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Our Lesbian Letters Exchanged

    Lesbian Dating Site Correspondence

    How would YOU respond ? I overshare ?   What should I say or not say ?   Do you, my thousands (blush) of blog readers like when I post something this personal ?

    This is a back and forth  slightly edited for anonymity.  Her note to me is heavily edited, only to give you the gist of hery response to my personal ad I put up some time ago. The beautiful and local woman who responded ...about 10 years older than me with incredible beauty told me we had much in common and she thought that I had beautiful breasts.  Trust me when i tell you that hers are far superior based on her picture.  My picture on the ad is a cropped bust shot with just my boobs being lifted up by my nipple covering palms with locks of my formerly blonde hair showing.  Here is her note any my erotic response might sense my desperation to sleep with her.   She is gorgeous. 

     (ps ..I am close as I write this to 1000 twitter followers @akiss2desire .... please join me there for sexy tweets, kiss pics, and updates to when I publish on this or one of my other blogs)

    Not Her but This is Close ..she has a tattoo on her right breast
    Her note:
    I was intrigued by your profile because you said everything I wanted. From what I could see you have a gorgeous face, and nice ummmm EYES. LOL.

    I am 5ft 6 150. 38D and lots of freckles. The friend I mentioned on profile is my xhusband.   We have, considered the swing thing but Im just not sure about it right now. I just want a gal pal. Someone to be friends with and be intimate with. I love the female body and fantasize about it a lot. I have been with a woman before and it was incredible. 
    (details here on where she lives and works and when she is available and that she can host) 

    I would like to get to know you , find out if we have some things in common, and see some pics. Also I am older but a bit. I am 43. I hope that isn't a problem. TTYL

    Hi xxxx

    You sound wonderful.  Let me catch my breath ..that was a great letter ..kinda told me exactly what I wished to hear.  

     I will let you know a couple of things ...the first is that I posted the picture of me on that site quite a while back.  I am 36 now and those things aren't hanging like that anymore :) (yours the picture that shows your tattoo ..shows something mouth watering to me...I want to kiss your necklace, your tattoo, and feel your nipples respond to my lips)  I also (forgive me) chose a picture of me blonde and I am NOT blonde anymore ...I just didn't want to be recognized ..and I have gone back to something closer to my natural color ..and I will send that picture to you in this email. ( I color my hair frequently but several summers ago was blonde) I appreciate your comments on my nice eyes ( smile)  and it has always helped me have an easy time should I want to attract men ...but when I was with men it was about power and enjoying attention but I've been mostly lesbian in my heart for a few years now. I probably truly have been lesbian since I was 12 (first experience at 18) but not admitting it til my late 20's ..and still struggle with the truths.  Sexually and emotionally I am gay but in my R E A L life in this community I play wife and mother and church member.   VERY much still in the closet although I am especially this past year in "I don't give a fuck" mode in my marriage.

    I only ever met one girl from this site ...I let her husband watch and even though I agreed to it, it seemed through the whole experience...orgasmic as it was ..that she was just putting a show on for him and wasn't truly totally focused on me. got a little better after I pushed for us to satisfy his need. took him in my mouth and encouraged him to come quickly so as to get that out of the way (ahem)  ...long story short that was a one time afternoon thing and I have only been off and on on this site because the most thing people want is threesomes and foursomes there biggy ..Im not totally against threesomes and there was a time I wanted that with my husband ...whom I am not ready to leave yet ..but do not love anymore and have not for years...and he is no part of this in fact its behind his back and all my affairs have been.

    I don't remember all what it says on my profile on that site but I do know that I had better luck being with women in 2012 ...actually hooked up with two (name of the college) girls (not at the same time but they are roomates) which was an interesting couple of experiences and a little drama. (blog readers I am working on writing this story for you)   I also met a girl who came down to meet me from Richmond and that was flattering considering I could only spend an hour and a half with her ...long drive but I will tell you I tried to make it totally worth her while with my lips, mouth, tongue, fingers and passion.  The threesome from this site happened last year too.   But seriously ...maybe I shouldn't be telling you about all this cause I will scare you away ?      

    If it sounds like I am lesbian sex obsessed you are right ...believe me you probably have no earthly idea yet how MUCH.  But I think I make a fun companion least I try to be but  I truly don't have any girl "friends" other than work and church acquaintances ...nobody I hang out with or confide in...nobody that knows the real me.   I warn you that there is something wrong with me in that I don't totally understand why but I don't keep female friends long ...probably because I have so much to hide and my life is so complicated.  My longtime best friend is not anymore because I of course had the audacity to want to make love with her ..and she told me she's "not that way" and now we don't speak.   I don't get much free time and I am on the poor side so that limits things on the friendship level alot.

    Sexually I should state upfront that while I am open to most anything that doesn't hurt, my main desire is your desire.  I am a giver and always have been.   I get off on getting my partner off and so whatever that may be is where I want to go.   I hope it means you want to accept my desire to give oral for long enough periods of time it might seem I can't get enough's truly what gives me pleasure is to feel someones body respond to what I am doing ...using all of everything available ..tempos, textures, pressure, tenderness, power flip flops, intensity ebbs and flows, every sense enhanced, and especially...tuning into what my lover has told me what was good by her reaction, and anticipating what she wants next and next after that.   I collect orgasms like precious gems and afterglow caresses like diamonds. Nothing would zing me more than for you to say I was your favorite.   Oh yes, there is more ...I love to be liked, loved, and loved upon....perhaps always my disease is the desire to do anything for affection both in bed and honestly in my "real" life as well...but know that if there is chemistry I will do anything to make our short time stolen away wonderful and unforgettable when we are in the bubble --when it's just the two of us and the whole world goes away except our pleasure

    So back to where we started ...YOU said what I wanted to hear and I could not be more attracted to your pictures.     Here are a couple of me ...the one in pink is most recent.  (and I will send the blonde one from that site that is cropped LOL)   I guess I have made clear that I want you to want me ....and while I will try to keep things drama free ...i probably should confess that you already make my heart pound with every word I wrote here and every erotic thought of the taste of your lips and the desire we could share.

    Lustfully yours

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