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My 10 Favorite Movie Lesbian Kisses with images

I think I did this list a couple of years ago and there are changes on the chart :)   Wow was difficult because there are alot of honorable mentions ...but these are the most stirring for whatever reason I can speak for.  I want YOU to tell me where I missed it. But for my opionion and what it is worth, at least until someone reminds me I didn't think of THAT one are my favorite 10 Movie Lesbian Kisses. 

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10-Denise Richards and Neve Campbell in Wild Things

Loses me on the whole "doin it for the guy nearby" aspect
9-Salma Hayek & Ashley Judd in 'Frida'
Can't argue the star quality here comes out of the blue in the movie - not enough setup
 8-Selma Blair & Sarah Michelle Gellar in 'Cruel Intentions'
Intended as a farce, it turns out to make one squirm in her seat
7-Amanda Seyfried & Julianne Moore in 'Chloe' 
Number 7 with a bullet on the new entry here
6-Amanda Seyfried & Megan Fox in 'Jennifer's Body'
the movie is love or hate it ...but C'mon ..Megan Fox is doing a lesbian scene
5-Mariel Hemingway and Patrice Donnelly in Personal Best
If you havent seen this movie the first time, rent it and prepare to revisit the movie from time to time
4-Laura Elena Harring  and Naomi Watts in Mulholland Drive
Believability is off the charts - very natural
3-Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon in Bound
2-Catherine Denueve & Susan Sarandon The Hunger
Said Susan "I didn't need to be drunk to want to make love with Catherine Denueve"  Well said.
1-Angelina Jolie & Elizabeth Mitchell in Gia
Watched again and again and again ...Angelina when she wasnt so weird, (though Gia is) and Elizabeth before the V and Lost

 10 -Wild Things  and 9 Frida

8 Cruel intentions

YOU CAN CAST YOUR VOTE ON YOUR FAVORITE by visiting this link at "The Tasteful Lesbian"


6- Jennifers Body

5 Personal Best

4- Mullholland Drive

3- Bound

2-The Hunger

YOU CAN CAST YOUR VOTE ON YOUR FAVORITE by visiting this link at "The Tasteful Lesbian"


A "Real L Word" recap worth seeking out

  Well I can't always watch the Real L Word, the new Showtime series that is a reality version of the Old  L Word ...which I think has its characters that pop less, I imagine because they are real and not written ..but having said that, they are pretty intense and you either love or hate the girls on the show.  But like I said, I can't always watch it, but I want to keep tabs on it, and thats where the recaps come in.  The funniest and best right now is on After Ellen and it keeps you up to date with the brightest and smartest sense of humor.  I needed to pass along this excerpt :

This week's "Lesbionics for Dummies" lesson is about lesbian sex. What is it, exactly? Mikey says it's a lot of work and involves push-ups, leg lifts and hanging from light fixtures. It's a full body work out, really. Whitney reports it's "anything you want it to be," much like her idea about relationships and dating. 

Tracy describes frottage but assures the Fire Marshall that rubbing two vags together will not start a fire. Actually, it might. Good thing we have built-in sprinklers. Nikki admits she's a big fan of the multiple O, because "We're not one-hit wonders. We can go and go." Good job, Jill.
Jill explains that women have many tools at their disposal, including, but not limited to, hands and mouths. "That's the reason your girlfriend will leave your ass for me," Rose warns, "It's a little bit more than you sticking your d--k in her p---y." What a poet. 

OOOOH KAY ...I think you will be happy whether you watch the show or not to read the what ups on After Ellen including the HILARIOUS side by side picture of Whitney and her Alien alter ego from another planet. 

Just a Little Lesbian Joke

What do parsley and pubic hair have in common?  
You push them both aside and keep on eating, and if you're lucky when you finish neither ends up in your teeth.

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This is the Joy of the Lesbian Rain

This is the Joy of the Lesbian Rain 
First Kiss Poetry
by akiss2desire

copyright 2010
all rights reserved

This is the rain
This is the lesbian rain
"I want to swallow your fear with a kiss"
This is the Joy of the Lesbian Rain

A streetlamp illuminates her dancing yet shy eyes and the ripples of excitement of our first open mouth, (not a peck this time), desirably deep, willing and "you complete me" kiss

...a myriad of thoughts and emotions rumble through my brain
the contemplations of a life changed ...or has it ?
and of all the meanings and repercussions
and of where it might lead tomorrow and beyond
and if this kiss will lead to magnificence tonight
amid all the whirlwind of thoughts
all one million thoughts (conservative estimate) in the first ONE SECOND of this kiss
it is a kiss be enjoyed and welcomed
and prolonged
c'mon cmon c'mon
keep it going...3 more seconds...3 more seconds
so soft and warm and wet and delicious
more seconds ...more tongue ...more passion
a kiss that possesses us both
as second after second after second
tongue twirl after tongue jab after open mouth acceptance after sensation followed by soft sensation
an amusement ride worth the waiting in line for years for
logic now adrift and further adrift go my emotions
and her inhibitions slip away
demonstrating her instincts and carving our passionate path with the truth in her desire
all with her lips and tongue
reminding me of the familiarity of a first kiss with another woman
and whats most familiar is how different it is now
because she leans into me and swallows my tongue
the connection with us is alive and pulsates with every pounding heartbeat
15 seconds of bliss and our beginning now ends
wildfire sparkle connection and lesbian lust in her eyes
the shimmering glow of her smile 
I'm seeping and aching and amazed at how natural we fit together
and as she holds me and whispers my name
the rain begins
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