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Just A Slice of Lesbian Life bed

A Minute Of Lesbian Bliss
by akiss2desire

I just cant believe how much I love it when I am on top of her and kissing her and she wraps her legs around my waist and scrunches under me a bit more to change the angle of how i come up on top of her in these heated and emotional deep kisses we share. My tongue goes a bit deeper and I feel those legs wrapped around me grip a bit tighter, her ankles turning into my skin, her toes stroking my bareness.  I am so focused on the intensity of our kiss that in the shift of her coming underneath me, my hair has come between our lips and is mingling in our kiss ...but the kiss is too good to break ...we just let the hair dangle between us for a few moments before the absurdity of this acceptance of something quite unacceptable gets us both smiling and giggling at each other in the moment our lips depart one another.

She reaches underneath to pay attention to my left breast with her right hand ...cupping over my bra and digging her nails in gently, lovingly, but with determination to make my skin feel her consideration of my ever elevating arousal.  Her digging into my breast with her nails with her firm, but not too much squeeze and lift causes me first to sigh deeply and then decide that her bra must go, NOW.  As I reach around to unclasp her, she leans forward to give me the space to do so, and as I  pull the fabric slowly away from her skin, her piked nipples revealed to reward my eyes and my heart in knowing she is just so there in drenched anticipation for the delights we are just embarking upon. 

On impulse, my next kiss down on her mouth is as wide open as I can comfortably achieve, but as the surprise elicits a reaction from her that simultaneously includes he lunging of her pussy against me, the tightening of her legs around me and a frozen moment of ecstasy she unveils with her eyes,  as if to say I have license to do to her anything that I would desire, for she trusts me to always flavor of our lesbian orgasmic destiny.

She likes her nipples sucked slowly and I usually oblige.  The noises she makes when I do it drive me wild.  She likes to make  more eye contact while I do that than anyone else I have made love to.  She gazes upon me and I understand the look and that she wants me to look into her eyes as much as possible
"I can't wait anymore for your mouth," she pants, and I know she needs my tongue upon her down there, inside her, and that it time we began the long ride of wave after wave of the oral gratification that is wonderful for us both

Lesbian kissing and fingering and humping and oh my

Ok...I never came into this as a blogger who wanted to repost things from x sites ...there are plenty of blogs that do that. In fact, for anyone who is with me that long, I think I went a year before I even said pussy on here. But I have to post the link to this free vid and go to it at your own risk ...its two women who start by getting really off on each other ...then end up in mutual masturbation. The reason I share it is that it, for me, is sooooooo rare to find vids of women who do a good job convincing me that the camerman isnt there, or that they are in their own world enough for it not to matter. While I would love to see a progressioin to more oral delights for these two, I have to share this based on what it did to me ..and also, ..blushingly...if anyone wants to know what its like when I am totally getting off ....there are many elements of the reactions I have and the noises I make in this vid ...not quite like looking in the mirror but close. So ..again..I am not here to blog repost stuff like this...but making the exception cause goodness gracious it made me hot this morning.

link is a vidcap :)

Lesbian kissing and fingering pussy

As two women kiss ...

As Two Women Kiss
by akiss2desire
copyright 2010 all rights reserved

I remember when we walked around that pond and grasped each others hand,  the ducks were the only witness and I kept an eye out for anyone who might be lurking and watching us, but it appeared we had the location to ourselves that spring afternoon when the dark grey clouds were giving way to a misty drizzle off and on.  "A little rain never hurt anyone, right ?"   I had said as we departed your car for our stroll.

As we tested our chemistry with more quiet mutual contemplation than forced small talk, in as much of a first date as two women starting this affair could have as we had both slipped away from work for this rendeousvous, while the magnitude of our desires had surely not slipped our mind.  If it was in our minds to just lay down somewhere and go at it with each other, full out porn style, it wasnt going to happen for many reasons including the dampness of the ground and lack of a blanket, the fear of discovery at a small town public pond, or not the least of which, the decency of two women, neither of which would dare appear to each other as a slut, no matter how strong the throb and flow of the possibilities of all we could give to each other in lesbian passion fully unleashed.
When we came upon the concrete bench a few feet from the water under a willow tree, neither had to invite the other to sit.   But before I sat down next to you, unclasping your hand and reaching down to pick the wildflower, I contemplated that the flower was as content with the dampness of the day as I was with the scenery , her prescense, the perfection of the moment, and a decisioin of whether to hand her the flower, or lift it to her hair and contemplate whether to place it behind her ear .  I smiled at her and playfully put the flower there, knowing it wouldn't stay, it tumbled down out of her hair but as if holding on before it settled as if it was planned upon her cleavage.   Her eyes flared at mine and as she didn't remove the flower herself, my invitation to approach her breasts with my fingertips to take the flower and twirl it with my fingertips, but not before those fingertips had lightly scratchingly grazed her soft skin to coax the goosebumps, and while not squeezing her breast outright, I couldn't resist the delight of the touch and sight and seeming innocence of my  the touch of my "pink shock" painted nails (not so diva!) testing the pliancy and softness of her breast.   Her cleavage and soft skin was beautiful, her top was flowing in the breeze, and that too was beautiful, her grey eyes shying away from mine was beautiful, and the rush of the rightness of the moment overwhelmed us both as she tilted her head to beckon me, and just before I lowered my lips towards hers, I really too notice of them ...a bit wrinkled from the years and with character, the warm shade of red lipstick she had chosen as carefully as the darker shade I had chosen just for her in hoping that we'd meet our lips together today, and siezing a perfect moment in time,  taking both her hands in mine a split second before the fireworks of the meeting of our mouths to soon be followed by her tongue meeting mine perfectly in the middle.

The soft part of her lips and mine on each other and the very tentative probing of her tongue could have been the second to break our first kiss or continue it with the passion I felt and felt coming from her.  We both opened wider and into her I deeply thrust my tongue.  The contradiction of the coolness of the air and the searing heat between us.  I moaned into her mouth and as I eventually withdrew my tongue, she closed her mouth but not her eyes, pecked me and rocked her head forward again to kiss me and I got the message not to stop.   Another deep and emotional penetration to her wide open mouth as we responded by wrapping each others arms around each other, then tightening our embrace as the kiss became more passionate.   My tongue deep within her, she gave me hers the most when we would slightly pull apart and she would stick her tongue out to twirl around mine between our parted lips before we frenched some more.  She completely went limp and passive when I licked around her lips, and her eyes were on fire when we stopped for a few seconds to breathe, only to dive in for more and more mutually.  Ducks make duck noises, leaves rustle ...the clouds give way to a soft drizzle.  Neither of us care about the mist ...both of us know a different wetness.

After the seconds became minutes I lowered to her neck and and took a very deep breath to rest my cheek upon the soft skin of her breast, trusting we were still alone, what words are needed, but spoken anyway, she sighs and holds me ever so tightly, "oh my gawd, you are the best kisser I've ever ...." and she shuddered and half squealed, half grunted.   She pulls me closer and I nuzzle her boobs and sigh.

"I can't wait to show you everything else I can do with my mouth." 
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