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New FB Page For You Kan Faces

Ladies/Gentlemen (aka Perverts),

I have switched to the Facebook Group "Papua New Guinea Porn". On FB it solves these issues:

- Pervets with mobile fones can access easily.

- Pervets can upload videos & fotos

- Better Web UI Design and pages load much quicker.


To Access:

- Create an account on FB with your nasty names.

- Request an Invitation.

- You will be admitted to the Kingdom of Kan.


Papa Graun

Random Lesbian Blog Thoughts from Akiss2desire


YOU-Follow this blog and come back sometimes...maybe wishing I had written something more.  

ME-Since publishing "Carrie" (please read and give feedback,) there have been no original stories.

also me...going to the beach for a week ...yayyy.  And I may be reading this shades of grey everyone is talking about.  Late to that party I know. 

So here is an update on a few things dear readers and a special reader whom I love.   I haven't been laid in a long time.   When that happens, I imagine you might be the first to know. Something good will come out of all this, all good things come to she who waits.  

I have what appears to be five stories in various states of completion ...but exhuasted myself and burned myself out on writing "Carrie" and it was so flawed that Literotica rejected it.  Very depressed about that.

One inspiration for writing is that some intimate moments from my sexual experiences come back to me, and I write them out and embellish them, and what comes out of it is tiny blurbs that make there way into the outline of a story, but don't make it a story yet ...I will give you an example of describing when a girl went down on me for the first time:

....long strokes leads to my pussy pulsating, my legs went rigid, i screamed and flooded her chin and the bed with my juices.  what an amazing look she had on her face looking at me when I looked down, a bit of shock transformed as we made eye contact into a giggle and then her eyes shied away from me as she laughed

What? I asked

OMG...thats just so incredible.

"i thought it would be harder to make you come"

"Don't freeak out when I tell you this but are a natural...Best I've ever had...honestly"

(I think that is just a snapshot from a sexual adventure...but kinda gets me going everytime I think about it and when I read it I go ...."how do I get that in a story" or "have I used that yet ?")

Please let me reccomend some of my more decent writing to peruse while I combat the writers block

Oh Allie ..where did you go ....I need more of you

I like when you call me that   I was inspired by someone who wanted to meet me...she was different ....I wish it had happened.

Lesbian Seduction of My Office Co-Worker

Soft Butterfly Flicks  My best and republished on the web poem

Earthquakes  from 2007 ...I didnt use as many dirty words then

In touch and in, moment the dream of our lesbian lust Something I have always been proud of ..just stream of consciousness semi-poetry --could hammer it out to something else someday

My lesbian Desire For You Remains So Strong   A love note

Fantasy Meeting of my Lesbian Love - First Kiss  again...something very early in my writing but was definitely INSPIRED

I miss publishing new stuff ....Its coming I promise.   Thanks for reading and feeding back at

Jenny From the Block Produces Lesbian Major Network Show coming to ABC

Jennifer Lopez in Lesbian Kiss with Kate Moss
Here is a picture of J-Lo in a lesbian kiss with Kate Moss.  Now THAT is a lesbian kiss to desire.  Well, one of my main fantasies is about J-lo ..I just think she is so beautiful and I remember them teasing her on Idol for being the most beautiful girl in the world.   Well, she is just one of those girls you KNOW is at least bi, and as if the picture to the left isn't proof enough, Now comes word that Jennifer Lopez  is set to produce a show about a lesbian couple and their kids. One character will be a police officer and the other a teacher.  The judge from American Idol may act on the show as well.

Shiver, giggles, and tingles :)
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