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The Bi Curious Girl From The Chatroom Arrives

The light is soft but not dark, the air is light ... a sweet french vanilla candle has been lit for a subtle accent stereo or tv ...just whatever sounds we will make tonight.

I have dressed as seductively as I know how to and still be able to feel comfortable ...with a slight bit of fear that how I doll up for a man and how I SHOULD doll up for a woman are two different things. She had said something about how her eyes are drawn to large breasted women who show lots of cleavage, so I have chosen the cream colored sweater that is loose enough to hide my extra weight under, but dips low enough to expose my breasts down to the v of my red front hook underwire bra.

I haven't spent this much time on my hair in a couple of years. Tonight is obviously important to me.

We both know that this is PROBABLY a sex least that seems to be the intention for both of us ...with limited time before I turn into a pumpkin and have to have you out of the house. But as this is our first meeting...we just don't know the chemistry yet ..of how the fantasy turns into reality. I have plans and I am sure you do as well...we will see how they mesh.

When you arrive at the door and ring the bell, I could probably answer within seconds, but of course I let my heartbeat settle down before pulling open the door and see you and things began to take an erotic turn when I realize that you have dressed for sex ...and instead of "hey brenda.." or "good to see you" exclaim in a kind of astonishment combined with admiration, "BRENDA !" as you look me over head to toe with a look desire accompanying your smile that makes me feel kinda like a piece of meat ...but ...I don't have a single problem with that. I like it tonight.

"I am soooooo glad to finally meet you Brenda "

"Me too look even better than the pictures you sent," I reply.

"oh I was just about to say that to you......well at least the pictures you sent with know...all your clothes on that is ." ("wasting little time getting to it I think")

You are in my house now ...we find a place for your purse and I show you some favorite things downstairs ...You like my baskets and I confidently say "Oh, I have a few more of those in the bedroom you can see later," which is a definite reference to how I plan on the night ending up there....I am also aware that it sounds as trite as a low budget porn for the moment ...but as casual as this between us is, the pressure is a bit off to impress. It seems the little miss shy one inside me is hiding away and the bold seductive lesbian in me (great sarcasm intended) , as long as it's just the two of us and all cards were on the table from the start of this game, is coming out to play, pleasure, and please.

You decline the elements of hospitality first offered, as in something to eat ..I apologize all over myself for forgetting to pick up wine, but it's ok with you and you allow me to serve you a can of diet coke and a oh so fancy plastic cup of ice ..."aren't you impressed with my fabulous taste," we laugh, and we talk about the long drive you've just had to meet me, the weather, and "I love the way you are dressed tonight" mutual admiriation society members in administrative meeting.

But very soon, the small talk in a lull, and here you've only been inside my house for 5 minutes ...I know I am comfortable and can sense you are too and I see where its probably going so I stop, standing there I look into your eyes...come towards you and gently throw my arms around your shoulders and neck...."I need to tell you a couple of things ok ?"

"ok" you reply with a smile as if we have known each other much longer than this first face to face meeting between the IM friends we have become the last month.

"See ....I don't know what is about to happen with us...but have my heart ready to jump right out of my chest."

"And that's what your blouse is doing to me," you reply as I feel the blush come over me.

" He's gonna be gone for at least another 4 or 5 hours thats the time we have .....and ummm... whatever happens we need to leave enough time to clean up and (laughing) bury the evidence if there is any ....and .. ...what else... i dont know if you smoke..theres no smoking in here...."

"I don't smoke "

" ...and ummm...i can tell you are probably as nervous as I am ...but...i have an dont have to go along if you don't want to ...but ...if we can go get on my bed... doesn't have to be for sex...but .. i can give you a great back've had a long drive of more than two hours ...and I can take you up there....and ..."

our eyes are agreeable to the suggestion im about to make that this doesn't have to go so slowly fact it's happening seemingly faster than I could imagine....but then again...some of the groundwork was laid in a few of those chats and a particularly steamy phone call that afternoon.

"if i can get you to relax with my hands and wrists... then...ummm..maybe i can make you come more tonight with my mouth (gawd i never said anything that dirty to a I could hardly believe that as it came out of my mouth) ....umm...does that sound like a good idea ?"

oh to be in control ...not sure how it happened like this.

" (you hesitate...start to say something and catch yourself before whatever it was slipps out laugh) Yes...that does sound good ..but ..Do you mind if i brought something more comfortable to wear ? ....oh and ...I brought something for you if you will accept ....)

"Oh gawd shouldnt have"

"Hold on..." and you break our embrace to find your way to your nice Vera Bradley and remove a small box bag with that georgeous pair of earings>

"these are so beautiful...I love it ..thank you so much."

