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Lesbian Love So Exquisitely Soft

Since I have been publishing my 1st person lesbian erotica, I have never gone so long between posting an erotic story.  This is the fantasy I have been working on for a couple of months.  I hope you like it.  Let me know in feedback by writing me at 

Lesbian Love So  Exquisitely Soft
By akiss2desire
copyright 2010 all rights reserved

Sitting on the edge of the bed and I can't tell if the nervousness is fear and apprehension or more of a let's get on with it.  I believe her when she told me she has some experience...but you never know.  Stroking her fine brown locks of hair down to her shoulder,  and her passive state is inviting me in every way to move us along, or we will no get to what we came here to do, make lesbian love.  Yes, here I am again in a hotel room with a woman I met on the net.  This is getting to be cliche for me, but each moment and each experience is so vastly different ...each tender kiss and wonderful response to my ministrations compels me to keep coming back for more and more.

Allie and I had a great chemistry online from the moment she and I began to talk.  She was very good at expressing her wants and needs to be with a woman ...and when she described what it was she wanted, listing someone a little thicker with large breasts, a little experience but not an all out lesbian, and someone who, she said, is "wants to be on top when we make out and is good with her mouth," I almost thought someone was putting her up to it it was such a perfect match. 
She warned me that the lover she had before was so good nobody would ever live up to her standards.  Almost a challenge ?

As all the emotions well and I realize we are really here, in the moment, the very sexual lesbian moment of what we are both about to do with not a clue as to where its going in the minutes and indeed, the lifetime in front of us, I'm swept up in her beauty and the softness of her youthful skin without a single wrinkle, her several cute freckles on her arm, and the question I ask myself constantly, about just why it is I have begun to seek women so much younger than me for erotic passion is answered.  She exudes both innocence, and a hint of what a dirty girl she is, wants to be, or could be with the right encouragement.  She gives me every indication that she is mine to do with what I want.  Its not domination..and trust me, I am not into the dom/sub thing anyway, but the tension in the room is the awaiting ...all from her ...upon what noise, smells and sweat we intend to fill the rooms air and the bed we sit upon up with.

I can tell she is really passionate..building passion...then a laugh ..I know...she cant believe its happening...I got it ..and she is so playing the hesitant virgin role and I am not real comfortable playing such a predatory role, but its working for us.. I know its working for her, so I can do whatever gets her off ..but ..she is not , in reality, a hesitant virgin ...and we both know what we came here for. I contemplate just how long we are going to tease each other before the giving in begins.

These little pecks on the lips and cheek and neck lead to another with more parted lips and a bit more tongue and eye contact and then a laugh, or a continuation of very meaningless conversation.   I am a bit aggressive and even a bit of a seductress ..and there is just a playing out of the "getting there."  Just that I felt "safe" before her ...and I get it ..I understand.   But she is giving off shivers of excitement and she is making it plain she likes me.   And, each time she breaks the tension and moment I fear I may have lost her and lost the moment but she comes back to me with an ever more passionate kiss and ever more welcoming eyes ...hungry for more...beckoning me.

You know ..its a wonderful combination in an embrace and a lesbian kiss.   A deep, tonguey, soft, wet, open mouth kiss with a deep tissue rub into the shoulders.  I melt. Then nails scratching but gentle sending tingles everywhere.

Soon its up off the bed to easily pull my green V-neck tunic over my shoulders and head, and and drop my skirt to my ankles before stepping out.  I unbutton her cute green and gold plaid blouse and one button by one button, the green cami-bra, so lacy and sexy she wore for me is revealed.  Her nipples respond to the downward graze of my fingertips against the fabric, and though its a beautiful sight to see, I'm ready to reach behind and reveal her breasts, plop but so firm as I remember mine once (looong ago) were as lifted and pliant before childbirth ...astounding as the sight of them is the acceptance of my actions by her eyes looking into mine. Her hand reaches into mine and its as if we are ready to jump off the cliff together

...and she turns me away from her.  

I LOVE the position she has me in , behind me, leaning into my back with her soft breasts oh so noticeably squashing against me back there, and I turn my head to offer her my mouth for a kiss we both so crave. The kiss on each others full lips breaks to her lowering her mouth to my shoulders and nape of my neck and I have tingles and building desire and awareness of the coziness we are creating for each other with each surrender of independence to one another.

