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Lesbian Lady Lovin Guide to HBO True Blood

So you have heard that there is a little lady lovin going on and you want to check it out with the new season of TRUE BLOOD on HBO ?   Here ya go:

The Lesbian Guide to True Blood

Pam Swynford De Beaufort Played by Kristin Bauer,  Definitely tangles fang and  tongue with the women she loves to "eat" and for a little eye candy works in a strip club. 

Evan Rachel Wood (pictured and extolled about in other posts on this blog)  has a character named Sophie-Anne Leclerq  is definitely lesbian and is real life out as bisexual, as is castmate Anna Paquin.   
Nan Flanagan is played by Jessica Tuck.   If she is in a the limo with a lady, things are about to get fangy

 And also there is an out lesbian in new Season 4 cast member Fiona Shaw who was in an LTR with Saffron Burrows

UPNG Couple Porn

Guys this is an old one and really familiar one. Just to add to the contents,,,,,

here is the link

UPNG CLassic Movie

My Lesbian Ode to Reese Witherspoon (rated R)

reese in a lesbian liplock in real life
 This past week on the MTV Movie awards, which has seen its share of lesbian kisses and moments over the years with the lesbian kiss in Black Swan being nominated this year for best kiss, and last year Sandra Bullock and Meryl Streep liplocked, of course, the blog "A Lesbian Kiss 2 Desire is always watching for the latest.  So, this year, Robert Pattinson, cute as hell but NOT as cute as the wolf in those vampire movies, exposed Reese Witherspoon, one of my all time biggest lesbian crushes, as "1/3 Lesbian."  She explained later that he "underestimated her lesbianess"  Well allrighty!

I do NOT want my poetry skills to be judged on this one, ok ..for better examples of my poetry, please link to my Lesbian Poetry  or my acclaimed poem "Soft Butterfly Flicks."  But this one I had to share with you and is just for fun!  Fun rhymes about my lesbian desire for Reese Witherspoon

Lesbian Ode To Reese Witherspoon
by akiss2desire

On the mtv movie awards
she took a joke from a costar
a vampire pretty man
who said she was 33 percent
not straight but lesbian

now I have always loved reese witherspoon
in  everything she's in
and my heart skipped a beat or two
when i heard she might be 1/3 lesbian

when then she said to an interviewer
33 percent is an underestimation
It led me straight to fantasy and
right to masturbation

I closed my eyes and pictured me
and reese in full embrace
I pictued making her come so hard
she ended up in a neck brace

In dreams Im giving Reese my tongue
my skin and two of my fingers
I dreamed of hearing all her screams
her sighs and passionate whispers

Since Reese confirmed she's more than 33 percent
Im wondering
Ive not stopped thinking of what
her face looks like when she is  coming

I picture myself between her legs
my tongue in furious stroking
I'd die to know her taste, her smell and
while my fingers are poking

I dreamed of her southern drawl when she
was in "I walk the Line: as  June  Carter Cash
I rubbed myself so much so fast
I suffered from heat rash

And of course in Legally Blonde she played
a sorority chic with curls
We should have known she was more than 33 percent
as she only roomed with girls

In Sweet Home Alabama from white trash came a socialite
class jumping
and all I could think about for all the movie
was what it was like if we were humping

I know this lesbian poem is strange
about my crush on lesbian Reese
But if we were to get together ever for us both
would guarantee the ultimate release

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