I find out you made them yourself ...and I feel like the next time ..if there is a next time..I will have something for you that will knock your socks off ...but for tonight..well...I have always been so inadaquate at gift giving ..and again.

Another embrace and you agree to this change of scenery after a quick trip to the powder room ...and I am imagining you will come out in a babydoll or something so slinky, but instead you come out with a blue sleepshirt and the word Angel ...but its loose and it is only as long as to your thighs, where I correctly guess there is nothing've brushed your hair out and freshened your mascara .... your head tilts towards your left shoulder sheepishly seeking my approval, which my eyes upon you clearly indicate.

What a combination of nervous "this is IT" panic combined with determination and upon the beauty of the sight of you, a hunger all over for to touch you in so many pleasurable ways. What a spark. I come to you ...feeling something inside..and wondering where did this confidence come from, and realize its in the chemistry we clearly have together.

Without a word, with comfort and ease, we embrace and begin to kiss ...the spark is quickly the fire thats been smoldering for so long and by all indications is about to burst into flame. Hard to contain the heat of this passion when I KNOW I am such a slow and gentle lover in my heart ..but being pushed so quickly by the tender taste of your soft sweet lips. Oh the connection we are feeling and this good start is going to lead to more wonderful things than we ever imagined. These emotions are deeper than I imagined they would be. warmer...wetter...definitely wetter....very excited ... starting to wonder how recently the battery was changed in my vibrator, or if that is an issue thats not neccessary to comtemplate tonight. (it turns out not to be)

Your kiss is more tender and sweet than any I have felt or dreamed of. I begin to knead your breasts and roll my fingers down your shoulders, back, sides and arms before returing to your breasts to fondle ever more gentle than feel you weaken against me and we know the bed beckons us to lay. You enter my sweater with your hand and reach in to feel my stiffening nipple head throws back to suck in the air between my teeth and your mouth opens widely and your gentle teeth and warm wet lips land upon the side of my neck, the front of my neck and then to engage my earlobe between your lips while my nails dig a little to let you know you may do that to me all night if you would so desire.

To be held by you. The look in your eyes so sweet. We are pawing at each others garments...I reach down to lift your nightshirt over your head and expose the melon size breasts and pink innocent looking nipples that I cant stop myself from kissing immediately cute. I love your moans when I kiss you that way. But you know what I need and how I need it more. "lay down ok ?"

against the pillow you scoot up and are looking at me disrobe ... my boobs bounce a little when they pop out of this particular bra because of its lift, and maybe I am just vane enough to think I can get your juices going if I do it just right while your eyes take me in just as I am admiring the nude and beautiful, but also I know, dripping and desiring lady before me.

Wanting to get to you quickly because I don't want you to be cold there alone. We need each others warmth.

Then, oh to lay against you sucking on your nipples ..fondling your breasts and eventually fingering your oh so wet warm slippery lips

you are mming and ohing me to my ears delight. I love these sounds and you know it.

Then to go down and spread your lips and lick and finger your wetness ..enter your desire and use my lips, my tongue, the tempo, texture and rythym to find the limits of your desire. Your nipples are so hard against my skin and your every breath and touch and reaction to the love I am making makes my mind and body ...and between my legs as well...makes me sizzle. Reacting to each others touch ...sliding warm skin against each other and a mouth on a shoulder, a breast, your mouth and all around again...but hungry for to get my mouth to your vagina to linger this time ..linger for the minutes to turn into dozens of minutes to turn into how long has it been lose track of meaningless time together in the bubble of our togetherness we share.

Im turned around so you can pay attention to me with your palm and fingertips and you realize how I want it ..i like to be teased like that...not rammed and fingered and made to come...just paid attention..kept interested...wet...tingly and on edge while i give you pleasure and feel mine through yours

Wider I spread your legs and passion overtakes us both ...fingers into your soft cheeks ..tell me to stop when you cant take any more and i will ..if i have the strength to go on ....I only slow down and see if you really mean stop or just take a break..and i will find your motor again ...start you one more time and continue the pleasure quest. The ohs, and yeses and gguhs from your lips..beautiful the sounds.

You have me and its so wonderful to feel this togetherness. Trace my opening softly and when I KNOW you WANT to taste me, taste me you will. Goose bumps all over. So close to you. I get close and my muscles flex and you start to rapidly flick and slide your fingertip against my clitoris and im sent. I try to keep licking you while my convulsions continue ...though I have lost some of my technique for the moment, I know its taking you there with me to share my release with you in this way. And how tremendously skilled your fingers are against me, not only engineering my climax, but keeping it going and going with just the right pressure and touch and perfection of understanding.