I turn to her and gently we ease onto the bed...she and I scoot upwards until I am now warm, nude, and on top of her the way we set the blueprint before ever entering room 213 at the Quality Inn. Her legs are spread, my weight is upon her and our skin is blended together at our torso, my hair needing to be fussed out of the way before our making out commences.

I know with the way this dance is going  that her previous experience with a woman gives her the same kind of hunger I share. When our lips meet, a soft graze quickly gives way to open mouth and purposeful kisses that are not just about how natural and delightful the tingles that role down our bodies with each twirl and jab of our tongues at each other, but our kisses become a promise to keep that the passion that's building.  It will lead to a Utopia we intend to propel ourselves towards together. 

My mind is thinking a step, or two, or twenty ahead... and that by the way she is kissing me and touching me in just these first moments that maybe it wasn't just her former lover, but also that SHE is GOOD and its only gonna get better .  And most of all...MOST of she cups and lifts my boob and squeezes into the softness and her eyes flare, that she is reallly into me.  Gawd that feels so good !   As good as anything involving technique and passion is the way she really wants me this moment.  Sparks are not just flying but are white hot and sizzling right from the paths beggining.

Our nails are getting more involved in this soft scratching / tingling thing we are doing as we kiss...her nails along my shoulders and neck, and mine along the length of her arm.  Shes moaning already ...and I haven't touched her naked breasts, her pussy, or even began to suck her neck...not yet anyway.   It's hard to resist taking it to a different level of passion more quickly.  But the slow road is ours tonight, and for a change, she leads me by not leading me.  How I want to ravage her and we both know it.

Her lips take hold upon my ear lobe and after I gasp, I joke with her "hey ..that's one of my tricks lady."  "mmmmmm" she moans up close to me, half whispering and the erotic effect on me is doubled.  From sucking on my earlobe, she adds her teeth and has me unable to keep my composure as my voice cracks "you can just do that all night if you want to darling." 

Her skin is exquisitely soft and her eyes penetrate my seems she knows me. "I need to tell you something," she coos softly ...and a tidal wave of emotions flow through me before I hear her half gasp, "Ive never felt this way for ...." and the word she increased her voice volume for and emphasized, 'ANYONE."   As close to telling me she loved me from the start as we could get, and I responded with the deepest kiss I have ever laid upon, and into, a woman's mouth.  Her jaw almost straining to open to its widest, my tongue back to her tonsils at some point and moaning into her mouth as my body writhed against her.

She leans back and I just about yank her incredible tits upward, forceful but with all the intent of love as the passion gets the best of me. Her proportional breasts,  but alluring in the roundness and the way the almost float ...amazingly beautiful for my eyes to absorb the wonder of, and the vision of her pink puffy nipples inviting my mouth. I'm sucking and squeezing and each time she moans or gasps,  my cunt is just getting heavier and achier and I have a dizziness that goes with passion that shoots so deeply through me to my soul. 

How we advance in this journey is a blur ...this sensation leads to that sensation, which tops the next and only leads to another surprise of how you just can't believe it can get any better, but each new things supercedes the previous wow. 

She was sooooooo good with her mouth sucking my nipples and caressing and massaging my tits.  I whispered "I can almost come from this," when she was doing it which only increased the zeal with which she was sucking me there. Her hand was on her way down to my ache but I wanted to make my statement and firmly grasped her hand and stopped her ...looked into her eyes with a hunger as if to say, "you know that's out of order for us."  She knew how I  need my mouth on it...and her pleasure is her gift to me.

I coax her to flip on her back and me next to her on my side to trace circles of love upon her skin, neck, chest, arms, sides. Her nipple strains and shows the wonder of her building excitement, and her eyes are starting to show that "yeah I'm into you but now I am headed for my inner happy place," look.

At the same time my mouth closes fully around her nipple I reach down to enter her and I'm satisfied with her wetness and how easily and with such an easy grace one finger quickly accompanied by a needed second goes slightly and then more deeply in her.   I'm fingering her, but its a very very gentle and tender fingering in building her excitement.  I have that power that any moment I could start the wild and rapid clit fingering and send her where we know she's going,  but we aren't ready for that.  SUCH RESTRAINT! ...and her hands are wandering reaching down to fondle my breast,and then to squeeze to her own opposite the sucking and tongue job I'm imploring upon her breast and ever so stiff nipple feeling so wonderful in my mouth. 

