and dancing my fingers on her breasts and nipples.  She was in a exhausted state that I loved being with my lovers in.  Just laying and being together was sweeter than honey.  Uncontrollable smiles and coos in the tender caresses of those minutes together laying. We laughed about how fast she orgasmed when I was tribbing her, where she told me "I was just trying to make it last but you know just how to get me."   We had giggled a time before at the term, and did again this afternoon, when she said "donut bumping," and we both laughed.  "Doughnut bumping," I replied and after our laugh subsided, she rolled into me and on top of me with a powerfully deep and passionate kiss where her tongue went perhaps farther inside me than ever before. 

She rose up on the bed and crossed our legs and got ready to give me a taste of my own medicine.  When she was on top in our tribbing she had always liked to gently push us together and stroke me, sucking my toes as she pulled up my legs sometimes, and as she always was the girl I have been with who was most enamored with my breasts, kept always at least one palm and fingers and usually both her hands on my boobs.   I would look at her, but when she fucked me like this, for some reason, she did not make eye contact...focusing on looking at our pussies together or on my boobs.  I also didnt moan as loud as her, but that was not to be taken as that it didnt get me off as much, just she was slower and almost mathematical when we had the position where I was laying.  And also, in that position, in our rhythm, I fucked her back in such a way as she would come before me, or as once before, at the same time. 
She added a finger on my clit, sucked my toes simultaneously, and I squirmed harder and shook with the most violent orgasm I ever had that didn't come from oral. When my hips were quaking, she rode me harder and finished herself once again and kept my orgasm lingering and lingering.  It was a HOT and full of wet friction orgasm, that we could, like all our other sexual experiences, say that it was unlike anything either of us ever felt.  Once again we had created unique and memorable love.

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