Gawd you are wonderful

I have just come so hard and as I continue....your explosion eclipses anything I have dreamed of. I feel so good to have created that pleasure with you.

We have begun a night of not just coming hard together, but being close inside each others souls and hearts ... Each new experience seems to top the previous one ..and we are sooooo in this together.

" Looking for love in all the wrong places."

We seem to have found what we both needed in the strangest of all places ...but how can anything that feels so right, be so wrong.

My kindred spirt.

Lesbian Quote from Heroes Star Hayden

“You want to make me a lesbian? That’s fine with me. I’d love to have an affair with Angelina! And there are other beautiful girls I like too - includingCharlize Theron, Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Alba"
Hayden Panettiere

Selma Blair and Stana Katic

I love the celebrity Lesbian stories. In this one, Selma Blair, who already had the incredibly sexy scene in Cruel Intentions with Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Stana Katic of Heroes, who do it but apparently only for the craft. Still...kinda hot to think about :) Its coming in a movie called Feast Of Love.

two ways to masturbate with lesbian fantasies ?

I was writing to a friennd the other day and came to this conclusion...I will share with you what a wrote to her.

Lets say there are probably two ways that I masturbate (thats my sex life these days, try not to laugh) ...One is when I have time in the afternoon I may slip into a chatroom and hopeto have an interesting conversation with someone, while perusing theinternet for images of women who don't look like they are faking it orbeing directed ...or youtubes or other vids with the same shown desire,...or a good story...and these things take me from horny to very horny to go upstairs and finish .

But the other way...the lifelong way that was there before chatrooms computers and soft porn the lay down in bed and let the mind wander while the fingers walk the walk. And in those times ...It has always been ...oh this is NOT a pie chart ..but...if im engrossed in thinking about meeting her, talkign with her, joking withher, buying her things..and ..the mind goes so fast that a lifetimecan be lived out in a matter of minutes. I meet her ..spend weekends with her ..we talk, cuddle, enjoy and slow dance in faded light in the living room before her hand leads me to the bedroom. I have said allthere is to say in a thousand different ways and made love to her andbrought her pleasure to my heart with her affections. And so, as myself-pleasure is hightened and continues to grow finally intoher body and skin and kisses and the taste of her affection. But its all of the getting to there that takes up 90 or 95% of the "not to bespoken of" pie chart ...I dont get her fingers or her mouth until im at the edge or over it.

...and she wrote this ....

This is what she wrote on here ...annonymously ...SHE has a way with words that makes me tingle.

passion is my middle name
i love to kiss again + again
your body i will explore
nothing will be ignored
i will make love to you all night long
come morning i will wake you
w/my hands fondling your love zones
I will gently make love to you
again + again

That was delicious :) thank you!

Her Inspiration

maybe someday our tongues will tangle
our legs will dangle
our kisses will melt
our touches be felt
our wetness to mingle
our passion to tingle
our affection in each others eyes
our heart strings in ties
our warmth to hold to sleep
our moments to forever keep

Revisiting the best Lesbian Movies

Here is the link I found.

I opened the topic of discussion on here about best lesbian movies and got a few good emails on it plus it was discussed in a yahoo group I belong to as well extensively. LOGO, which is the lesbian and gay channel on cable, has this list that I think might be a bit slanted to stuff that THEY SHOW ...the movie D.E.B.S. was rated awfully high for one I hadn't heard that much about, nor seen. However...some of my favorites are on the list and high ..BUT IM A CHEERLEADER is great, Bound of course, Better Than Chocolate, and of course GIA.

My Raging Needs ??

Title says it all for me lately...will definitely post some this week :) wow...hormones have been overwhelming and desire is raging. Fantasies of her ..and her ..and also...mmmm her too.
A chat from a girl down the street email from someone I want as a treat
a crush on the girl with the beautiful eyes
and a stronger one on she who hides in disguise
my mouth hungry to touch
my tongue longs to please
my legs clench to embrace
my skin all a tingle
my fingers clutch and empty of the soft skin
then fingers settle for me
my blood racing ...feeling
panties damp
my mind a blur
such focus on only sexual and intimate needs
normal I ask or am I
savage or perverse
or just the soul of me

Hillary Lesbian Rumors

Nothing all that erotic here today ...just thought provoking. There are a slew of stories it seems on the internet about Hillary ...I had a friend long ago who said that the reason Bill was so open in his affairs with such women as Monica Lewinsky was that the truth would someday come out that he "wasn't gettin it at home." Apparently ...and I haven't read this personally, but apparently Gennifer Flowers said in a book that Hillary was a lesbian and if you click on the link below, you will find that she apparently has very good taste. Hmmmm ..wonder if america is ready for this. This link is just ONE of the places I found this story today ..consider the source.f
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