I love the moment when her hand goes down to briefly join my fingers and to stroke the back of my hand as I gently push in and out and swirl my forefinger around the clit.  Her hips start rocking as its getting hotter for her and her knees widely part to invite a third  finger on a couple of the pushes into her ever increasingly wettening  opening.  I lower my mouth to begin sucking in her stiff nipple and she runs her fingers through my hair. I HAVE the POWER. I have it because she soooo wants me to have it...and THIS is why I love to make love to women like her ...who know what they want..and what they want is me.

 Shes about to come and I have a decision to make ...go down and let her orgasm flow into my mouth, or adjust myself upward in the bed to kiss her deeply when she comes by my hand.  I look in her eyes for a clue, but she is so far in the clouds that I realize there isn't a bad choice, and so I choose to rise to her and deeply kiss her warm sweet lovely full lips.  My fingers go into their magic wilding mode, the once again my tongue goes all the way to her throat, a way she is showing me she wants to be kissed... she moans and grunts into my mouth as the bed rumbles with the tension and release of a huge one, and I know I made the right choice to defer giving her oral yet.  

Her powerful, hip rocking, grunting, squealing clawing, and yes, wetly flowing orgasm gratifies me to my core.

The kiss, like the orgasm, subsides as she catches her breath, and she reaches down for my cunt, and this time I don't push her aside.  I like when we are in a position to finger each other ...very very mutually satisfying.   And now that I have felt her pleasure and orgasm, my mind will more willingly let her desire to please me take hold.  She gets there and I brace her won't take much for me to explode and I send her all the signals I can to go ahead and go for it.  As talented as her tongue was upon my nipples minutes earlier, the instantaneous expertise with her thumb and finger in spreading my lips and touching me just exactly perfectly for the moment was incredible. Oh her skill inside me and upon me. I'm about to go over when she whispers "thats what i need to feel you come." and I am GONE.   Hearing those words in her sweet, lovely, excited, "into me" voice, combined with the skill of her fingers cause me to pulse and throb and I feel the wettest gush into her palm.  No woman ever made me come like that.

Im thinking .."ok girl...if this is the first time you have ever touched my pussy with your do you know me so well."   Cause she goes slow at first and feels how wet I am and how I respond to her already expert fingers...and then she goes into overdrive....rapidly fingering ...working my clit at 100 miles an hour with her fingers flicking back and forth and my eyes roll back into my head and the come is coming again and I cant believe how this is happening and how amazing it is.  I have come twice and I NEED to taste her, but  those fingers are bewitching and although I am dug into her as well, I cant cope and surrender.  It's only been maybe ten minutes and here it is ready to boil over again.   I grip her arm with a death grip to signal her if she doesn't stop its going to happen AGAIN ..and about to freakin faint, I wonder just how she can do that with her fingers, I might say I'd never know, but I DO know cause I know instantly she has practiced this technique on a wanting pussy before...her own. It simply unbelievable, with no worthy words to describe. 

I lay with the full weight of my body on top of her in exhaustion....its hot and sweaty.  My lips are on her skin of her arm, then her shoulder, but I am gathering strength, and begin to move downward.....playful. she sounds out "don't hurt me," and the thought occurs to me that as much as I am about to do to her, she may pass out for the pleasure.  Never more determined have my lips, mouth and tongue been, and my manners have long since gone to where she is just going to to "get it  and will have to take it."   I'm going to suck her til my jaw wont move.

I get to my comfortable place between her legs to begin doing what I do best and most love to do, and she surprises me a little by sitting up ...we make eye contact, and its definite that she wants to watch me .  very nice.

Five minutes and she comes ...Fifteen minutes and we are starting to lose count of the multiple orgasms ...and half an hour later I wont stop.   I am in heaven and she knows it.   Sucking and licking and sucking her ...feeling all of her response..knowing how it goes for her ...sensing her best moments and amplifying them ...deep into her with my fingers, licking her clit and loving every squirm, shudder, and scream, cussword, or when she was about to come, the 'uh huh uh huh uh huh..yes yees yes ..YES!"  Explosions and cliche fireworks ...You know know how much I love to eat pussy...and she knew it to going in, and it wasn't the love of sex or her orgasm ..but genuine care for her every want and need and for how I wanted her to remember me forever for this night."

But she reminded me  that its not all about me.

Begging me to kiss her, upward I climbed...kissing her breasts, where I confessed I could curl up to dawn. 
We lay side by side kissing, caressing each others tits, looking into each others eyes. 
I never asked another woman to eat me before ...with her fingers pulling on my nipples, testing how rough she could get and gauging my reaction, my pussy, having been restored to horny glory, begged for it and it wasnt that I wanted to be tended to, but that I wanted to watch her.  So, I changed that ...asked her directly, "Will you eat me please Allie?" "MMMM GAWD YES" she moaned and as I rolled onto my back and spread my legs she dove down with only a few kisses to my skin on the way to the wet spot from her moments before, and entered me eagerly.

She pulled my lips up and flickered her tongue at my hard clit...only up and down motion but like her fingers very rapid right from the nails are clutching the mattress and then pulling her head into me...she uses her thumb on me at my clit  and its unreal.   To add to the eroticism, her hanging breast is bumping against the inside of my thigh ..warm and soft ...swaying and softly banging into me providing each of us with a hot sensation.

I almost want to scream..."hey I like it slower than this"  but ..we are being led by our passions of the moment ...its amazing that I am being led more than I'm leading her ..and I reason that maybe slower will come later or not at all, but there is nothing wrong ..nothing wrong at ALL with how THIS feels.

I am shaking, out of control, and not on this planet really...clutching the pillow, stringing together "oh my gawd's" and "fuck" and "so good" and many other expressions while squealing and thrusting and gulping and gasping for air in the throes of the most powerful of orgasms.

SHE did this to me ...

Then....laying in a heap she left me ...and I almost felt cold ..for those minutes she was away. 

Then she came back and put the radio on...the soft love song station.
Dreamweaver, Shes Always a Woman To Me, Amazed, ..that was the one.

The smell of your skin
The taste of your kiss
The way you whisper in the dark
Your hair all around me
Baby you surround me
You touch every place in my heart
Oh it feels like the first time every time
I wanna spend the whole night in your eyes

We laid together on my back, her in the crook of my right arm, snuggled tightly, listening to those love songs spill out of the speaker... knowing we cant sleep, comfort and so sweet each and ever caress upon my side, or on her shoulder, or against her cheek.  Watching the time tick away until our time was done in silence agreeable to us both. 

Almost at the end of our time together, she suddenly, and startlingly turned around and got on her knees, lifted up and was in doggy style position, her moist pussy exposed to my feasting eyes, her soft and cream colored breasts hanging just perfectly    She was beautifully posing for me, and it AFFECTED ME.  I ran my fingers around her butt cheeks, reached under and cupped her mons, still  so soaking.  I knew we didn't have time to start again, but I was willing I guess, to go with what she wanted and needed if I could.  "What do you want babydoll?" I asked.  

"I like when you call me babydoll"

"Then you're my babydoll."

That made her smile a beautiful, vulnerable smile.  She took a deeep breath and sighed, "Next time Brenda, I want to you to do me like this ..will you please?"

Now haunting me every night before bed, her words, her image,  echoing in my mind, knowing that I don't know when, but that there will be a next time for us both.

Natalie Manes -not a lesbian ..but that sure is a Dykie haircut

Yall might have read in my earlier posts that I kinda have a hankerin' for a few celebrities ...and one of them has always been Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks.  Is she gay or bi or even curious ?  Beats me ...doesn't matter.  I've been wantin to do some "mattress dancin" with her for a long time ...its just the way that she moves me. 

Yep  thats a buzz cut !

She and the Dixie Chicks are back on tour and I am not going to say its my favorite look for her ...but it is a statement of sorts isn't it ?   Gotta love the ...can I say balls on that girl push the envelope once again.   I swear I'd do anything for her.  Seriously.   Click the link to see a youtube vid of sin wagon.

Crystal Bowersox Lesbian Loves

Crystal Bowersox, who has broken up with her often seen on American Idol boyfriend (now former boyfriend) is rumored to be bisexual, as if anyone with half a gaydar didnt already pick up on that.  Consider the source of course, but since its only been a dream of mine for the past several months, let the dream become amplified.

Noted a friend of Bowersox in a National Enquirer interview, "I smoked pot with Crystal about 10 times. We’d get high after school at a friend’s house. We also used to help ourselves to booze – usually beer or wine or Jack Daniels. It was around New Year’s 2002, Crystal was 16 and she and I were chatting with a pal, a younger boy. The conversation got around to our sexual experiences, and Crystal told us how she’d lost her virginity to a boy at our school. Crystal wasn’t at all shy. She told me she’d had sexual experiences with three girls, ‘I’m a pro at this, baby!’"

The friend of Bowersox who was interviewed for the article went on to claim that the singer had had one serious lesbian relationship, and that the other two experiences with other girls were merely flings.

Sandra Bullock Lesbian Kiss with Scarlett, Meryl, and Celebrity Lesbians ILF

Sandra Bullock in her Lesbian Lip Lock with Scarlett Johannson at the MTV awards over the weekend.  This follows her recent Lesbian Kiss with Meryl Streep.   Sandra took the intiative and surprised Streep, but this time it was Sandra being surprised by a seemingly (did NOT look like acting to me) smitten Scarlett who appeared to me that she would have gone alot further than the kiss.  I'd never cheat on your with a dolt like Bombshell Mcgee.  But I think I am moving her into my top five celebrities I wanna kiss ..and do more with. Scarlett could be there too :)
1-Drew Barrymore
2-Zooey Dechanel
3-Christina Aguilera
4-Sandra Bullock
5-Crystal Bowersox
Oh I could go on and on :)  This list changes daily.

Christine Aguilera Lesbian make out moments

I'm only gushing this morning over her.  Christina Aguilera, who told a UK interviewer that "Two women are way sexier than two men in bed. We have a better feel for our bodies," has me hot again.  I did some freeze frames from "I'm Not Myself Tonight" after watching her on the Today show, and there is not doubt how incredibly beautiful she is tongue tied and tangled up in some fairly HOT lesbian lust. (See pictures) I wrote another time on this blog about how the famous Madonna / Britney Lesbian Kiss was always mislabled because Christine was on the other side of Madonna, but because MTV got a reaction shot from Justin Timberlake, they MISSED Christines kiss.  So after seeing the highlights on Today with Matt Lauer, I could not wait to see the vid and although the theme is a bit wilder than my fantasies tend to go, her makeout scenes with the hot bodied brunette did the trick for me.   
(ps ..same Today show featured Sandra Bullock and a lesbian kiss with Scarlett Johanssen, her second Lesbian Kiss (1st to Meryl Streep) in the last year.

Keyhole To My Lesbian Bedroom

Just snapshots of moments I have experienced ..some with more than one partner, some with only one, that were moments I freeze frame and save in a safe place to revisit in my memory.

her thighs opening and closing when my ministrations wipe the smile off her face

when she goes from that giggly, smiling, joking "hey this is fun" like a rollercoaster, to a serious, deep, "what the fuck is she doing to me" intensity.

the random cussing ..the "oooh shit" phase

someone so devoted to getting me off

the high pitch, low pitch moaning

the joining me ...whether its a hand in my hair, grabbing my arm, or more erotically a finger lifting her lips to give me greater access to her clit, or her hands instinctively massaging her own breast...joining me in my task

the slightly embarrassed, self concious, appreciatiive pure expressed joy in the room when her orgasm subsides enough for her brain to begin to think in the present again.

the sucking air through her teeth and the permission she gives when we both know one isn't enough and I begin to build her next

submission into the pillow ...she covers her face, her mouth, her eyes ...this is victory for me

the tightning around my fingers

the looking down at me to either meet my eyes in passionate gaze or sometimes to make sure I am into it as I seem

nipples that one moment are not erect ..and then ..are ...from no touch or anything but that she wants me.

the stating either outloud or in body language that she is spent and cant possibly pop again...and then, overcoimng that to the "here we go again"
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